Vienna is a colorful and diverse location in Europe in that there are different things and places that you can see. No matter the time of the year that you will visit the city, you are sure that you will enjoy visiting the city. If you are considering visiting the city in winter, then January is the right period to visit. We are going to delve into different activities that you can do in Vienna in January. 

What is the weather like in January?

January is often the coldest month of the year in the country. In Vienna, the winter weather is milder than in the eastern part of the country. However, you are bound to encounter frost and snow, especially in the hills around the city. The average temperature of the city in January is 2 degrees Celsius. On average, there are two hours of sunlight in January and some rainfall for a week or so this month. However, you are not limited even with the weather conditions at this level, and you can enjoy various fun activities.

Here is a detailed overview of the weather in Vienna in January, so take a look to know what are you “dealing” with.

Things to do and see in Vienna during January

The Austrians begin the new year with the famous Neujahrskonzert done by the philharmonic orchestra, performed at the grand hall. This event attracts thousands of people, and you can mingle with the locals as they enjoy what the country has to offer during this period. This concert s highly popular, and it’s even broadcasted in Asia. In the January period, balls are also a popular thing. The Ball der Philharmoniker is organized in Vienna, and you can have fun at the local station.

Visit the iconic St. Stephen cathedral

If you have ever thought of visiting Vienna, you will know that the famous picture of the silhouette of the St. Cathedral against the black winter sky. When looking up the majestic cathedral in the cold, moist Viennese wind penetrates every fiber of your being. During December, the St. Stephen square is converted into a Christmas market. You might notice only the sky against the city’s buildings but the light and snow in the crisp air in the spring breeze, depending on the day. 

st. stephens cathedral

Explore the best Vienna coffee houses

In January, the weather may be unforgiving, and this is the best time to visit the Vienna coffee house. You can spend your afternoon or evening in one of these houses and enjoy some music around the city. Vienna’s coffee culture is quite enhanced, and Austrians have always boosted the coffee drinking culture around Austria.

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Explore the Therme Wien

The thermal spa complex has both outdoor and indoor swimming pools, and it is made of steam and Finnish saunas. You have the opportunity to enjoy swimming in one of the best areas. A theme is a perfect place to read your book, unwind or get a massage after a long day of touring the city.

When visiting this destination, you will be required to pay entrance fees, and after that, you can access the facilities. A sauna is a perfect place that you should visit, especially during the cold days of January. There is a particular area for women, and therefore you will have an opportunity to enjoy the service in your own privacy.

Thermal spa

Visit the Augustinian church

The Augustinian church is a parish that is situated at Josef Platz and close to Hofburg. On Sundays, you will be able to experience the catholic mass, and if you are not into the groups, you can just explore the church on any other day.

Explore museums and palaces

Vienna is a popular location that has some of the most exceptional cultural centers in Europe. For over 700 years, it was a place for the Hapsburg family, and currently, some numerous fascinating museums and palaces remain, and you can take time to check the artifacts and the fine collections in the museums. The museum of fine arts is a place that you should visit. The museum is critical in offering the best education and fine art to see the best arts and collections around Europe.

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Go ice skating

Ice skating is one of the most fun activities that you can do in Vienna during the winter period. Both the visitors and the locals enjoy the best ice-skating activities. Therefore, you can blend in and enjoy yourself with other people. Besides, you have the option to choose indoor or ice-skating rinks in the backdrops on the slopes of Austria.

There is another perfect place for ice skating called the Vienna Association of ice skaters, around 6000 square meters. You can rent ice skates on site for a few euros and enjoy the experience that you need.

Join a walking tour

Vienna is one of those cities that you can easily explore on foot. The inner city is compact, and there are a lot of cobblestone lanes that you can explore. All you need to have is proper walking boots and warm clothes, and you are good to go. Despite the cold winter temperatures, the area has some of the city’s best views, and you are sure you will have fun in the city.

Vienna walking tour

Visit the Spanish riding school

If you want to enjoy some of the best places you should visit, this is the right location. The Lipizzaner horses are in action in this location, and it was started in the 18th century. You can see the winter riding sports and how the stallions highlight their exceptional skills.

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Tickets are usually in high demand, and if you want a perfect view of the gala, you must purchase your tickets early. You can choose between performance and training. You can get up close during training and see the horses at work.

Visit Burgtheater in Vienna 

If you want to see some of the best concerts in Europe, then you should visit the most prominent theater. Here you are not left out because you will see plays with English subtitles. There is always something of your taste. There are different plays that will suit your taste and preference.

Theater in Vienna

As you can see, Vienna is a pretty magical place during January. Christmas, New Year, and snow give Vienna such a unique vibe. It is definitely a worth-visit place during January.

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