The state of Arkansas is home to many caverns, caves, and unique gorges all of which make a great home to some of the species that you will find in the region. there is a wilderness covering about 641 square miles hence you will find different snakes, reptiles, amphibians, and mammals thriving. The alluvial soils in the delta have promoted the growth and expansion of the forests around the state. During your visit to Arkansas, you are going to see a lot of black snakes that you can find thriving in the forests around the state.

More About Arkansas

Arkansas is a landlocked state in the southern central United States. It is bordered by Louisiana to the south, Mississippi to the east, Oklahoma and Texas to the west, and Tennessee to the east. 

The state is rich in culture and diversity. Arkansas was inhabited by Native Americans in the past. It is important to note that this is where you can learn more about the history of the country as well the diversity in the region. 

The geography of Arkansas is unique. It is a place where different flora and fauna thrive. The state is divided into two halves: the highlands in the southeast and the lowlands in the northwestern region.

In the highlands, you have the perfect opportunity to interact with nature and understand some of the features that make Arkansas an incredible outdoor environment for exploration.

The state of Arkansas has a very unique topography. The highlands are part of the southern interior highlands made up of Ouachita mountains and Ozark. 

On the other hand, the southern lowlands include the Arkansas Delta and the Gulf coastal plains. These are some of the regions around the state which have created unique features and diversity of different species. 

The flat terrain coupled with the rich soils in the Arkansas Delta is very unique. It is very different from the northwestern part of the state, which has plateaus and mountain ranges. 

Types of black snakes in Arkansas

The state of Arkansas is the 29th largest. The diverse geography in the region means that you get to interact with some of the unique creatures, such as the black snakes around the state. 

There are different snake species that you will find in the state of Arkansas. During your travel to the region, you should ensure to watch out for them because some are venomous. 

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While some of the snakes that you will find in the region might be nonvenomous, you should always be careful when exploring such areas to ensure your safety is guaranteed.  

Snakes are some of the feared creatures that you will encounter in Arkansas. You will find different black snakes around Arkansas and these include the following:

Northern Cottonmouth

The northern cottonmouth snake is a rare yet very common snake in Arkansas. It is important to note that you should watch out for these creatures when exploring different parts of the state. 

It is vital to note that they are not found in the Ouachita mountains or the Ozark highlands regions. These black snakes prefer wet habitats such as swamps, streams, ditches, sloughs, ponds, and rivers

The majority of the diet of these snakes includes frogs, fish, rodents, birds, toads, and newts

They come in different names. Some of the common are the cottonmouths or moccasins. These snakes are unique because they have heat-sensing pits between the nostrils and their eyes. The heat-sensing pits are interesting because they are used to sense prey or any predator that is attacking them.  

Most of these snakes are usually black, although some might come in different colors. They might have crossbands, although these are found on their backs.  

Whenever they are threatened, they usually make foam on their mouth which looks like cotton hence the name.

Western Ribbon Snake

The western ribbon snake is a common species found in different areas around Arkansas. They are known to grow up to 50 inches in length. 

They are slender snakes with long tails. You will find them in different habitats around the state, and they come in different colors such as dark brown, black, and olive. They have three colored stripes on their bodies on their backs. 

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Western ribbon snakes are semiaquatic species found in different water bodies. They occupy areas such as ponds, lakes, rivers, and streams

You will likely find them basking around the rocks and vegetation around these areas. 

Black Rat Snake

The black rat snake is a common snake found in different parts of the state of Arkansas. It is black, and its head might be white. In some cases, its head might be white or shiny. 

These snakes are very exceptional climbers, and they prefer areas with trees. They are constrictors in nature. You should be careful when exploring different areas because they can cause severe danger to your health

The black rat snake, as the name indicates, are known to consume a wide array of creatures such as rat, mice, bird, snakes, toads, and frogs. These snakes are known to eat birds’ eggs, and they are known to attack chicken farms where they eat the chicken eggs. 

These snakes are often confused with cottonmouths; however, they are usually black, and you should watch out for them.

Southern Black Racer

The southern black racer is one of the unique black snakes found in different parts of Arkansas. These are smooth snakes, and they usually prefer forested habitats, fields, grasslands, and woodlands

They are known to be very dangerous because they constrict their prey by squeezing them to death. Southern black racers usually have very strong muscles. Whenever they attach themselves to their prey, they are likely to crush their bones.  

