Austria is a landlocked country in central Europe, and many people may assume that since it does not border a coastline, there are no amazing waterbodies. This is not true because Austria has many lakes that are popular tourist destinations in Europe. Whether you would like to enjoy the views or go fishing or for a swim, Austria is the place you have to visit.

It is hard to beat the lakes in Austria because they sit in the dramatic backdrop of the highly snowcapped alps mountains with some of the clearest turquoise water. Austria brings this unique charm that makes traveling fun and a fantastic experience. During the warm months, the lakes are places to go for diving, swimming, and other water sports.

On the other hand, during the winter period, the lakes in the country are free, transforming them into wonderlands of snow and ice, and it is a perfect place that you can go ice skating. The natural surrounding of the lakes and the mountains are ideal destinations you should visit, especially with other hikers during the summer months. Besides, you can still enjoy these views during the winter period as the snow starts to fall and you have the opportunity to deal with the changing climatic conditions.

Whether you are visiting Austria for hiking or any other reason, exploring the lakes should be on top of your list. You can enjoy numerous water sports such as canoeing and sailing or just lie down and sunbathe on the shore of the lakes with a backdrop of the mountains. Prepare to be enchanted by the blue waters of the lakes and the exquisite mountainous surroundings. Here are some of the best lakes in Austria.

Visit Lake Zellersee

Lake Zellersee

The lake might be smaller compared to others since it is 73 meters deep and four kilometers long. Still, the temperatures of the waters are pretty amazing as they remain around 20 degrees Celsius. Therefore, this is a good spot where you can go for a swim. This lake has a lot of history as it was formed during the last ice age over 10,000 years ago, and the mountainous streams feed the lake, ensuring that the levels remain high and clear all summer.

It is imperative to note that no combustion engines are allowed to run on the lake; however, your exploration does not end here because electric boats can take you around. Sailing, kitesurfing, and windsurfing are popular sports in this destination. There is a 19th-century promenade that provides exquisite shade around the lake as you enjoy the panoramic views of the expansive region.

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Explore the wonderful lake Achensee 

lake Achensee 

People named this amazing lake Tyrol’s ocean because of its expansiveness and high-quality water. It is a perfect lake that many people usually head to go for fish and swimming. The temperatures of this lake are often low even during the winter months as they remain around only twenty degrees Celsius. It is imperative to note that the quality of the water is exceptional as it has a visibility of over ten meters deep, and this is a major attraction for scuba divers. In addition, the thermal winds that blow over the lake do a favorite sport for kitesurfing and windsurfing activities.

In the summer, you can have the time of your life to rent boats or join a cruise as you explore the lake. There are modern boats that can take you around the lake, and you can stop at significant points along the way. Rofan and Karwendel mountains surround the lake, and you can combine biking, hiking, and exploration of the lake, making your trip a memorable one.

Explore the Tyrolean lake Plansee

Plansee is the second largest lake in the Tyrolean region, which is closer to the German border. According to the survey, the lake measures 2.9 square kilometers, and the depth is 80 meters. The waters pick a unique blue-greenish color that is very attractive, and the water melting from mountains nearby feeds the lake with a never-ending water supply.

This is a perfect destination for scuba divers, divers, and swimmers because the water is so clear that you can see to a depth of 15 meters. During the summer period, other sports such as surfing and sailing take over as many visitors combine cycling and hiking with these sports. You can take an hour boat ride around the lake and explore what Austria offers to you.

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Explore lake Hallstatt

lake Hallstatt

According to recent statistics, Lake Hallstatt is one of Austria’s most visited lakes because of its unique waters and the surrounding environment. Besides, it is part of the UNESCO world heritage town that lies on its shores. This is one of the oldest villages in the region, and it is a perfect environment where you can relax and unwind. The tantalizing cobblestone streets coupled with 16th-century architecture are some of the city’s most charming features that attract thousands of tourists every year.

The lake has calm waters, and it has depth of 130 meters; and this is a perfect location for boating, scuba diving, and swimming. In addition to this, the region is popular for canoeing and kayaking. If you love swimming, this is a perfect spot as the calm waters offer a wide array of shoreline options that you can choose from. The lakeside resort is family-friendly, and you can take your loved ones to enjoy the view as you take a dip.

Visit lake Mondsee 

lake Mondsee 

This lake is in proximity to Salzburg, and it has made its name because of the numerous sports games that people go to do in the lake. Some of the fun activities that you can do include windsurfing, diving and you can rent a boat and take on the clear waters.

Mondsee is a relatively large lake with turquoise water because it has a length of eleven kilometers, and the calm blue waters make it a perfect destination where you can go and unwind. Besides, it is one of the warmest lakes compared to others. Therefore, you can go and enjoy a swim in the lakes. The waters can achieve a temperature of 28 degrees Celsius, which is pretty warm.

Lake Mondsee is located at the backdrop of the dragon wall. This imposing limestone mountain is partially covered by thick forest, which is a major attraction for climbers and hikers. Besides, it has a little church around which has become a popular attraction as they play their music regularly to attract people.

Explore the beautiful lake Attersee

lake Attersee

The lake is just a few minutes outside Salzburg, and it is among the largest lakes in the country as it is twenty kilometers long. The expansive size means that this lake does not fully freeze even during the cold winter months, and there are no water sports on the surface. However, the lake is a primary attraction site for swimmers and tourists who want to tour the lake.

Steady winds are hitting the lake because it is not surrounded by mountains, making it a perfect destination for kitesurfing and sailing. In addition, the local’s plant roses around the lake, and if you surf around the areas, you will smell the roses as you surf, making it a memorable experience.

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Visit the exquisite lake Gosausee

A lake is a place where you can relax, unwind and clear your mind because it has a backdrop of the Dachstein glacier. As you can see, three lakes usually situate against the jagged mountains with the Dachstein glacier rising behind it. It is a perfect location that you can go for a day trip to Salzburg. Moreover, you can enjoy some swim during the hot summer months. 

The waters in the lakes are so clear that you can see the glacier from a distance from underwater. However, this lake can be quite cold as the temperatures do not go beyond 18 degrees Celsius, even during summer. Nevertheless, there are boats that you can rent and explore the surroundings or join hikers and climbers to explore the surrounding areas.

Visit the deepest lake Traunsee

Lake Traunsee

This is the deepest lake in Austria as it is 191 meters deep, and it is a favorite diving spot for many people. The lake is surrounded by the most impressive mountains, including Traunstein, and they form something like vertical walls that are perfect for climbing.

The shoreline is an ideal environment that you can enjoy pictures of the surrounding region. The lake is a popular tourist destination, and it is perfect for sailing, especially during windy days. Besides, there are numerous flowering meadows and market towns that attract people to the area.

Explore the Grüner See

As the name indicates, this is a green lake as per the general description of its appearance. The lake is characterized by deep emerald-green color as it is surrounded by thick bluish forests and mountains. As the snow melts, the water from the mountains enters the lake, making it more profound and vibrant.

This is the period that you will see many divers visit the region. The waters are so clear that you will see the bluish-green color from the surroundings easily. It is a perfect destination that you have to visit when you go to Austria.

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Visit the popular Lake Weissensee

lake Weissensee

Lake Weissensee is a popular tourist destination as it has over two thousand hours of sunshine per year, and the clear emerald waters make it a perfect place you should visit. The temperature of the water can reach 25 degrees Celsius, and it is warmer during the summertime. The surrounding mountains are exceptional, and you should visit the lake as you will have fun with sports such as canoeing, windsurfing and water biking.

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