Switzerland is a popular destination in Europe because of its unique tourist spots and amazing natural picturesque. One of the places that stand out is Scuol. It is an amazing place that has gained fame because of its amazing skiing opportunities and the incredible outdoor fun that is available throughout the year. Scuol rounds out as a perfect location that you can go enjoy exciting festivals, fun tours, relaxing thermal baths, architectural structures, and historical features.  

Scuol nature

The town was not established until the year 1095 when the locals came to this location and established a town. This location was called scull at the time and there was nothing about it until the renaissance style made history in the year 1897 and it was addressed as one of the Swiss Alps properties.  Although there is not much that has been recorded in the books about the history of this town, the features and that it has to offer are some of the historic characters of the town.  If you are visiting the town for the first time be rest assured that you will enjoy your visit because there are numerous locations that you can visit in the area.

Scuol is located in the biggest and very mountainous canton of Graubünden and can offer a lot of activities for adventure seeker.

How to get to Scuol

Getting to Scuol is not a complicated process, you can easily reach it by train. 

The trip from Zürich will take you up to 3 hours.

You can get the ticket from the train system website: Swiss trains. In most cases, the train ticket will contain comprehensive information about the travel instructions that will help you to reach your destination without any difficulty. There are platform numbers, recommended rail connection times, and the route as well.

If you are flying in from foreign cities and the nearest airport to this location is Zurich international airport.  Once you have landed at Zürich you can catch a train to this location.

I as well really recommend getting to Scoul  by car as you will have an amazing alpine drive. It takes you through beautiful valleys and mountain passes: you will cross a very beautiful Flüelapass which is at 2383 meters altitude. On your way to Scuol do not forget to visit a very beautiful, old and cozy village called Guarda (just a minute from the main road, 16 kilometres to Scoul). It is a very interesting small village with rich history. The trip by car from Zürich would take you around 3 hours as well.

What to do in Scuol

Scuol village has caught the attention of many people across the world because of the exquisite skiing location and the thermal baths available in this location. Besides, you have the chance to go and enjoy some natural environment at the Swiss national park in the surrounding. Here are some of the top things that you can do while in Scuol.


1. Visit the Swiss national park

The Swiss national park is situated fifteen minutes from Scuol and the park was founded by pioneers and visionaries who wanted to ensure that there is the protection of the natural environment and the animals that existed in this surrounding.  It is among the first European national parks and it is a perfect place that you can go to unwind and explore nature while in Switzerland. Every plant and animal in this park are strictly protected therefore you should follow guidelines when you are in this location.  Since it falls under the UNESCO biosphere the park is highly protected.

The park has unlimited amount of hiking trails, peaks, valleys, rivers and all the beauty of Swiss nature.

You can find more information about the Swiss national park right here: Swiss national park.

2. Explore hiking trails

The Scuol region is popular because of its unique hiking trails. You will get over fifty miles of trails with 21 possible routes and it offers an excellent hiking experience for any visitor. For people traveling with your kids, you can choose easy to navigate trails. However, if you are experienced and want to get a thrill in this region then you should explore the strenuous trails with real climbing. The park is in the mountains and you will find hiking trails that will take you to various altitudes. Regardless of the trail that you choose to take you will be treated with exquisite natural beauty and plenty of animal and plant life. Some of the animals that you can see in the area include hare, marmot, chamois, fox, red deer, ibex among others.

You can find nice hiking trails with full information right here: Hiking trails around Scuol.

3. Visit the National Park Center

Before you begin your hike, it is recommended that you explore the visitors center. This is a four-room location that is filled with a permanent exhibition of all things that you can imagine from interactive exhibits to all park animals. There is a unique discovery trail for the kids and they will be given an explorer’s handbook that will allow them to find all the wonders and natural history of the area leaving them equipped of the natural environment they are yet to explore.

Full information is right here: Swiss national park center.

4. Explore the Schmelzra Museum

Road to S-charl
Road to S-charl

The museum is another exciting part of the park and it is critical because it houses a comprehensive history of the location and other mining exhibitions. It is dedicated to the mining community who spent over three hundred years mining ore by hand in the mountains. You will learn about the unique geology and the dinosaur tracks as well as the effects of nature on the environment.  The museum also boasts of a popular bear that is the last indigenous bear to live in the country. You will get to know how bears live and the type of habitat that they require to thrive optimally.

