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Top 10 places to visit in Ticino canton

Ticino canton lays in the south of Switzerland and has a border with Italy, so it is one of the warmest and italian places in Switzerland: let us explore top 10 places to visit in this vibrant Swiss canton. I have done once a road trip in Ticino canton and […]

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Top 10 most beautiful lakes in Switzerland

Even though Switzerland doesn’t have any access to any sea, Switzerland is very lucky to have one of the most beautiful lakes in Europe: let us have a look at best lakes in Switzerland. The biggest lake in Switzerland is lake Geneva, you will almost feel like being by the […]

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3 days Switzerland itinerary

Welcome to Switzerland, the country located in the beautiful Alps mountains with thousands of mountain peaks, best chocolate, delicious fondue, green meadows, friendly cows, huge valleys, cozy Swiss villages and much more – here is your 3 days Switzerland itinerary. In 3 days you will get to see all the […]

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Top places to visit in Glarus canton

Glarus canton is situated in a mountainous part of Switzerland and is dominated by deep valley of Linth river, so let us explore top things to do and top places to visit in Glarus. You will fall in love with small villages, old wooden Swiss architecture, thousands of Swiss cows, […]

Biel lake
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Top things to do in Biel

Biel city lays right in the border of german speaking and french speaking areas in Switzerland, so let us explore top things to do in this unique place. If you ever see that Biel is named Bienne, do not worry, it is the same place, just Bienne is the french […]

Schadau castle in Thun
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Top 7 things to do in Thun

Thun is a Swiss city in Bern canton situated next to a beautiful lake and within a close reach to the mountains, so let us discover top things to do in Thun. It is pretty much in the middle of Switzerland, so it is in a very good position to […]