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10 Best Chocolate Factories In Belgium

Belgium beckons as a top European destination, offering not only unique fauna, flora, and cultural diversity but also standing as a haven for chocolate enthusiasts. Among its highlights are the thriving chocolate factories in Belgium, where high-quality chocolates are crafted with precision. This country has become a global leader in […]

Christmas in Belgium is unique and tremendously fun!

Christmas in Belgium – Customs and Traditions

Belgium is one of the top European vacation destinations. The country is famous for its unique architecture, culture, diversity, and history. If you are looking for a vacation destination during the winter period then you should consider visiting Belgium in the Christmas period.  A bit of the background on Christmas […]

Weed in Lithuania

Weed in Belgium

Cannabis is among the most controlled substances for consumption and cultivation in the country, so what are the laws of weed in Belgium? It is essential to note that there have been numerous changes that the country has undergone especially when it comes to the rules and regulations of cannabis. […]

A Brown Bear in Italy

What are dangerous Animals In Belgium?

Belgium or what is officially called the kingdom of Belgium is a country that is located in northwestern Europe the country borders Germany to the east, the Netherlands to the north, France to the southwest, Luxembourg to the southeast, and the North Sea to the west, it has very interesting […]