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camino de santiago
Camino de Santiago

Which Camino to choose?

My story I did Camino de Santiago first in 2009, I started in the end of January and finished in early March. As well, after reaching Santiago de Compostela we hiked to Finisterre and as I had few more days before my flight back home, I walked to Muxia and back […]

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Camino de Santiago

Como, Italy

Como and how I found out about it I am not going to lie to you, the first time I heard about Como was the time I read that George Clooney bought a villa there :)) I don’t know if he still has it there, but it was definitely a […]

sleeping bag
Camino de Santiago

Sleeping bag for Camino de Santiago

Sleeping bag If you are planning to sleep in albergues, there will be no bedding in any of those so you must take a sleeping bag with you. Some of the albergues offer additional blankets, but they are no good to sleep under as they are old and even have […]

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Camino de Santiago

Albergues in Camino de Santiago

Albergues I think that maybe 99 percent of all piligrims (Peregrinos) sleep in albergues while walking Camino de Santiago. Albergue, if simply put, is a piligrims hostel. They offer you a bed, a shower, toilet, just simple basic stuff 🙂 Some of them have books, some have additional tourist information […]