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A day trip to Porentruy
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A day trip to Porentruy

Porentruy is a cosy and beautiful Swiss town based in Jura Canton and there are quite a few reasons to visit Porentruy. As you may guess from the name, it is in a french part of Switzerland and the spoken language over there is french. I have visited Porentruy couple […]

Sion Valere castle
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Top 9 things to do in Sion Switzerland

Sion is a city is located in the southwestern canton of the Swiss Valais. Valais canton is immensely beautiful with amazing white peaks all year round, but it has as well not such a famous activity: quite a lot of avalanches happen there every yea (so be safe while mountaineering […]

Säntis cable car
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The cost of living in Switzerland

Switzerland is one of the wealthiest countries in the world and the costs of living in Switzerland are quite high. If you exclude some small countries as Liechtenstein (which is next to Switzerland and has the same currency), Monaco (the harbour of billionaires) and some economical havens like Macau, Switzerland […]

Davos mountains
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A day trip to Davos

Davos is one of the most known Swiss destinations, because of its World Economic Forum. Don’t get me wrong, Davos is very beautiful swiss village/town in the Swiss Alps which has a lot to offer to hiker, traveler, adventurer and skier, but the World Economic Forum made it very famous. […]

Saint Ursanne bridge
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Charming Saint Ursanne

I am always so excited to find the next charming and beautiful place in Switzerland and I think I succeeded when I accidentally found and paid a visit to Saint Ursanne. I found it when I was looking for information about Jura mountains and what to do over there, as […]