South Italy Vs North Italy 

Italy is one of the major European countries that is known for its architecture, as well as different structures and history in diversification and modernization, there is so much to visit and see in Italy, that probably months of visiting each medieval village would not be enough, so what is […]

Weed in Lithuania

Weed in Italy

Cultivation of weed in Italy has been undergoing changes over the centuries and this can be dated back to roman times.  This is especially important because the ancient Romans used hemp ropes and according to history, there were cannabis plants in the Italian peninsula that all date back to the […]

Dangerous animals in Italy
Europe, Italy

 What Are The Most Dangerous Animals In Italy ?

Italy is one of the most famous European holiday destinations, there is so much history that you can learn about in the country and with a rich history, places, to visit, things to do as well as priceless artwork. This is a place that you should have as a top […]