Month: October 2021

2 days in Switzerland Itinerary
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Living in Zürich pros and cons

Zürich is the most vibrant and biggest city in Switzerland, and no, it is not the capital of Switzerland. Bern is. Zürich is a really great place to live with the highest living standards in the world, but still, even paradise has some cons. In Zürich, you will find great […]

Zell am See 

12 Exciting Things to Do Zell am See, Austria

The Salzburger region and mainly Zell am See region is a unique destination you must visit as it presents exquisite attractions. Therefore, you should add this destination to your must-visit locations in Austria. If you scroll through a list of places you must visit while in Austria, then Zell am […]

Best hikes in Austria

11 Best Hikes in Austria You Can’t Miss

Austria is an awesome European country with a hoard of walks in the mountainous and lower regions of the country. The beauty and splendor are inexhaustible, and you have to be well prepared if you are planning to hike in Austria.  The Austria Alps is filled with green valleys, gorgeous […]

Salzburg, Austria

10 Majestic Things to Do in Salzburg During Winter

Austria is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Europe because of its unique landscapes, cities, culture, and diversity. Vienna is the capital of Austria, and despite it being a famous city, there are other cities in the country that demand attention and one of these is Salzburg. Salzburg […]

Hiking in Salzburg-Austria

11 Hiking Routes In Salzburg You Can’t Miss

Salzburg is an Austrian city located in the eastern part of the country on the German border. You can see the eastern Alps from this city. The Salzach River divided the city with the baroque and medieval buildings in the old town facing the new city. It also has many […]

Austrian Cheese

Austrian Cheese 101 – Try The Best Cheese in Europe

Austria is a Central European nation that is famous for its exceptional natural environment and landscape. Many tourists visit the country because of its diversity and guarantee that you will have a fun-filled holiday. Austria has developed a cheese culture in the past several centuries. The spirit of innovation that […]