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Learn all about the water snakes in Virginia and which ones you should be careful of.
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Water Snakes In Virginia  

Water snakes are a family of over 200 species of semi aquatic snakes that thrive in wetlands and water bodies across the state of Virginia. The water snakes usually feed, live, or explore the aquatic and semiaquatic environments.  Their stout bodies, triangular heads, and keeled scales characterize them,. A majority […]

Here is the list of the venomous snakes in South Carolina that you should avoid.
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Avoid These 8 Venomous Snakes in South Carolina!

There are a lot of venomous snakes that inhabit the state of South Carolina. The snakes around the state can be very intimidating, and it is important that you watch out for these snakes during your visit to the region.  These snakes usually inhabit the forests, grasslands, and the Atlantic […]

There is a variety of poisonous snakes in Illinois that you should widely avoid.
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11 Poisonous Snakes In Illinois to Avoid!

There are four common poisonous snakes that you can find in the state of Illinois.  The most common venomous snake species in Illinois are:  the cottonmouth snake  copperheads  massasauga timber rattlesnake  These snakes are usually located in forested areas around Illinois. The venomous snakes are known to use their venom […]

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6 Water Snakes to Avoid in Lake Erie

There are many people that the presence of water snakes in Lake Erie has been the major contributor to the reduction of the number of fish in the lake. There are many others who believe that these reptiles do not interfere with the life of humans in the region. The […]

Learn all about the king snakes in Tennessee, where to find them, and how to avoid them!
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King Snakes In Tennessee – Watch Out for These 9!

King snakes are some species that you are going to find in the state of Tennessee and different parts of North America. It is important to note that most of the snakes there are nonvenomous. The king snakes inhabit different habitats around the state. Some places that you are going […]

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Hiking trails in Wisconsin Dells

Oh dear nature-loving pal (the one like me), let me fill you in on why Wisconsin Dells is the perfect destination for you and if you are looking for hiking trails in Wisconsin Dells – you are in a right place. You know that feeling when you’re totally submerged in […]

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Best Breakfast In Astoria

Astoria is a fascinating neighborhood in Queens, and if you would like to stroll around it someday on early morning, here are the best breakfast options in Astoria.  But first, some facts about Queens and Astoria. Queens shares water borders with barrels of Bronx, Manhattan, and Staten Island. The borough […]

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Nantucket Vs Martha’s Vineyard 

When planning for a vacation in eastern Massachusetts different places come to mind and what is better: Nantucket Vs Martha’s Vineyard? The islands of Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket are some of the most popular choices that you can get in the region. Nantucket is a popular tourist destination that is […]