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Weed in Kenya

All You Need to Know About Weed in Kenya

Kenya is a country in eastern Africa, and it is famous for its wild safaris. The country is the 48th largest country globally by total land area. Many people going on vacation in Africa usually go to Kenya. Some of them say they are going to Africa. They mean Kenya, […]

Weed in Bahamas

All You Need to Know About Weed in Bahamas

The Bahamas is an archipelago of islands that is made up of over 700 islands. The popular tourist destination is located between Florida and Cuba in the Atlantic Ocean. Many beaches, islands, and resorts have made the place a top destination to visit by many people. The Bahamas have a […]

weed in norway

All You Need to Know About Weed in Norway

When planning to go on a vacation, one of the top destinations that comes to mind is Norway. The lifestyle, quality of life, history, culture, diversity, and other structures are some of the features that add value to your trip if you visit Norway on your vacation. The Nordic country […]

Cannabis in Estonia

All You Need to Know About Weed in Estonia

Estonia is a fantastic country that is situated in eastern Europe. It is one of the most northernmost countries out of the three main Baltic nations. The country has many islands and islets. The major islands are Hiiumaa and Saaremaa. Estonia has been a popular tourism spot for many people […]

Weed in Lithuania

All You Need to Know About Weed in Lithuania

Lithuania is a country in northern Europe, which is rich in cultural sites, architectural styles, and so much more that you can enjoy when you visit during your vacation. There is so much more than you can enjoy when you go to this country. Many people who come to Lithuania […]

Food in Estonia

Food in Estonia – 11 Traditional Dishes You Can’t Miss

Traditional food in Estonia is influenced by its neighboring countries of Latvia, Russia, Finland, and Latvia. The chefs in Estonia draw their inspiration from the locally made dishes and international dishes that are served in many parts of the country. If you are traveling to Estonia, your stop will mostly […]

Chalets in Chamonix

12 Best Chalets in Chamonix Waiting for Your Visit

The Chamonix is a mythical and exceptionally great valley that is located in south-eastern France. The location has gained a massive attraction recently, and many tourists are visiting here every year. The land of the legends is filled with history, culture, and diversity, and these are some of the unique […]

Schladminger Hiking

Schladminger Hiking – Things to Know Before Heading There

The Schladminger high trail is an exceptional multistage hiking location situated in the Austrian Alps. The trails traverse the ridgelines and the summits in the Schladminger mountains and drop to the alpine wonderland and the idyllic valleys. The hike can be classified as moderate, although it has sections that can […]

best Hiking trails in Germany

15 Best Hiking Trails in Germany You Can’t MissĀ 

Hiking is the known form of meditation for travelers, and with locations like that of Germany, it becomes spiritual and enlightening. But, are you in desperate need of some awe-inspiring mountains and gorgeous landscapes? Well then, Germany is the right destination to pack your bags for this holiday. The cities […]