Grindelwald is a fairyland for adventure seekers, nature lovers, hikers, mountaineers, families, and many others. It is a Disneyland for people who love mountains, who love the Swiss Alps, who love nature and spotless air. Grindelwald features mountain passes, mountain stations, multiple mountain peaks, dozens if not hundreds of different hiking trails, restaurants, beautiful hotels, cozy and fascinating Swiss architecture, glaciers, canyon – Grindelwald has it all. There are so many things to do in Grindelwald for everyone’s taste, and sometimes it’s tough to find your itinerary if you’re short on time.

Grindelwald is perfect for a one day trip for the whole weekend and even a week – you will find what to do each day, no worries. There is so much to see, and you will be surprised how each place is more beautiful than the other, and you will always feel a little tingling need to discover another trail, another valley, and another peak.

I have visited Grindelwald multiple times, and each time I find something new, I sometimes see things that I get astonished that they are in Grindelwald, not in some other location 100 kilometers away.

Let us discover beautiful Grindelwald and many many things you can find and do there.

15 Awesome Things to Do in Grindelwald, Switzerland

1) First

First – what a crazy name for a peak in Switzerland, but actually in Switzerland, you must pronounce it Feersht. First is a mountain station with a famous cliff walk at 2,167 meters with exclusive views to the glaciers right in front of you.

How to Get to First

There are two ways to get to First – if you feel a bit more adventurous, you can hike up there (I have done this hike from Grindelwald – beautiful views all hike long) in 2-3 hours, or you can take a gondola from Grindelwald.

First gondola station is in the village center, address: 3818 Grindelwald. The ticket up to the peak and back will cost you 64 CHF, but you can get discounts if you have the Swiss Pass, or you can buy different combo tickets with various activities up there for a higher price.

Things to do in First, Switzerland

First, Grindelwald

On first, you will find a giant mountain station with a huge restaurant (the restaurant has a terrace outside and tables inside); a souvenir shop; a sporting goods shop (Intersport) – perfect if you get to bring your hiking cap or hiking poles; a very cozy hut called Bärgelegg Hütte where you can get a cup of coffee and some desserts. 

Oh, not to forget, if you’re interested in the hut to hut hiking, you can check my experience here. I fall in love with doing these hikes between beautiful and cozy huts offering delicious traditional cuisine, and a nice shelter for resting.

First has a very famous cliff walk which is fitted on the rocks, and you are actually walking right next to the cliff with dozens of meters of nothingness below you. The walk is trendy, and you will probably walk with a massive crowd of people, but no worries, the bridge is strong enough. The whole walk is 3-5 minutes with a lovely ending where you can take fascinating pictures of glaciers which are on the other side of the valley in the mountains in front of you.

Cliff Walk, First

Later on, you can go and try out the First Flyer – it is an 800-meter long steel cable from First to Schreckfeld. You will be put in a harness and will fly up to 84km per hour down the mountain. It is a perfect thrill.

Not enough?

You can find the First Glider – and fly down like a bird. Literally, like a bird, because you will be put your face in the front, legs back – superman pose. Like this, you will reach up to 84km/h and enjoy the views to meadows below you.

First Flyer, Trotti Bike

Afterward, when you did all your flying, your lunch, and ready to go down – you can go with more thrill and use the mountain cart (like in Mario video game) or a Trotti bike. You will get on a 3 kilometers perfect path to Bort mountain station – this will be one of the best rides you will ever have. I actually saw dozens of people going down in a mountain cart once I was hiking up to First – looks like lots of fun.
All of these activities can be included in your gondola ticket up to First. So you can decide beforehand what you would like to try.
And after all that fun, I must mention that there are countless hiking trails from First to different destinations – back to Grindelwald, to Grosse Scheidegg, a beautiful Bachalpsee, to Faulhorn (a mountain peak at 2681 meters), or hike to Schynige Platte. The possibilities are unlimited, and it is gorgeous up there.

