Alta is a famous northernmost town in Norway, and it is renowned for its rich history and culture. The town is the biggest in the northern region, and it is relatively easy to reach by either land or air.

The area is a popular tourist destination spot because it has a mountain plateau, forests, coastal landscapes, and other unique features that you should explore.

There are so many fun things to do in Alta you should involve yourself such as fishing, hiking, and biking. Alta has undergone tremendous changes over time, and it is on the route to be named a sustainable location.

The aim is to reduce the negative impact of tourism, and this will provide the visitors with a fantastic experience that they easily explore the environment. The natural environment is preserved as well as the culture and strengthening the social values.

Alta is situated at around 375 kilometers in the arctic circle, and this area is commonly called Norwegian Lapland. The population is about twenty thousand people. There is a steady rise in population, hence increasing the number of activities such as the launching of many shops and restaurants.

Alta has rich history and diversity, and there are rock carvings from the 60s. Fishermen and farmers in this area had a rich history, and it is a location worth visiting. In 1985 it was recognized as a UNESCO world heritage site.

This place may seem a little new because the buildings were renovated after significant destruction during world war II. 

Reasons to Visit Alta, Norway?

Northern Lights in Alta

Alta is one of the best tourist destinations in Europe because of the adventure and experience that it offers.

There is so much that you enjoy while visiting this region, such as the Northern Lights. If you are going to see the northern lights, then Alta is your destination. You can go and enjoy snowmobiling as experience a fantastic hike across the exquisite mountain landscape.

Essentially Alta is a fun destination to visit because you have longer days in the summer, allowing you to explore more areas than you would during winter. You can enjoy nature and explore the amazing opportunities that this destination has to offer.

One of the most remarkable aspects is that Alta has fun activities during the summer and the winter; hence you will not miss an action to do when you visit the area. There are multiple places that you can visit in the region, such as Tromsø, Kirkenes, and northern cape.

All these are within the region. You can explore the locations along Norway’s beautiful coastline.

How to Get to Alta?

Alta is the main town in Finnmark county, and it is situated 70 degrees in the northern latitude. This location is accessible via a cruise ship, bus, or plane. There is an airport in the vicinity, and you can explore the local flights and connect them.

A flight from Oslo international airport will take you about two hours.

There are bus services that run through the major towns to this region.

If you are visiting during the winter period, you can opt to board the cruise ships that usually stop in Alta for a few days.

What to Do in Alta, Norway

Alta is an amazing destination, and you will not run out of fun activities that you can do in the region. Here are some of the amazing activities that you can do in the area.

Explore the Norwegian northern lights

Alta is an amazing destination, and it is the best place to see the northern lights perfectly. Whether you are going during the winter or the summer, the north’s lights are a must-see for you.

You can check out the weather report before you embark on your trip. It will save you much because, at times, the weather can be unforgiving.

When the skies are clear, you can enjoy the light show, and you can enjoy local meals as you watch the northern lights.

The best way you can visit this location is with a local who knows how to take pictures. This way, you will have the time of your life as you explore and take amazing photos.

Enjoy a night in the igloos

Ice hotel in Alta

One of the most memorable things that you can do while on your trip to Alta is to spend a night in an igloo. Igloos can be pretty impressive and comfortable not as many people tend to assume.

When you have a good sleeping bag, reindeer skin, and any other warm clothing, your night will be amazing.

There is a hotel that is constructed from scratch annually from the fjords in the surrounding region. These hotels usually remain open from December until late March before spring when the melting of ice occurs.

If you want to enjoy your night, you should head to the sauna room and take a warm bath before going to sleep.

Enjoy Snowmobiling

One of the most exciting activities that you can enjoy in this region is snowmobiling.

It is a fun activity that allows you to move from one location to another. The snowboarding excursions usually operate even at night, and you can explore the area even at night.

However, the best time you can go snowmobiling is during the day because you can see the arctic landscape and the surrounding areas.

It is essential that you always take precautions, travel with the proper gear, and hike with boots. 

Visit the Alta canyon

The Alta canyon is one of the largest in northern Europe, and you have a chance to explore one of the most fantastic tourist destinations.

You can reach this canyon by river boating, canoeing, hiking, or taking a guided bus tour.

The best time you can explore the location is during the summer period when there is adequate sunlight, and you can easily bike or hike from the canyon to Gargia mountain and vice versa.

The Alta river also presents an alternative means that you can access the canyon.

Enjoy dog sledding

One of the unique activities that you can do during the winter period is to go dogsledding.

There are beautiful dogs that will take you around, and the most amazing way is to sled with the huskies. When you to the trip you will have a chance to see what you would have missed during the regular hours.

However, it would help if you learned how to control the sled before you can go on the tour.

If this activity presents a challenge, then you can have a guided tour. The best times to do these activities are from mid-December to April.

Explore the Tirpitz museum

According to history, Alta was among the largest Nazi bases outside Germany and Tirpitz museum. It is outside Kafjord and was named after a ship that was destroyed by the British. There are artifacts and history about the boat and the war, and you can familiarize yourself with the history while at this museum.  

Visit northern lights cathedral

The church in Alta is popularly known as the northern lights cathedral, and it was constructed in the year 2013. The church has become an iconic landmark in the small city of Alta.

A Danish firm built this church, and it features unique characteristics that you will not find in any other part of the region.

Mingle with the locals and learn Sami culture

Sami People

The Sami culture is one of the most unique aspects of the people in the region, the right people that can teach you more about this diversity are the Boazi Sami Siida family. They are well equipped with traditional costumes and demonstrate how the ancient people used to live.

The camp is located in Lavvu, and this is where you will see the conventional Sami food.

You might get an opportunity to listen to a yoik, this is a personal song that the Sami people performed, and it is more or less like a chant.

Take a day trip to the northern cape

North Cape

The northern cape is the furthest point of mainland Europe, and it is the only dry land between the Svalbard archipelago and the north pole. This place is unique and has a lot to offer in terms of things to see.

You can drive to the north cape from Alta, and this will take you roughly four hours and explore the area as you marvel at the beautiful aspects of the most northernmost location.

Watch Whales in Alta Fjord

If you love nature and want to see whales in action, the Alta fjord is the right place that you should visit. The humpback and orcas whales are always around the fjord, and you will have a chance to see the fantastic creatures in nature.

The best way to watch the whales is by taking the rapid inflatable boats since they cause little disturbance, and you will have a closer view of the whales. 

Have you ever been to Alta, Norway? Share your favorite things to do in Alta below.