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Zernez village
Graubünden region, Visit Switzerland

Zernez village

Zernez The picturesque Engadine village of Zernez is the main gateway to Swiss National Park and it is one of the biggest natural reserves. However, Zernez is an ideal location for journeys through discoveries of the valley and escarpments. Zernez is a perfect point for starting excursions in the Lower […]

Rasa village
Hiking in Switzerland, Ticino region

Rasa village in Switzerland

Rasa is a small village in Ticino canton in Switzerland which you can reach only by foot or by cable car. This is really one of the hidden Swiss Alps treasures: small, remote, beautiful, breathing history, in amazing location. One of my favorite things to do in Switzerland is to […]

Guarda village in Switzerland
Graubünden region, Visit Switzerland

Guarda village

Guarda is one of those tiny Swiss villages that you are completely happy to find and explore. It is a tiny village in the middle of Swiss Alps with old Swiss architecture and stunning views to the Alps. It kind reminds me of two other hidden treasures of Swiss Alps: […]

2 days in Switzerland Itinerary
Visit Switzerland

2 Days in Switzerland Itinerary

First of all, Welcome to Switzerland and let’s explore 2 day in Switzerland itinerary! Willkommen in der Schweiz/Bienvenue en Suisse/Benvenuti in Svizzera/Bainvegni a Svizra! That is in how many ways it is possible to say Welcome to Switzerland in this beautiful Alps country. There are 4 official languages in Switzerland: […]

Titlis cliff walk
Bern region, Visit Switzerland

A day in Titlis ski resort

I have a spent a whole day in the Titlis ski resort in Switzerland and would like to share my opinion about this ski resort. Switzerland has many great big ski resorts and Titlis, although not that big, is one of the most popular and I would say one of […]