2) Grosse Scheidegg

Grosse Scheidegg is a mountain pass at 1962 meters right next to Grindelwald. It is a little brother of Kleine Scheidegg (I know, names are confusing here) – the mountain pass on the other side of Grindelwald.

How to reach Grosse Scheidegg?

You can reach Grosse Scheidegg in two ways: by bus or on foot.

I highly recommend you to hike up there because the hike goes right next to substantial tremendous mountain walls, and you as well will get a very close view of the glaciers up there in the mountains. If you decide to hike, you can start right in Grindelwald or go to the parking next to Hotel Wetterhorn, address is Obere Gletscherstrasse 159, 3818 Grindelwald. There is a huge parking lot where you can leave your car.

The hike from there to Grosse Scheidegg will take you around 2 hours. Elevation gain is approximately 800 meters so have lots of water and good hiking boots. Some parts are pretty steep, so take your time and enjoy the surroundings.

Grosse Scheidegg, Switzerland

If you decide to take a bus, the bus is leaving in the central station, and it will cost you 25 CHF, if you would like to return on a bus as well, then the price is 50 CHF, but I really recommend walking back. It will be much more comfortable than hiking up, and in 2 hours, you will get back to Grindelwald. A note: bus goes up only in the summer season; in winter, there’s too much snow, and the only way to go up there maybe only with snowshoes.

Things to do in Grosse Scheidegg

On Grosse Scheidegg, you will find a mountain hotel with a nice restaurant where you can try different swiss foods: raclette (a delicious Swiss cheese), fondue (a cheese dream), and many others. It has a lovely terrace with great views back to Grindelwald.

Next to the hotel, you will find a small kiosk that offers some snacks and coffee: so if you are not ready for the full meal, just sit down and have an espresso. I have done that: espresso is 4 CHF up there.

Grosse Scheidegg Food Kiosk

A little bit lower than the hotel, you will see some old small buildings: one of them has an open fridge where you can get local cheese and other products, so if you really want some mountain food – that is a perfect place to get it.

Grosse Scheidegg cheese fridge

One neat thing you can do is a hike to First. There’s a lovely hike with very little elevation change, so it is suitable for everyone. In one hour or 1h 30 minutes, you can reach the First dreamland.

Hiking Trail to First, Switzerland

If you feel adventurous: you can hike to Schwarzhorn – it is a mountain peak at 2928 meters. Such a hike would be at least  2 hours to the top, so if you feel like doing it, prepare accordingly.

And the last thing: as I mentioned, it is a mountain pass, so if you want, you can get to the other side of the mountain to another village called Meiringen. That village has a road which leads to one of the most beautiful mountain passes in Switzerland – an iconic Grimselpass. So that can be a perfect weekend adventure: Grindelwald – Grosse Scheidegg – Meiringen – Grimselpass.

3) Kleine Scheidegg

Kleine Scheidegg is a mountain pass next to Switzerland reachable only by train or on foot. In winter – with snowshoes.

Kleine Scheidegg stands at 2,061 meters and is a very well developed tourist destination. You will find many many things up there, and hours will pass by very fast in that beautiful location.

How to get to Kleine Scheidegg?

As mentioned before, you can reach Kleine Scheidegg in two ways: by train or on foot.

The train leaves in Grindelwald Grund train station (Grund is just 5 minutes away from Grindelwald center) every few minutes and goes up to Kleine Scheidegg in 30 minutes. The ticket cost one way is 27 CHF. The train ride is entertaining, you will get into this narrow cozy train which goes slowly up the mountain. I must mention: it is a cogwheel train, which is even more fun. You will get fascinating views to Eiger mountain, Grindelwald, and you can even snatch a perfect picture of the whole train turning up the hill.

The second way, if you have more time, is hiking to Kleine Scheidegg. You will have to gain more than 1 kilometer in altitude, so be ready, have enough water, food, and right hiking clothes with boots. The hike will take you around 2-3 hours.

You will cross beautiful meadows with cows, go by a couple of restaurants (if you feel tired, you can always power up there), and in an hour or so, you will start to see your final destination: the buildings of Kleine Scheidegg.

