Month: December 2021

Dangerous animals in Costa Rica
Costa Rica

What Are the Most Dangerous Animals In Costa Rica?

Costa Rica is one of the best locations that you can visit in Central America. The biodiversity in Costa Rica is mind-boggling, and you can check out all the creatures found in the Caribbean and the Pacific Ocean. Ecotourism is a significant contributor to the economy; hence you will have […]

dangerous animals in Cambodia

Dangerous Animals In Cambodia You Want To Avoid

The dense tropical forests and amazing untouched coastlines are some of the features that make Cambodia stand out from the rest of the southeast Asia countries. More than half of the country is covered with dense tropical forest, making it an ideal location for different species to make it their […]

Dangerous animals in Laos

What Are the Most Dangerous Animals in Laos?

Laos is a stunning, yet not much discovered landlocked country in the heart of Southeast Asia. Mostly covered in dense jungle and rough mountains, Laos is a home of diverse and rare flora and fauna. Its diversity is an ideal ground for dangerous animals, so it is important to learn […]

Dangerous animals in Jamaica

What Are the Most Dangerous Animals in Jamaica?

Jamaica is blessed with a wide array of wildlife, and numerous animals are found in the country. Some animals are localized to the island, while others can be found in other parts of the world. There is a massive display of bird species, and about thirty are only found on […]

Dangerous animals in Croatia

What Are the Most Dangerous Animals in Croatia

Croatia is a European country that has gained a huge reputation as a perfect vacation destination in the recent past. The climate in Croatia is amazing as the country experiences the sun for most parts of the year. There are numerous cultural cities, hundreds of islands, picturesque scenery, and amazing […]

Weed in Kenya

All You Need to Know About Weed in Kenya

Kenya is a country in eastern Africa, and it is famous for its wild safaris. The country is the 48th largest country globally by total land area. Many people going on vacation in Africa usually go to Kenya. Some of them say they are going to Africa. They mean Kenya, […]

Weed in Bahamas

All You Need to Know About Weed in Bahamas 2023

The Bahamas is an archipelago of islands that is made up of over 700 islands. The popular tourist destination is located between Florida and Cuba in the Atlantic Ocean. Many beaches, islands, and resorts have made the place a top destination to visit by many people. The Bahamas have a […]

weed in norway

All You Need to Know About Weed in Norway

When planning to go on a vacation, one of the top destinations that comes to mind is Norway. The lifestyle, quality of life, history, culture, diversity, and other structures are some of the features that add value to your trip if you visit Norway on your vacation. The Nordic country […]

Cannabis in Estonia

All You Need to Know About Weed in Estonia

Estonia is a fantastic country that is situated in eastern Europe. It is one of the most northernmost countries out of the three main Baltic nations. The country has many islands and islets. The major islands are Hiiumaa and Saaremaa. Estonia has been a popular tourism spot for many people […]