Austrian chocolate is simply delicious.
Austria, Europe

12 Chocolate Factories In Austria to Visit!

Austria, renowned as one of the most captivating European holiday destinations, boasts an array of attractions that make it an ideal vacation spot. From the majestic alps and pristine natural environments to the rich history of chocolate making, Austria offers a diverse range of experiences. For those with a sweet […]


Most dangerous animals in Austria you should avoid

Austria is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Europe and it is characterized by unique picturesque, amazing culture and a wide array of cuisine that you should try during your next visit.  When looking for a tourist location then it should be among the top places that you […]

Schladminger Hiking

Schladminger Hiking – Things to Know Before Heading There

The Schladminger hike can be classified as moderate, although it has sections that can be pretty challenging. Therefore, you must understand all the information about the hiking trail before you embark on your travel. You are in a better position when you know what to expect because you will prepare […]

Olpererhütte Hiking in Austria

All You Need to Know about Olpererhütte Hiking

The Olpererhütte hike is one of Austria’s most popular hiking destinations because of the most exquisite Zillertal photogenic locations. The green dam that is located on the trail, as well as the suspension bridge, has become some of the topmost tourist attractions to this destination. Besides, the amazing mountain peaks […]

Berlin High Trail

Berlin High Trail Will Amaze You in Many Ways

The Berlin high trail is a multistage hiking trail situated in Tyrol in the eastern part of Austria. It is one of the great walks of Tyrol, and the route mainly consists of hut-to-hut trails. The hiking trail gained massive popularity over the recent past because of its alpine nature […]

Eastern Tyrol, Austria

Eagle Walk in Austria You Must Try

Austria is one of the most famous holiday destinations in Europe, and if you are planning to go on vacation, you must add it to your list. The jaw-dropping mountains, waterfalls, and ultimate backdrop are some of the things that should take you to this central European country. When it […]

Hiking trials near Vienna, Austria

5 Popular Hiking Trails Near Vienna You Should Try

Austria is a beautiful country, and it is blessed with unique natural fauna and flora. The breathtaking landscape and picturesque beauty are what you need to experience the best in life. If you are visiting Austria and want to experience life at a different level, then the hiking trails near […]

Karwendel Höhenweg trail, Austria

Karwendel High Trail Will Challenge You

The high route, or Karwendel Höhenweg as it is commonly called, is a trail in Austria that begins in the southern region as it transcends to the Karwendel mountains. The high alpine route comprises impressive balcony trails, exciting peak summits, riverside walks, and numerous descents and ascents. The hike is […]