There’s actually one more enjoyable way, which you would enjoy a lot: go with the gondola up to Männlichen from Grindelwald and hike down to Kleine Scheidegg. It is a gorgeous panorama hike at altitudes higher than 2 kilometers. The views and the aura of that place are really inspiring. The hike to Kleine Scheidegg will take you a bit more than 1 hour, it is 5 kilometers and always down.

Things to do in Kleine Scheidegg

Kleine Scheidegg is a very well developed mountain station with souvenir shops, a restaurant, and a hotel.

Kleine Scheidegg, Switzerland

It is a perfect place to have your mountain lunch and enjoy the views of Eiger glacier, which stands right in front of the mountain train station.

If you feel like spending more time and maybe the whole night, check out the exclusive Hotel Bellevue des Alpes – it just a minute away from the train stop.

Have a short hike up to Fallbodensee, it is a little lake and has a very nice art installation right next to it.

If you came up to Kleine Scheidegg with the train, you could hike down back to Grindelwald. It is a beautiful 2-hour hike. Easy and enjoyable as it always goes down.

Overall I recommend to simply enjoy the views to the mountains, glaciers, spend some time in a local restaurant, and have at least 30 minutes hike in the surroundings – it is an exceptional nature place.

4) Jungfraujoch

Jungfraujoch is a very, very special place – it is a mountain station at 3,454 meters altitude, which feels like the top of Europe.

There you can spend the whole day in a winter wonderland which has shops and restaurants at one of the highest altitudes in the whole of Europe.

How to get to Jungfraujoch?

You can get to Jungfraujoch only by train. Unless you are a very, very experienced mountaineer – you can reach it in other ways, but that’s another story.

Trains are leaving every hour from Grindelwald terminal. The ticket will cost you 214 CHF back and forth. That is one of the most expensive train rides in Switzerland, but it is really worth it. You should check out the latest prices and discounts right here (because the price is changing almost every year): Jungfraujoch tickets.

The train ride will take you around 1 hour. First, you will reach the beautiful Kleine Scheidegg train station: change the train and start your trip to the mountain. After a few minutes, you will enter the mountain. Yes, you will be quite a while inside the mountain. That is an ancient tunnel, which was a pretty much engineering miracle back in the days. So the train goes up and up inside the mountain until you reach the Jungfraujoch stop. You are welcome!

Things to do in Jungfraujoch

Jungfraujoch is a colossal mountain station with restaurants, shops, chocolate shops, souvenirs, ice rooms, and so on. Let us discover what you can find there.


Ice palace – you will enter into the rooms of ice. The ice palace is a labyrinth with rooms in ice. Yes, you will be the whole time inside the real ice. It is like those ice hotels in Norway. You will see many ice sculptures and other art installations along the way.

Alpine sensation – it is an art/historic installation dedicated to crazy brave miners who dig the tunnel and all the visionaries who saw the touristic potential of this place.  You will get to know the history, the engineering, and all other small details of the wonder of this mountain.

Sphinx observation deck – no need to mention that such a place is perfect for star exploration. There’s no light pollution, and you are incredibly high, so yes, Swiss have an observatory up there. The crazy fast lift will take you up there, and you will get the exclusive views to the mountains and multiple peaks.

Snow fun park – if you go outside, you will get into a small snow fun park where you can enjoy the rides on the snow. It is perfect for families and for people who miss the snow in the middle of summer. Why not, right?

Highest shops in Europe – Jungfraujoch has the highest chocolate and watch shop in Europe. At 3,454 meters altitude, you can get exclusive tastes of chocolate and top-notch quality watches.

Mönchsjochhütte – it is a Swiss mountain hut just 45 minutes away from Jungfraujoch mountain station. It is the highest-altitude services hut in Switzerland. You can spend the whole night up there at 3,650 meters altitude and if you are adventurous enough – continue to the Jungfrau peak at 4,158 meters. It is a high altitude hike, so better to have a mountain guide with you. Some people even say that Jungfrau mountain is the birthplace of the mountain guide profession. Isn’t that awesome?

