Month: July 2022

dangerous animals in afghanistan

What are Dangerous Animals in Afghanistan?

There have been sightings and evidence showing numerous species of leopard cats, grey wolves, and Asiatic black bears among other dangerous creatures. In as much as they are endangered species, you will likely find one in a very long time. Regardless they are essential and the biodiversity created by these […]

dangerous animals in mongolia

What are Dangerous Animals in Mongolia?

The state of Mongolia or what is popularly known as the Mongol nation is a country that is located in East Asia and is landlocked. China borders the country to the south and Russia to the north. It is occupied mainly by pastoralists and is one of the world’s most […]

dangerous animals in guatemala

What Are Dangerous Animals in Guatemala?

Guatemala is one of the most iconic countries that is located in Central America. Belize borders the country to the northeast, Mexico to the north, Honduras to the east, El Salvador to the southwest, and the Pacific Ocean to the south. This is a unique country because of the subtropical […]

dangerous animals in honduras

What Are Dangerous Animals In Honduras?

Honduras is a country that is located in Central America. Many people often think about costa Rica and Belize when we talk about central America. Honduras is a less featured country, yet it is one of the richest in terms of diversity, culture, fauna, and flora. The country is located […]

Dangerous animals in Hawaii
Hawaii, United States

Dangerous Animals in Hawaii You Should Avoid

The spirit of Hawaii is that of charm and friendliness, and when you arrive at this location, you will feel that vibe going on. The gorgeous scenery, stunning beaches, fun activities, and friendliness of the Hawaiian people make it an ideal destination for any tourist.  Whether you are running away […]


Visit HBO Chernobyl series filming locations in Lithuania

One of the most thrilling and interesting HBO series called Chernobyl was a total success for the HBO company and visiting all Chernobyl series filming locations in Lithuania can be a great experience. The miniseries were so tense, so well depicted and the whole scenario was incredibly good. It is […]

Dangerous animals in Argentina
Argentina, South America

What Are Dangerous Animals In Argentina ?

Argentina is the largest country in South America covering almost half of the South American continent. It is the largest Spanish-speaking country in the world and the country shares its border with Chile to the west, Paraguay to the north, Brazil to the northeast, and Uruguay to the east. There […]

Dangerous animals in Egypt
Africa, Egypt

What Are Dangerous Animals in Egypt ?

Egypt has been on the map now for thousands of years and over the years many exceptional things have happened making it one of the top tourist destinations. Since Egypt borders, the Mediterranean Sea, and the Suez Canal which connects to the Indian Ocean via the red sea makes it […]