Dangerous animals in Egypt
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What Are Dangerous Animals in Egypt ?

Egypt has been on the map now for thousands of years and over the years many exceptional things have happened making it one of the top tourist destinations. Since Egypt borders, the Mediterranean Sea, and the Suez Canal which connects to the Indian Ocean via the red sea makes it […]

Dangerous animals in South Africa
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What Are Dangerous Animals In South Africa ?

South Africa is among the most visited countries in Africa because of its unique nature, cultural diversity, a wide array of climatic zones, and huge ecosystem. There is a wide variety of fauna and flora that you are going to see when you visit South Africa because the continent promises […]


What Are Dangerous Animals In Africa?

Africa is a continent that is rich in biodiversity, wildlife, and things to do. With over fifty countries there are so many places that you can visit in Africa on your next trip. When planning to go on a safari then Africa is the best place that you can visit […]