Camino de Santiago

Here’s everything you need to know before, during and after Camino de Santiago. 

Actually, there are quite many tips before doing Camino de Santiago and if I try to put them all in one article, it would be preeeeety long one and you would give up very fast.

So I decided to group these tips into a few categories. 

As I mentioned before, I did Camino de Santiago (Camino Francais) two times, I did Camino Portugues from Porto two times and I walked a little bit of Camino North. I learned all these things the hard way, especially from the first Camino I did in 2009. I really hope they will help you and you avoid much pain (especially in your foot) and many uncomfortable situations.

Camino de Santiago Resources

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Camino de Santiago

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Camino de Santiago

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