Marriage is a critical occasion for people that are in love. The ceremony usually shows commitment to each other, and many people will go to a great length to ensure that the day is perfect and memorable. One of the most pristine locations where people get married in Iceland, and the breathtaking scenery, make the occasion memorable and cherished. Iceland presents one of the best destinations for your wedding because of the vast green fields, dramatic landscapes, northern lights, among other features that make this destination picture perfect. The country’s ideal location makes it a top spot for couples from North American and entire Europe as well.

Getting married in Iceland is pretty simple, unlike other countries where there are so many restrictions, and the government legalized same-sex union a decade ago. You can say I do in the charming old church with the breathtaking landscape in your background. If you are wondering how you can get married in Iceland, we will give you an insight into what to do and what happens in the country. 

Iceland is an amalgamation of natural beauty and diversity that it brings makes it a perfect destination for your nuptials. Some festivals are usually held in Iceland, and the nightlife is quite vibrant. Therefore, it is an ideal place for your wedding and a perfect place to do your wedding.

Best time to get married in Iceland 

Iceland experiences four seasons, although the interphase seasons from winter to summer and summer to winter are often mild, and it may feel like long winter and long summers. You can do your wedding at any time of the year. During the summer period, which usually begins from June through August, you can do a wedding in the vast green fields, and it is a perfect time for those lush green photographs. 

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The weather is also fair, and you can get around quickly. However, this is the peak season, and it could be an expensive affair. During the spring and autumn, the wedding places are less crowded, although they may still be a little pricey. However, if you want your wedding to capture the incredible northern lights, September is the correct month to do your wedding. The winter period is considered the off-peak season because the temperatures are pretty low, and many areas are covered with snow. There numerous winter activities that you can do. You can experience the most fantastic feeling by hosting your wedding at the snow cave.

Places to get married in Iceland

Since Iceland is filled with unique places that you can do your wedding. Here are some of the top sites that you can get married in Iceland. 

Seljalandsfoss Waterfall

Seljalandsfoss Waterfall

This is one of the most ideal locations that you can have your wedding in Iceland. The waterfalls create a unique picture, and it sits perfectly well with the wedding pictures. This waterfall has a hidden cave where the waterfall. 

You can plan to have your wedding with the midnight sun in the area. However, you should be prepared to get wet because the water splashes from time to time.

Harpa Concert Hall

This is a perfect destination as it a popular location in downtown Reykjavik. The hall is usually available for different parties and events. You can schedule to have your wedding in this fantastic location. The Harpa hall is one of the most iconic places where people get married, and you can get exceptional catering services in the lobby. 

The room is well equipped with projectors, a sound system, and anything else you will need for your wedding reception. If you would like to have a significant contemporary-themed wedding, this is the right place to explore all these activities. 

Hotel Husafell

This hotel is located in the country, and it has unique beauty because of the architecture and how it is presented. The summer period is characterized by a lush green environment, while the winters have thick snow. 

There is a geothermal bath and a fantastic dining room with top chefs preparing seasonal dishes. You can combine this with various adventurous activities and have the time of your life.

Church of Búðir 

Church of Búðir

This is an exceptional church located on the Snaefellsnes Peninsula, and it is a perfect location if you do not want the hustle and bustle of the big city. 

Besides, the church is located closer to a lavish hotel, and you can host your ceremony in the church and a reception at the hotel. The hotel is a popular spot for people who like traditional marriage in church and reception outside.

The Diamonds Beach

The diamond beach is located in the southern part of Iceland, and it is a perfect place to get married as you interact with nature and diversity. The beach itself is an ideal place for your wedding shoot. 

The black sandy beaches covered with white ice sculptures are just an excellent destination to be. The area is tranquil, and you can have a fantastic time with your partner in this location. 

Glacier ice chapel

This is where tradition meets modernity. If you want a fabulous wedding where you can explore the environment and have your ceremony in the church, this chapel is the right destination. 

The chapel is a manmade ice cave, and it is the second-largest glacier in the country. There are benches inside, and you can have your wedding inside the chapel. 

Wedding costs

The cost of a wedding is usually lower if the reception is a few minute’s drives from the wedding venue. This feature allows the guests to book their accommodation whenever they want to do so. However, if cost is not a problem, you can choose to rent an entire hotel in the outskirts of the town. Besides, you can choose to have your wedding ceremony in one location and make a reception closer to this venue.  

The estimated cost of a meal without wine ranges from 60 to 90 Euros per person. Alcohol in Iceland is quite expensive, and you should be well prepared if you want to serve it at your wedding. A civil ceremony will cost anything from 70 to 80 Euros.

What are the legal requirements?

Iceland has a system where it makes marriage for foreigners an easy and hassle-free experience. One of the benefits of getting married in Iceland is that you do not need to translate the documents. The documentation is primarily done in English, and the country acknowledges same-sex marriages.  

However, for you to get a marriage license, there are documents that you have to deliver to the registry office. The records you present must be the original copies, which helps avoid any challenges that may come up. You should have these documents presented a week before your wedding day. You will be required to produce a certificate of marital status, a birth certificate, passports, marriage notification, and the legality of your stay in Iceland.

Advantages of hiring a wedding planner

Wedding planner in Iceland

A wedding planner is a professional who is conversant with the planning, design, and management of weddings. If you want to get married in Iceland and want to avoid the challenges that come with planning a wedding, then hiring a wedding planner is the best option for you. Some of the benefits of hiring a wedding planner include;

Has access to the necessary people

Wedding planners have an intricate network of individuals, and this will make your wedding run smoothly. You do not have to hassle looking for these people. They will call the drivers, officiant, flower guys, photographers, makeup artists, among others. They have a grasp of how these people operate, and you expect a smooth and lovely wedding.

Helps to come up with alternate plans

Weddings are usually filled with uncertainties no matter how you plan them hence the need to have someone who will think out of the box. The planner will have an idea of the best options to choose from. If your plans are not working, they will figure out something.

Help in negotiations

The planners are effective in negotiations, and you will get the best deals when you have the right people on your team. They can get the best accommodation, transport, supplies, among others.

Aid with the paperwork and documentation

One of the integral aspects of the wedding is documentation. The wedding planner will help you fill in the proper documents and make the process easy. You just have to submit the essential documents, and they will follow for you from there. The paperwork process will be easy, and you can trust them to handle it for you.

In conclusion, having a dream wedding in Iceland’s magical and breathtaking views is unique and memorable. The best way to get married in Iceland is to do proper planning and have the right team of people with you for a successful wedding.

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