Restaurants – To this day, if anyone asks me what the most exciting meal I ever had (or meal location) was – it was definitely the fondue I had in Jungfraujoch restaurant with pretty much the most unique views to the snowy mountains in the middle of summer. If you are looking for something exclusive – that is definitely a place to have a once in a lifetime meal with your family or friends.

Jungfraujoch is a special place full of beautiful surprises. Go there and have the time of your life.

5) Männlichen

Männlichen is yet another mountain peak next to Grindelwald. It stands at 2,343 meters altitude. Männlichen has exclusive views of both valleys: Lauterbrunnen and Grindelwald.

How to get to Männlichen?

Männlichen is reachable by gondola or on foot. By gondola, it is reachable not only from Grindelwald but as well from Wengen – one of my favorite places for hiking.

The ride from Grindelwald starts in Grindelwald terminal, and the mountain gondola will take you up to Männlichen in 20 beautiful minutes with exclusive and fascinating views. The gondola goes every minute, so you won’t miss it. The ride up and down will cost you 64 CHF.

If you have time and feel strong enough, you can hike up to Männlichen, but bear in mind, the whole hike can take 3-4 hours, and you will have to gain around 1,400 meters in altitude. That is a pretty demanding hike, so be very well prepared, have enough water, food, and right hiking clothes.

Things to do in Männlichen

Once you reach the Männlichen mountain station, go on the royal walk. It is a lovely walk on a narrow path up to the top where you will get onto the viewing point (the top platform looks like a crown), hence the royal walk. The walk will take you 10 minutes. It is a perfect place to take these Instagram pictures.

Wengen Männlichen, Switzerland

Afterward, you can go back to the Männlichen mountain house and enjoy some local food with views of Lauterbrunnen valley. Want to spend a night up there? They have a hotel as well.

Try the Lieselotte trail – it is a perfect family hike back to Holenstein (middle station between Grindelwald and Männlichen). It is a 1h 30 minutes hike with many things to see and try: you will see many wooden cows, and you will even have a possibility to milk a cow. Enjoyable and educational hike.

And the best thing you can do is the panorama hike to Kleine Scheidegg – it is probably one of the best panorama hikes in the whole of Switzerland. Really. It is a 5 kilometers hike (around 1 hour) with fascinating views to a mountain pass which has a train station, and the train can take you back to Grindelwald. This trail is a perfect place to appreciate the beauty of the Swiss Alps.

6) Lower Grindelwald Glacier

As Grindelwald has it all for mountain lovers, it has a glacier as well. It is pretty visible from the village, but you can get closer to it if you wish. Glaciers have this inner power, which attracts people to go and see it or even touch it.

How to get to Grindelwald glacier?

You should go first to the parking of Pfingstegg right here: Rybigässli 25, 3818 Grindelwald. You can leave your car right there and start hiking up to Berghaus Bäregg – it is a mountain hotel with a restaurant.

Grindelwald glacier

The hike up will take you around 2 hours, and you will gain about 800 meters in altitude, so be ready for this. Have enough water, food, and the right hiking clothes.

Once you reach the hotel – you will get the exclusive views to this magnificent glacier.

If you have enough power and will, you can continue your hike even more and go up, but be very careful and do not go on any unknown paths or places where it can be dangerous. Ice is moving all the time, and the water stream can be pretty fast up there. Under any circumstances – do not go onto the glacier.

Be safe, take as many pictures as you can – these glaciers are losing their size every year. It is a pity, but you can still enjoy it.

7) Pfingstegg

First, you would need to get to Pfingstegg (it is another item on the list). You can get up there with a gondola for 28 CHF (both ways). You should go first to the parking of Pfingstegg right here: Rybigässli 25, 3818 Grindelwald.

Or you can hike to Pfingstegg – this would take you 1 hour.

Things to do in Pfingstegg

On Pfingstegg, you will find an excellent Pfingstegg restaurant with a fantastic view of Grindelwald and mountains all around. It is a perfect place to have some Swiss meals like Fondue or Raclette.

