Month: July 2020

Castles in Switzerland
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12 Iconic Castles in Switzerland You Cannot Miss

Switzerland is one of the best tourist destinations in Europe because of its snowcapped mountains, great lakes, lush surroundings, and top-class restaurants. It is a country that is also dotted by exquisite castles and palaces that dates back to ancient times.  The alpine scenery is at the backdrop, and it […]

things to do in Fribourg, Switzerland
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10 Unique Things to Do In Fribourg, Switzerland 

Fribourg is situated on the rocky peninsula and surrounded by Saane River in three directions. The town is among the oldest towns in Switzerland. There are over two hundred gothic facades that date back from the 15th century to modern times, and it has some of the exceptional features of […]

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Hiking in Liechtenstein

Liechtenstein is a very small country, rather a principality which till these days have their own duke and duchess. It is one of the smallest nations and the whole country is just 25 kilometres long – you can walk through it all in 5 hours if you wish. Liechtenstein is […]

Best Grindelwald hikes

Sulwald – Saustal (Wandern in der Schweiz)

Sulwald Sulwald is a very very small village, it consists maybe of 5 houses and couple of farms and it is situated on the mountain not so far from Interlaken and Lauterbrunnen. You can reach Sulwald by hiking up from Isenfluh or even from Lauterbrunnen if you have more time. […]

Glarus Region Hiking

Wandern in der Region Glarus (Wandern in der Schweiz)

Glarus region Glarus canton and all region is the place I visited quite little, but wanted to explore much more as it offers very beautiful mountain peaks and valleys. Glarus itself is quite small city, with a population just little higher than 12 000 people, but is definitely very cosy place […]



How to get to Oeschinensee You are not going to regret to visit Oeschinensee. What is pretty cool about Switzerland, that even we travel in Switzerland every weekend, we still from time to time get blown away by it’s beauty. We saw many mountain passes and everyone of them is […]