A shot of the forest in Lithuania with a drone

12 Dangerous Animals In Lithuania to Watch Out For!

Lithuania, located in the Baltic region, is known for its rich history and diverse landscape. Home to unique species due to its Baltic Sea-influenced climate, Lithuania also harbors dangerous animals. From ancient structures in cities like Vilnius to the captivating fauna, Lithuania offers a blend of historical charm and wildlife […]


Visit HBO Chernobyl series filming locations in Lithuania

One of the most thrilling and interesting HBO series called Chernobyl was a total success for the HBO company and visiting all Chernobyl series filming locations in Lithuania can be a great experience. The miniseries were so tense, so well depicted and the whole scenario was incredibly good. It is […]

Weed in Lithuania

All You Need to Know About Weed in Lithuania

Lithuania is a country in northern Europe, which is rich in cultural sites, architectural styles, and so much more that you can enjoy when you visit during your vacation. There is so much more than you can enjoy when you go to this country. Many people who come to Lithuania […]

Best Vilnius Guided Tour

Best Vilnius Guided City Tours You Want to Check

Vilnius is the capital of Lithuania, and it is one of the most visited places in eastern Europe. The lovely gem is one of the most beautiful Baltic baroque cities. This capital is the primary driving force of the many people looking for tourism spots in the Baltic region and […]

spas in lithuania

12 Best Spas in Lithuania You Have to Visit

According to recent data, the cost of procedures in Lithuania is 25% lesser than that of many countries across Europe and the Americas. Even when you visit the country from a long flight, it will be worth visiting some of the best health spas in Lithuania. The quality of life […]

Food in Lithuania

Food in Lithuania – 14 Traditional Dishes You Have to Try!

Food in Lithuania is reliant on root vegetables such as beetroot, potatoes, dairy, and meat products. The cold climate in the country permits the growth of these products, and therefore, the locals are heavily reliant on these meals. As a first-timer, you may wonder what foods you will eat while […]