The museum is located in a fascinating location, a small village not far from Scuol called S-charl. The village is located at 1810 meters altitude and the trip to it is very exciting: you will pass huge valleys surrounded by magnificent peaks, the road from Scuol in some places is not even paved, only gravel, which makes the trip at such altitude even more exciting. In the picture above you see the road to S-charl and the museum, which makes the trip even more adventurous.

More information about museum you will find here: Schmelzra museum.

5. Ski on the snow

There are numerous areas that you can have fun skiing in the region. The Motta Naluns ski area is situated high in the mountains and when there is a good snowfall you will get to explore the natural setting as well as the unique features when skiing in this environment.  Snow lances are used in all areas as well as individual slopes and low-pressure snow cannons.  There is a section that is dedicated to freestyle and snowboarding enthusiasts and this gives a chance to everyone who wants to ski. there are different levels of skiing areas and depending on your level you are sure that you can get one area to try your style.

The skiing resort of Motta Naluns has 70 kilometres of slopes which makes it a perfect weekend skiing destination.

6. Enjoy a meal in the region

Swiss fondue
Swiss fondue

Once you are in the village there are places that you can grab a meal be it lunch or dinner. There are onsite restaurants that serve some of the local cuisine as well as international cuisines. La Motta is a location that you can enjoy your lunch as well as enjoy the breeze in the air. You will be treated to popular mountain breakfast, homemade pizza, and family plates. You are sure that you will have the time of your life in the area. 

The restaurant is located in a perfect mountain location with gorgeous views to the peaks and valleys.

You can find it here:

Bergrestaurant La Motta

Bergstation Motta Naluns

7550 Scuol

7. Explore the Biosfera Engiadina Val Müstair

Situated in the southern part of Ofen pass this is a pristine mountain valley that is at 3000 meters above sea level and it presents the right environment for sightseeing and excursion. It has been officially designated as a regional nature reserved and it is now connected to the Swiss national park. There is so much to see and enjoy in the region and you should not limit yourself.

It is a perfect location for families and lonely hikers: there is a big chance you will meet some swiss cows, goats, sheep or even wild life.

You can find more information about this amazing place right here: Val Müstair.

8. Explore the Benedictine monastery of St. John

This is the greatest highlight in the entire region because it is a UNESCO world cultural heritage and it was built in the 8th century. It is one of the Carolingian period architectures and you are sure that you will learn a few concepts about ancient architecture. The monastery is home to exhibits of medieval periods and it is considered as one of the best-preserved collection centers in the world. The series of paintings that cover this church has been there for over 1200 years and you will learn various aspects of this location.  One of the outstanding paintings is one that depicts the beheading of John the Baptist. Visitors have a chance to explore all areas of the oldest tower and depending on the time you arrive you can catch a theatrical or musical performance.

9. Explore the Inn River

When in the Scuol area you should take time to enjoy the lovely Inn River which flows through the valley.  You will get to hike and enjoy the natural environment and there are meadows covered with beautiful flowers during the summer period. 

Inn river is very close to the main church of Scuol, you will just have to pass a wooden bridge and walk down.

There is a possibility to fish there are have a nice hike next to the river.

10. Visit S-charl


I have already mentioned this exceptional Swiss village resting at 1810 meters altitude as I recommended the museum in this village.

Village is very isolated and the last one on the road – afterwards you can just hike to the mountains or to some mountain passes which are reachable just by foot. If you would walk long enough, you can reach Italy through the mountains.

You are going to love the road to S-charl – it is 13 kilometres of fascination. I am sure that you will stop multiple times to take more and more pictures of crazy big mountains and deep valleys. You can as well reach S-charl by bus, the trip will take you 41 minutes. I really highly recommend it, because you will get to one of those really isolated places in Switzerland.

The village itself is pretty small, but still, has a restaurant, hotel, main square, church and some more beautiful buildings. Right next to it flows a fast Clemgia river and there’s a big chance to meet horses in the fields around the village.

S-charl is a perfect location for families and hikers. You can even get there in winter and have a good time in a warm tub outside.


Scuol is a great Swiss mountain destination with lots to offer for a fellow adventure seeker.

The city itself is gently packed in the valley among huge peaks where you can see an adventure waiting to each direction.

If you even just cross Scuol, take time to have a coffee there and just enjoy the views to surrounding mountains. You are going to love this place.

If you need any more information about Scuol, please let me know, I will do my best to help you.

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