Louisiana is a state in the southern united states of America and it is a perfect tourist destination as many people want to experience the cultural diversity and the amazing things to do that you can enjoy in the region, so what to do in Louisian?

 The state was first a French colony and over time there have been different people from all parts of the world visiting the area.  Creole culture is more popular in New Orleans and during your trip to the region, you can soak up the amazing culture and diversity as you get to know the different places in the state.  You can check out the French Quarter which celebrates the history of the French and the local people. 

No matter whether you are exploring New Orleans there is always something fun for you to do and see in the area. Perhaps one of the most popular events in New Orleans is Mardi gras and this brings out people from different cultural backgrounds to dress up and join parades on the streets moving around the city as they celebrate the different cultures.

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Baton rouge is the capital of New Orleans and it is a tranquil environment that you can enjoy exploring during your visit to the area. The diversity of the people in the region means that you are going to have a time of your life as you check out different cultures as well as cuisines in the area.

If you are an outdoor traveler, you are not left behind either because lake Charles is one of the most amazing lakes in the state, and with its natural beauty, you can explore some of the pristine beaches in the area. New Orleans is rich in history, cuisine, and culture, and it is a top travel destination in the southeastern united states.  There is always something for every traveler when you visit Louisiana.

What does Louisiana have to offer?



Louisiana is a rich state when it comes to things that you can do and see in the region during your vacation. It is essential to understand that the state of Louisiana is one of the most visited states and it is a unique destination because it combines French colonial structures with world-class museums, art galleries, jazz clubs, and amazing outdoor activities to do in the region.

You can wander around the capital as you admire the architecture in the region making it a perfect experience for you while in the region.  There is more to Louisiana than just the southern vibe that many people tend to associate it with.

The capital is a lively art scene and you can check out the Cajun culture as well as sample some of the most amazing foods in the region.

If you are looking for more than just the urban adventure then the state has everything for you to try out because it has amazing outdoor activities that you can try at any moment.

French Louisiana is filled with tiny towns that have pristine beauty and unspoiled history that you can learn more about the region during your visit to the area.  Some of the fun outdoor activities that you can participate in during your visit to the region include fishing, hiking, kayaking as well as swimming.

How to get to Louisiana

Louisiana is linked by the most amazing road networks as well as other modes of transportation making it a perfect destination for you to visit. If you are coming from continental Europe or a far region in the united states you can fly in and get to Louis Armstrong New Orleans international airport. There are numerous airlines that usually fly this route and you have a perfect opportunity to reach your destination easily. If you choose to travel by road then it is easier for you to drive via the different states to New Orleans.

How to get around in Louisiana

While in you are in Louisiana you must be always familiar with the transport options that you have because they will guarantee you the best experience when you visit the region. You can travel by bus as it has some of the most advanced road networks in the region. In addition, you can use ride share if you want a more personal feeling. There are taxis uber and Lyft operating in the region.

You can as well hire a car and drive yourself around the state. It is important to note that you should explore all the options that you have to ensure you get the best experience possible.

What to do in Louisiana

Once you are in Louisiana you must take your time to explore some of the amazing features of the state as it gives you the best experience. Here are some of the things to do while in Louisiana.

Explore bourbon street at night

This is one of the most fun activities that you can do during your trip to New Orleans. Bourbon street as the name indicates is one of the most charming locations in Louisiana as you have the chance to get the best nightlife experience and explore the oldest buildings dating back to the 18th century. 

The nightlife in this region is legendary and if you are visiting during one of the festivals then you will have a time of your life because the festivals are lit and you will have a memorable experience. You will also find different venues playing live jazz music in the area.

Jazz it up in New Orleans

New Orleans is the most popular city in Louisiana and it is associated with jazz music and other genres. You will find different clubs playing jazz music and you can have a time of your life while in the region by visiting the city that has French roots and creole traditions.

