Swiss Alps Cow Poster


Location: Lukmanierpass, Graub√ľnden, Switzerland.

Altitude: 1915 meters.

Lake: Lai da Sontga Maria.

Time of the year: early Autumn.

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Swiss Alps Cow Poster

It is always a wonderful experience once you meet Swiss cows in the natural high alpine habitat. I have met this beauty at the altitude of 1915 meters right next to a very beautiful Lukmanierpass in Switzerland.

These lovely cows are grazing there all day long in a very mountainous terrain. It even astonishes me how such a big animal can guide himself through steep slopes, rocks and small rivers.

I took this shot in the late afternoon once the heavy clouds started to cover the sky.

Cows are mostly very friendly in Switzerland and you should not worry about them attacking you. ONLY when they have their calfs with them – they can get irritated.

In the background you can see the road leading up to Lukmanierpass and as well a very beautiful lake called Lai da Sontga Maria (the lake of Saint Mary).

If you take the road down, you will reach a beautiful town called Disentis.

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