Situated in the countryside from the towering snowcapped mountains, alpine gorges, and exquisite bottom valley location, Arosa valley presents us with numerous activities that you can enjoy during winter or summer. Arosa has recently become one of Switzerland’s most visited tourist destinations because of its alluring values and the stunning Swiss Alps. The exceptional Schanfigg valley is a famous winter location that has attracted thousands of people in the past decade.

The impressive mountain peaks around and Lenzerheide is an extensive tourist location where you can enjoy hiking and biking during the winter or summer. There are several snow sports activities that you can enjoy during your visit. Arosa is a sunny location, and it is sheltered from strong winds because it is in a valley. You can access this beautiful destination by boarding the Rhaetian railways from Chur. When visiting, you should choose an Arosa all-inclusive card that will give you a chance to enjoy your stay in a camp, hotel, or apartment and free use of the tramways and railway networks connecting this location. Here are some of the fantastic things to do in Arosa.

Explore the Plessur Alps

The scintillating ski resorts in the Plessur alps are the best destination you should visit while on your vacation to Switzerland. This region is situated at 2,865 meters above sea level, and they are some of the most sought-after skiing locations. You can access them via the cable car from Arosa.

Visit Lake Obersee

Obersee Lake

For any zealous traveler, Switzerland’s glistening lakes are a perfect attraction, and you cannot miss an opportunity to visit lake Obersee. The lake is pristine, and with turquoise water, you will have a chance to do water sports such as kayaking and fishing. You can also board a boat that will take you to Saletalm, where you can enjoy the most amazing views of the lush green valleys around. The air is cool, heavenly, and crisp, and you can enjoy your morning sunshine from the all-new world of nature bounties.

There is a hiking trail where you can see the sunrise and sunset along the lake’s shore. The memories of this destination will forever remain in your mind because of the stunning views and ultimate relaxation.

Visit the Weisshorn Summit

Standing at 4,506 meters above sea level, the Weisshorn summit is one of the highest swiss alps locations. It is critical to note that the ascend to the top of this mountain can be quite challenging, and you should be well prepared. However, two trails will guide you to the summit of the Camena and Sattelhutte pass. You can take a cable car from the top of the station to the lower region if you are feeling tired.

The breathtaking views from the mountain allow you to see over 400 mountain peaks. The feeling of being on top of the world is an understatement and it will take a visit to the alpine region for you to soak in the beauty. There are accommodation places around the area, and check into a hotel before your visit to make the process easy.

Relax and unwind at Bergoase Spa

Schengen is a famous destination for its picturesque alpine mountain views and the grand spa. The health & wellness spa is situated beside Schuggen Grand hotel. The spa is an architectural gem, and you will enjoy the views as you relax and unwind. The feeling of having a relaxed and chilled out environment is the best that you can unwind and you can feel that holiday feel.

The spa features four levels the outdoor pool, internal swimming pool, solarium, and external sauna. The terracing of the spa is an exceptional gem in itself. It is a perfect location that you can visit and unwind where it is a complete gym, spa, and use the latest rejuvenating kinesis equipment to help you attain your top-notch flexibility and relaxation. If you’re a spa lover and looking for more spa locations around the country, here’s the ultimate guide to thermal baths in Switzerland which may help you with planning. 

Enjoy Ice skating in Arosa

Arosa Iceskating

Arosa is a perfect tourist destination because of its numerous hiking and skiing trails. This location houses some of the country’s best sports resorts, and you are sure that you will enjoy something fun while in the region.

The open-air indoor skating rink is where you should have fun from November to mid-April when the ice is at its top level. Besides, you can have a trainer guide you throughout the process if you are new. Ice skating is a perfect spot that will help you relax and unwind.

Grab a meal at Weisshorngipfel Restaurant

The Weisshorn summit restaurant is one of the highest mountain restaurants in the region. After hiking and biking around the area you can grab a meal as you treat yourself to the magnificent mountain views.

The setting is a dream locale, and you should not miss an opportunity to visit the best location in Switzerland. Enjoy a meal with a loved one and have your swiss memories from the best places in the country.

Have a fun time at Arosa Humor Festival

The Arosa humor festival is an event that is held annually, and you can grab an opportunity to see Europe’s finest at this location. There is always something to laugh about in this destination, and on top of it, there is a circus at the location as well.

Since the area is located on the mountain top and you can enjoy the fantastic sunset and sunrise views throughout your stay in Arosa. The fun activities will give you the best that you have ever had.

Pump your adrenaline higher with a classic car race experience

Arosa classic car race

The vintage, classic car race experience presents you with a lifetime in the town of Arosa. The event is usually held from August to September, and the classic hill climb is popularly known as the Monaco of the racing world, will push you to the limit. 

The trail is set in an alpine characteristic, and you will enjoy the experience of driving classic racing car rallies and look at the stunning views of the environment near you.

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