Mountain passes

If you have very limited time to visit Switzerland and want to see the most beauty of it, I think mountain passes is the best option here.

You can reach pretty high places by car and enjoy snowy peaks and huge valleys in the most easy way.

Just keep in mind that most mountain passes are closed till June and are open till September/October. Later on snow does his job and it’s not possible to drive there.

Switzerland has dozens of amazing passes and I will try to write about all of them later on 🙂

Furka Pass

I have visited Furka pass three times already and visited it just couple of weeks ago the last time. We were lucky as Furka pass was open just couple of days and we didn’t expect it to be open as our primary goal was Gotthard Pass which is quite close to Furka Pass.

Furka Pass, I believe, is one of the most famous passes of all the passes in Switzerland. It’s mostly famous because James Bond movie was once shot here 🙂

Despite that, Furka Pass offers amazing views to huge mountains. You can snowy peaks all year round.

If you take the route to Furka Pass from Andermatt it’s really cool, because it’s quite long and all the time you are able to see enormous valleys.

Furka Pass is at 2429 m elevation, so it’s pretty cool to get so high with a car 🙂

Maybe the most popular stop on Furka Pass is near Belvedere hotel which has a coffee place, shop and as well you can visit Rhône Glacier. The Glacier as well is popular because it’s melting all the time, it lost a lot of it’s size during last century. Global warming is really doing bad job here. To see the Glacier you must pay a fee, I am sorry, I do not remember it, but it’s around 10 CHF.

Furka Pass is very close to Grimsel Pass as well. It’s very very beautiful mountain pass with lakes on the top. It’s simply amazing. So when you go down from Furka Pass, on the bottom, take a turn to the right and go up again to Grimsel Pass 🙂

When leaving Furka Pass you will go down on very nice mountain road to the green valleys towards Oberwald and will be able to enjoy drive through massive meadows surrounded by huge mountain walls.

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