If you want more fun, try the famous Toboggan run where you can slide down the mountain. It is an entertaining activity in summertime (as skiing is not possible at that time). It is perfect for families with children, as it is an entirely safe activity—price for adult: 6 CHF, for children from 2 to 4 CHF per ride.

You can try the Fly line. It is a fun 350 meters fly with a speed of 8-12 km/h.

As everywhere in Grindelwald, Pfingstegg has some wonderful hiking paths. The most popular one is to the Berghaus Bäregg, where you will get very close to the local glacier. The hike would take you around 1 hour. Other destinations: Berggasthaus Marmorbruch, Hotel Wetterhorn, or back to Grindelwald.

8) Panoramaweg

This activity I propose to anyone who is visiting Grindelwald just for an hour or so. As well as perfect for evening walks.

Panoramaweg, Grindelwald

Grindelwald has a very fine Panoramaweg, which gives perfect Grindelwald views, and at night, it is very nicely lit, so it’s even more fun in the late evening. It is a short walk which you can start in the town center, head to the First gondola station, and walk up the mountain. There you will find this cozy path that overlooks Grindelwald and gives you perfect Instagram shots.

Easy, fast, comfortable, great for families.

9) Skiing in Grindelwald

Oh yes! I must confess to you, I think, Grindelwald has pretty much the best skiing resort in all Switzerland. I love it. It has wide, smooth skiing slopes, many restaurants and coffee places on the mountains, and much much more.

I have written a whole skiing resort report, you can check it out right here. Here you will find information about prices, the best slopes, and much more.

Jungfrau ski resort

This resort has it all: black slopes, fast tracks, red slopes, places for children to learn, and pretty much everything you wish for in a skiing resort.

It has 206 kilometers of skiing slopes – so perfect for a few day skiing trips. You won’t get bored, trust me.

How to get to the resort? You can start in Grindelwald or Wengen. There are new lifts that will take you up to Männlichen (from Wengen side) or to Kleine Scheidegg (from Grindelwald side) and let the fun begin!

10) Snowshoeing

Fancy a hike on the snow? Well, then you are in a perfect place. Grindelwald is a winter wonderland when the snow sets on the roofs of old houses, and you must do a snowshoe tour in the surroundings.

Where to get snowshoes in Grindelwald?

There are many sporting good shops in Grindelwald which will rent you snowshoes and poles for a very reasonable price. Try Intersport or GrindelwaldSPORTS shop where they have plenty of snowshoes. Prices for a day vary from 20 to 40 CHF.

Where to do the snowshoe tour in Grindelwald?

I think the two best places are Kleine Scheidegg or Grosse Scheideg. They have perfect snowshoe paths prepared for you.

If you go to Kleine Scheidegg – you will actually walk inside the skiing resort, but you shouldn’t worry, your paths do not cross that often, but if you get on the skiing slope, be careful and attentive, because some people go speedy downhill.

Snowshoeing in Grindelwald

If you go to Grosse Scheidegg – it is calmer and with many fewer people.

Other destinations: Bussalp, First, Waldspitz, and many others. Ask for more information in the tourism information center, they will give you maps with all the possibilities.

11) Eiger trail

Eiger trail is named after a very famous Eiger mountain, which is almost 4 kilometers high. You will see Eiger mountain straight away once you come to Grindelwald, it will be in front of you.

I have finished the Eiger trail, and it is one of the most beautiful hikes in the Jungfrau region. You can start the hiking trail right in Grindelwald or Grund.

Eiger trail hike

The hike is around 3 hours long, and you will gain about 1,400 meters in altitude. So it is not an easy hike, rather demanding and physical. In the beginning, you will cross some woods and walk right next to the local houses, but later on, you will get to utterly rocky terrain, and this will last till the end of the trail. As your hike progresses, there sits an Alpiglen restaurant where you can take a break and enjoy delicious Swiss cuisine.

In the end, you will get perfect views of the glacier and the valleys.

Once you are finished, you can hike down to Kleine Scheidegg and take the train back to Grindelwald or walk the whole distance back, but then your hike will be 5-6 hours.

