Month: September 2022


Dangerous Animals In Malta

Malta or what is officially called the republic of Malta is a country that is located in the Mediterranean Sea, Malta has a fascinating culture and fabulous wild areas, so what kind of dangerous Animals In Malta, you can meet? It is an island making it one of the top […]


Dangerous Animals In Sweden

Sweden or what is officially called the kingdom of Sweden is a Nordic country that is located in northern Europe, Sweden has the biggest wildlife area in Europe so you can find many dangerous animals in Sweden. They are not as dangerous as scorpions, snakes or poisonous frogs, but if […]


Most dangerous Animals In Uruguay

Uruguay is a country in Latin America and it is located between Argentina and Brazil, it has a fascinating nature life and beautiful fauna in its wildlife, but what are the most dangerous animals in Uruguay? The potential of Uruguayan tourism is immense and many people tend to underestimate it […]


Dangerous Animals In Kuwait

Kuwait is a tiny country that is in western Asia it is officially known as the state of Kuwait and has an extremely interesting culture, nature and what kind of dangerous animals you can find in Kuwait? The country is located on the northeastern edge of eastern Arabia and the […]

Dangerous animals in Cyprus

Dangerous animals in Cyprus you should avoid

Cyprus or what is formally known as the Republic of Cyprus is an island country that is located in the Mediterranean Sea, it is a very beautiful island with a great outdoor life, but what dangerous animals in Cyprus you can find? The country is often placed in the western […]


Dangerous Animals In Poland

Poland is located in central Europe and it is part of eastern and western Europe hence forming the best location where you can explore different diverse ecosystems.  The country is vast and it covers about 305000 kilometers square of land hence you are guaranteed the best experience because you will […]