Month: January 2023

Swiss Alps
Visit Switzerland

Best places to visit in Switzerland in February

Switzerland is an amazing destination all year round – it has amazing hiking trails in the summer time in the Alps, great fondue and raclette locations in the fall, but winter is the best time for the snow lovers, all the snowboarders, skiers, winter hikers and adventure seekers and February […]


All you need to know about weed in Denmark

Denmark is one of the most advanced Scandinavian countries and there are many charms in the country which make it a perfect tourist destination where you can enjoy your vacation in the region, so what are the laws of weed in Denmark?   The country is characterized by glorious beaches, […]

Souvenirs from France

Weed in France

The history of weed in France dates back to the Napoleon Bonaparte era. During this. In the late 18th century, alcohol was not available in Egypt as the population was largely Islamic. However, Bonaparte’s troops resorted to trying hashish. However, over the years this changed to marijuana because it was […]


Dangerous Animals In Tunisia

Tunisia or the Republic of Tunisia is a country that is located in northern Africa, in this fascinating sandy country you can find many wildlife areas, so what dangerous animals in Tunisia you can find? Tunisia is a part of the maghreb region in northern Africa. The country is bordered […]

African Lion

Dangerous Animals In Zambia

Zambia is one of the top tourist destinations in southern Africa, in this fascinating country you can find many wildlife areas, so what dangerous animals in Zambia you can meet? The country is located at the crossroads of central Africa and South Africa.  Zambia borders the democratic republic of congo, […]

United States

Dangerous Animals In West Virginia

West Virginia is a state that is located in the mid-Atlantic, Appalachian, and Southeastern regions of the United States, in this beautiful state you can find a lot of wild areas, so what dangerous animals in West Virginia you can find? This state is bordered by Pennsylvania to the north, […]

Monocled Cobra in Laos

Dangerous Animals In Turkmenistan

Turkmenistan also known as Turkmenia a country that is located in Central Asia, in this country you can find many different wildlife areas, so what dangerous animals In Turkmenistan you can meet? Turkmenistan is bordered by Uzbekistan to the north Kazakhstan to the northwest, Afghanistan today east Iran to the […]


Dangerous Animals in Tonga

Tonga is a Polynesian country that is an archipelago that is made up of over 168 islands that are in the Pacific Ocean, in this fascinating country you can find many fabulous wildlife areas, so what dangerous animals in Tonga you can find? 36 of the islands are inhabited by […]