12) Bussalp

Bussalp is a very nice restaurant up in the mountains. And guess what – you can get there by bus. So it is a comfortable peasy experience with no need to sweat for hours.

The bus will get you there in less than 30 minutes, and you will get to a beautiful place with outstanding views—ticket price back and forth: 47.60 CHF and a 50% discount with a Swiss pass.

Things to do on Bussalp

On Bussalp, as mentioned before, you will find a great restaurant with local foods and friendly staff.

Later on, you can head on your hiking adventure. There are many hiking routes around, but if you are feeling powerful, you can hike to Faulhorn – a peak at 2681 meters. The hike up would take you up to 2 hours.

Are you a daredevil? Then you can do some mountain biking over there.

And the last but not least thing is sledding. In wintertime, you can hop on a sled and go down a magnificent and safe slope. It is a winter dream for many kids and, of course, for grown-ups.

13) Hiking Various Trails

Well, I must not mention, but Grindelwald is fantastic for hiking. Dozens of hiking trails, all very well prepared, very well maintained and marked. You can spend a whole week there trying something new each day.

Hiking in Grindelwald, Switzerland

I have prepared the best hikes in Grindelwald where you can find a list of awesome hikes you can do in a region. Grindelwald is my favorite hiking region, as there is a variety of hiking trails, from beginners to expert levels. You can even hike with your kids in some hikes.

Just to mention a few:

Kleine Scheidegg – a beautiful 2 hours hike to a spectacular mountain pass.

First – 2 hours hike to a mountain wonderland with multiple activities on the top.

Grosse Scheidegg – a 2 hours hike right next to enormous mountain walls.

Trust me, if you love hiking – it is a place to visit. You won’t be disappointed and instantly will fall in love with the impressive Swiss Alps.

14) Paragliding

If you come to Grindelwald in the summertime, look up to the sky. Do you see them? Many of them? Yes, these are paragliders.

Paragliding is very, very popular in Switzerland and they are very well prepared to provide you this experience in the mountains.

The views, the thrill you are going to get… It is hard to compare with anything else.

There are many places where you can start your paragliding experience, and professional paragliders will take care that this experience is safe and full of good memories.

15) Shopping in Grindelwald

Shopping in Grindelwald is not for ones who are looking for some Louis Vuitton or Versace stuff, but it is a paradise for active mountain people. You will find so many cool jackets, hiking shoes, caps, souvenirs, hiking trousers, and much more in the local shops.

I always hop into some of them and just check out the latest trends and new stuff. For me – it is a paradise. If some people can spend hours in video games stores or cosmetics shops – I can spend hours in hiking shops.

Shopping in Grindelwald

All the shops start right next to the Coop market, and on the shopping street, you will find Intersport, Mamut (swiss brand), GrindelwaldSPORTS, Bernet Sport, and many more. If you are looking for a way to look cool in the mountains – check it out.

Figuring the Logistics Before Heading to Grindelwald, Switzerland

Grindelwald is, by far, my favorite place in Switzerland.

How to Get to Grindelwald (From Major Cities)

Grindelwald sits in the middle of Switzerland, and it is very well connected with trains and has a perfect road connection all year long.

You can easily reach Grindelwald from the following major Swiss cities:

  • Zurich to Grindelwald: 137 km, 2 hours by car or train.
  • Basel to Grindelwald: 166 km, 2 – 3 hours by car or train.
  • Geneva to Grindelwald: 234 km, 3 – 4 hours by car or train.

There is a well-connected train line from every major city that goes directly to Grindelwald every 20 – 30 minutes. You will probably have to change trains in Interlaken, but trains from Interlaken goes very often.

Now, if you are traveling in Switzerland longer than two days, it is cheaper and convenient to get the Swiss Pass. Three days pass costs 232 CHF, and you will get unlimited trips around Switzerland for three days.

