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Majestic Lauterbrunnen hiking trails
Hiking in Switzerland

6 Majestic Hiking Trails in Lauterbrunnen Region

Lauterbrunnen is maybe the most filmed, pictured, and Instagramers beloved village in the Swiss Alps. On top of that, there are various hiking trails in Lauterbrunnen. It features old Swiss buildings, narrow streets, huge mountains all around and most important – a huge waterfall which from the far looks like […]

Brienzer Rothorn
Hiking in Switzerland

Hiking in Sörenberg

Hiking in Sörenberg can be a really great summer experience in the Swiss Alps. I really loved. The hike I did was pretty long and hard, but the views made it all worth. On the top it’s really nice and stunning. Ok, so let’s jump in! Where is Sörenberg Sörenberg […]

Nature Park Thal
Hiking in Switzerland

Hiking near Basel

As Basel Stadt (meaning Basel City, the name of canton) is pretty flat, most of the people go outside the city to do some hiking near Basel. Basel is placed in a very good location: on one side is France, on the other is Germany with its amazing Schwarzwald (Black […]

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Day trip to Swiss Alps from Zürich

If you live in Zürich or just landed there, let’s explore the day trip to Swiss Alps from Zürich possibilities. Here I would like to recommend you my top 5 destinations which are very easily reachable by train or car from Zürich and you are going to have tons of […]

Gantrisch Nature Park
Hiking in Switzerland

Hiking in Gantrisch nature park

Gantrisch Nature Park is really a great one day or weekend destination where you can enjoy the Swiss nature in pretty big mountains. It’s very close to the Swiss Capital Bern, so no problem just to hop in in your car and drive up there. I have done quite a […]

Hike to Fälensee
Hiking in Switzerland

Fälensee Hike in the Swiss Alps

Fälensee is a beautiful mountain lake squeezed between mountains. The hike to this lake is really nice and rewarding in the end. Fälensee is sitting at 1,446 m and you can actually do much more there if you have time: sleep in a beautiful hut which is right on the lake […]

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Breathtaking Sustenpass

Sustenpass history comes even from the 17th century as it was used for mule training purposes, but the real value of this mountain pass Swiss people saw when Napoleon took over control of another mountain pass next to Italy: Simplon pass. Back in the beginning of 19th century the construction […]

Hiking shoes
Hiking in Switzerland

Hiking in Gemmipass

Gemmipass is located high in the Swiss Alps at 2270 m altitude and offers perfect hiking conditions to everyone who comes up there: it is very easily reachable by cable car, but you can even hike up there if you feel like conquering a huge mountain wall in front of […]