Cannabis is among the most controlled substances for consumption and cultivation in the country, so what are the laws of weed in Belgium?

It is essential to note that there have been numerous changes that the country has undergone especially when it comes to the rules and regulations of cannabis.

The trend in the European continent as well as the entire world is the movement toward the legalization of marijuana. 

The legal framework in Belgium is very unique because despite cannabis being illegal personal possession has been decriminalized since 2003. 

The maximum amount that you can possess is 3 grams. 

The laws in the country continue to undergo tremendous changes which are critical in creating a better environment for everyone with the need of consuming cannabis for recreational use to be allowed. 

In 2015 a royal decree was signed which allowed for the legalization of cannabis for medical purposes.

These are some of the fundamental changes that the country experienced in the recent past and the laws continue to grow.  Some of the products include oral sprays and other cannabidiol products.

Marijuana consumption in Belgium

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The consumption rates of marijuana in Belgium have increased over the years ever since 2000.

During this period the percentage of Belgians who consumed marijuana at least once a month has increased from 3% to 6% as of 2020.  The number of people who consume the product continues to increase especially in the cities around Brussels among others.

The rise in the number of people consuming marijuana can be linked to an increase in the number of shops selling cannabis and the decriminalization of the product in the early 2000s.

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CBD products are easily accessible in Belgium and it is critical to understand that there are numerous social clubs based on marijuana. These social clubs are gaining traction in Belgium and it is important to note that some of the places where you will find marijuana social clubs include Brussels and Antwerp. 

European include especially Spain has resulted in the creation of these social clubs in Belgium and the number keeps increasing. 

The laws regarding marijuana have loopholes and this is where these clubs thrive.

Is weed legal in Belgium?

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Perhaps this is the most common question that many people ask when they are traveling to Belgium.  Under Belgian law, the possession of cannabis for the first time will attract a fine of up to 200 euros. 

However, there have been changes in the law that prohibits or possession of controlled substances with the intention to sell. 

Any amount that exceeds 3 grams is considered blatant possession in public where children are or in public places and will result in hefty fines as well as jail time. 

t is important that in most cases the fine and the jail time will vary depending on the region that you are visiting. Therefore, you must read and understand the local laws about marijuana to avoid any altercation with the law. 

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Since Belgium is part of the European Union and the European council then the country is bound by international treaties which prohibit the large distribution, production, and selling of cannabis. However, the laws continue to change and, in the future, this might change to include the legalization of marijuana in the country.

Any amount that is above 3 grams is punishable therefore you should know the prevailing regulations during your trip to the region. Use of any cannabis in public areas or near schools is a punishable offense with a year in prison or a fine of anything from 8000 to 800000 euros.  These fines usually increase especially for repeat offenders.

 Can you sell marijuana in Belgium?

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Perhaps one of the most fundamental things that you should understand is that it is illegal to sell marijuana in Belgium and any individual that is found selling the product is usually punished by hefty fines and jail terms.

Belgian laws about this area are quite complex therefore you should not underestimate the or assume that it is okay to sell.  Importation, selling, and distribution of marijuana in the country is illegal and you should avoid it.

Growing cannabis in Belgium

Under the current laws in the country, individuals can grow only one plant at home. However, in some regions, this can be a punishable offense. Largescale production of medical marijuana is decriminalized.

There is an endemic in Belgium where many people are growing marijuana for personal use. However, there is a grey area when it comes to the laws governing this hence you should be very careful, especially when visiting the country. 

The production of products with a THC level of about 0.2% is considered illegal and it is important to avoid the use of such products.  In addition to this, you are not permitted to use marijuana seeds as food.

Medicinal marijuana

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In 2015 the health minister in Belgium signed a decree which allowed the sale of medical marijuana in the country. Many people in the country praised the move as being progressive and it is essential to note that the current laws allow for medical marijuana in certified clinics and with a prescription from a certified medical practitioner. 

There are different bodies in the country calling for wide access to medical cannabis-based products. The laws in Belgium are not inclusive, especially to conditions such as severe cases of arthritis.

Industrial hemp

Belgium just like other European countries follows the modern principles of drugs and controlled substances. It is important to understand that the law allows for the growth of hemp, especially for industrial purposes.

This is made possible by the regulation of different bodies. industrial hemp is used in the creation of biodegradable plastic, construction materials, textiles, and paper among others.

Industrial hemp in Belgium

In accordance with EU Regulation 1307 / 2013, Belgian law allows the growth of hemp for industrial purposes. This can be used to create a variety of things, from paper and textiles to construction materials and biodegradable plastic.

The hemp industry in Belgium is undergoing a revival at present and many businesses are thriving as a result.

Perhaps one of the most common features that you should understand is that cannabis is one of the top most seized drugs in Belgium therefore the law agencies in the region might not take it lightly when you show up with the product.

How do Belgians view marijuana?

About 65% of the Belgian population wants marijuana to be legalized.

A majority of the youth and people below 35 years want it legalized and used for medicinal purposes as well. The number of people using cannabis has increased over the years hence the need to change the laws to accommodate the changing times.