Parking in Grindelwald

If you are visiting Grindelwald by car, you will find quite many parking spaces in the village, but most of them are paid. Prices vary a bit, but the most expensive one is right in the town center next to the Coop shopping center in Dorfstrasse (it is very convenient, you will be straight in the center close to all restaurants and shops); cheaper ones are a bit further away. The biggest one is Grund Grindelwald parking in Grundstrasse, where you can park your car for 5 CHF the whole day. From that parking, you will reach Grindelwald town center in 5-10 minutes.

There are few more public parking spaces, but they are in further points of Grindelwald:

  • next to hotel Wetterhorn – the perfect starting point for hiking to Grosse Scheideg;
  • next to Gasthaus Gletscherschlucht – there is a lovely hotel/restaurant, and you will find the entry point to the Glacier canyon;
  • Pfingstegg parking where you can get tickets for a gondola ride up to Pfingstegg and glaciers.

Public Transport in Grindelwald

Once you are in Grindelwald, the most convenient way to travel around are public buses.

Quite a few hotels will give you a free bus ticket to get around in the village, but if you wish to go higher in the mountains with a bus, you should get a specific ticket.

Grosse Scheidegg bus drive
The bus ride from Grindelwald to Grosse Scheidegg is full of scenic views like the one above.

In the picture above, you see a road that the local buses use to get to Grosse Scheidegg – a fun bus ride.

Buses in Grindelwald can take you to pretty fascinating places in altitudes close to 2,000m, the most amazing ones are Grosse Scheidegg, Bussalp, and Waldspitz. There you will find captivating views of the mountains and great local restaurants with delicious Swiss food. The perfect combination – get up there with a bus and hike down to Grindelwald – this way, you will get the full mountain experience.

Check out the prices of bus connections on Grindelwald buses.

FAQ about Grindelwald

What is the altitude of Grindelwald?

Grindelwald is at 1034 meters altitude and surrounded by beautiful mountains up to 4000 meters.

When does it snow in Grindelwald?

Winter begins quite early in Grindelwald and you can already experience some snow in early October. In the winter Grindelwald is full of snow and the skiing season is open in mid-December and lasts till April. You can check my Jungfraujoch ski resort review.

Where to stay in Grindelwald?

Grindelwald has dozens of hotels for everyone. From simple ones to 5-star hotels. You can check all the options right here: Grindelwald hotels.

How far is Grindelwald from Zürich?

Grindelwald is only 139 kilometers away from Zürich and you can reach it in 2 hours by car or by train.

How to get to Grindelwald from Interlaken?

The easiest option is by train, and the trip will take you only 29 minutes.

Is Grindelwald car-free?

No, you can go there in your own car and park it in many parking lots. It is not like Zermatt or Wengen, where you can get only by train or on foot.

What language is spoken in Grindelwald?

Grindelwald is in the german speaking part of Grindelwald, but many locals speak a quite distinct Swiss German dialect. But do not be afraid if you do not understand it at first, the locals will switch to High German once they hear that you are not local. English is as well very widely spoken in Grindelwald.

When is the best time to go to Grindelwald?

All of the things I mentioned you can do in Grindelwald, you can pretty much do all year long (of course skiing is only possible in winter and early spring).

In the summertime, it can get pretty hot in Grindelwald and it is perfect for long hikes in the mountains.

In winter – skiing and snowshoeing are perfect activities.

In autumn and spring – you can still hike, but some of the trails can be closed. But you can still use all the gondolas and visit First, Pfingstegg or Kleine Scheidegg. It is immensely beautiful up there in spring or early autumn.


If you want a full Swiss experience: mountains, cheese, chocolate, old swiss architecture, cows, mountain trains, snow (all year round) and many more things – go straight to Grindelwald. You will not be disappointed – so much to see and do.

My tip: spend at least 2-3 days up there. Wake up in the morning, look at the mountains (most hotels have a perfect view to the peaks), have a coffee with gipfeli (a swiss croissant), head to the mountains, read a book, have some fondue, come back down – a perfect Swiss mountain day. So much to do, so much to see, you will always find something new around the corner.

If you have any questions about Grindelwald, please let me know. I will do my best to help you.