You will not only enjoy the culture and diversity that you will find but also the music played here. New Orleans is rich in culture and diversity and at every turn, you will find something amazing to do or see from the garden district to the French Quarter you will find what really defines the city.

Explore Baton Rouge

Baton rouge is the second largest city in New Orleans and it is going to give you the best experience during your visit because of its history. The charming town has been converted into one of the most charming metropolises and you can find all kinds of fun activities in the area. 

There are numerous attractions in the area ranging from native American artifacts to the Louisiana state museum, and other amazing features. There are numerous restaurants in the area serving some of the most amazing dishes that you will find on the planet. It is therefore important that if you are going to explore this state then you must visit baton rouge.

Get to know Lafayette

Lafayette is a city that is located in the center of the Cajun country and it is one of the most exquisite cities in the Louisiana region. The French roots are easily seen in the area and you will find the charm of the ancient buildings coupled with modern amenities.

You can try the live music and the authentic Cajun cuisine as it is a lively atmosphere to enjoy your time during your travel to the region.

 Visit the Jean Lafitte National Historical Park and Preserve

This is one of the natural beauties that Louisiana has to offer during your visit to the region. You are going to have a time of your life when you visit the park because you can learn more about the history of the region as you enjoy some of the most amazing experiences in the area.

The park features untamed wilderness and it is the heart of Cajun culture.

When to visit Louisiana

If you are planning to explore the different places of the state of Louisiana then you should ensure that you go during the spring period because this is the best time as the temperatures are comfortable. 

You should avoid the summer period because many people flock to the area as well as the winter period. After all, the temperatures can be challenging.


Your experience in Louisiana will not be complete if you do not explore some of the most exquisite amenities that you are going to find in this region.  There are numerous boutique hotels and resort in the cities for you to enjoy.

Watermark Baton Rouge, Autograph Collection

This is one of the most iconic skyscrapers in the region and it is themed with this 4-star hotel with stunning amenities which guarantees you the best experience when you visit the region. This was a former bank, however, the transformation that the hotel has undergone has made it one of the top locations to stay in during your visit to the area. The chic-looking hotel has an onsite restaurant and it is in the historic downtown of the capital.

If you want the king room or double queen room the watermark baton rouge offers top-notch services and ample space for you.

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Drury Inn and Suites Lafayette

This is a popular hotel that is found in Lafayette and it is an iconic location because it comes with true southern hospitality. It features a swimming pool, hot tub, fitness center, and cocktail bar. It is important to note that you can choose any type of room here because all the d├ęcor and linen are top-notch. 

The rooms are comfy and clean and you will have an awesome experience in the area.

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Margaritaville Resort Casino

This is a chilled-out hotel that is found on the Louisiana boardwalk and it is a riverfront hotel with numerous comfy accommodations. You will find a wide array of upscale facilities such as live entertainment, dining options, and bars among other amazing features.

The hotel is located closer to iconic buildings in the area as well as historical museums. You can get a deluxe day spa, hot tub, outdoor swimming pool, and a poolside bar.

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Omni Royal Orleans Hotel

This is an iconic hotel that is situated in the French quarter. It is popularly known because it has been a winner of several hospitality awards. This exceptional premise is located within a walking distance from New Orleans downtown.

There is a rooftop terrace and outdoor pool where you can enjoy the best experience in the region. Here you will find a bar and restaurant and bar on-site, therefore, you can have the most amazing time in the region. You can choose the rooms from a wide array that you will get ranging from the deluxe queen, king, and courtyard view among others.

These rooms usually come with a jacuzzi therefore you will have an amazing time in the region.

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Hotel Le Marais

The hotel le Marais is an exceptional hotel that you are going to find in the French Quarter in New Orleans. It is an award-winning destination therefore you understand that you will get only top-notch services in the area.

The services are impeccable and it is an upscale boutique hotel with stylish French-style accommodations. Some of the amenities include a complimentary continental breakfast, an outdoor pool, and a deck with furniture. You will get state-of-the-art gym facilities in the area as well as a spa and bars.

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