You must watch out for them, especially when you explore different parts of the state. While they might not kill full human adults, they are a very dangerous species of snakes because they can kill the elderly or kids

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They also have anticoagulants in their saliva which can cause failure of your blood to coagulate. 

Plain Belly Water Snake

The plain belly water snake is a common species that you will find in different areas in Arkansas. 

These snakes are commonly mistaken for cottonmouths. They are very common across the state. They are poisonous snakes, and you should watch out for them because they are found in different places around the state. 

These snakes are known to bite repeatedly. Therefore their poisonous saliva can turn into something dangerous to your system. These snakes are black in nature and can be some of the most dangerous in Arkansas.

Water Ribbon Snake

The ribbon snake, or what is commonly known as the water snake, is a unique species that you are going to find thriving in different areas of the state of Arkansas. 

These snakes are found in different parts of the state of Arkansas. They like to live in different areas, especially near waterbodies in places such as marshes, swamps, streams, ponds, and lakes.

The snakes are mostly aquatic, therefore their diet is mostly of creatures closer to the rivers or lakes. The diet of these creatures includes frogs, toads, newts, snakes, and birds. They can even consume worms. 

While they are not dangerous to adult humans, they have a high number of bacteria which in turn is very dangerous because it can cause fatal infections. 

Western Worm Snake

The western worm snake is another common snake species that you are going to find in different parts of the state of Arkansas. 

They have a flat head which allows them to burrow into the ground. These snakes are unique because they can burrow themselves deep in the different areas around the state. 

They are mostly found in different agricultural fields and different habitats as well. You can find them in almost all the parts around the state of Arkansas, although you cannot find them in the Mississippi River lowlands.

Western Mud Snake

The western mud snakes are common in the coastal plain and the Mississippi Delta.  

They come in different colors, such as black and black-bluish. These snakes usually have red bellies and are found in different areas around the state

The mud snakes are known to thrive in wetlands around Arkansas. The common places where you can find these snakes include streams, lakes, and sloughs.

Graham’s Crayfish Snake

The Grahams’ crayfish snake is a common black snake species that thrive in different habitats around Arkansas. The most common places that you are going to find these snakes include the Mississippi Delta, the coastal plain, and the Arkansas River valley

They are mostly black and brown in nature. You should watch out for them when you explore different parts of Arkansas. 

They are known to consume a wide array of species found on water bodies and other places around the state. They usually consume crayfish as their main dish, and they are known to consume other creatures such as frogs, toads, tadpoles, and newts.  

Northern Ringneck Snake

The northern ringneck snake is mostly found in the Northern White River in Arkansas. 

These creatures usually inhabit different parts of the state. You are likely to encounter them in river areas, wetlands, ponds, rivers, and streams.  

The northern ringneck snake usually consumes a wide array of species such as earthworms, lizards, insects, salamanders, newts, and tadpoles.

Eastern Coachwhip Snake

The eastern coachwhip snake is one of the black snakes found in various parts of Arkansas. 

These snakes are not entirely black, as some of the colors that they may come in include tan, brown, or even dark brown. There are some of the species that are black, and they usually blend with their surroundings. 

These snakes are legendary when it comes to camouflaging, and you should always ensure that you watch out for them. These snakes usually consume a wide array of creatures, such as birds, mice, snakes, lizards, toads, and frogs

The eastern coachwhip snakes have very strong jaws that they use to attack and swallow their prey.

Flathead Snake

The flathead snake is a common species that you are going to find in the state of Arkansas.  

These snakes are venomous, and have fangs at the back of their mouths. When they chew, they release the poison to the victim. 

While it is not common to cause fatalities to adult human beings, they are known to be very dangerous. You should ensure that you stay away from these black snakes during your travel to Arkansas. 

Common Garter Snake

The common garter snakes are some of the species that you are going to find thriving in different parts of the state of Arkansas. 

They are opportunistic feeders that you will find in different habitats around the state. These snakes usually like to inhabit different habitats such as gardens, grasslands, shrublands, and forested areas

Since they are mostly found in gardens, they are called garden snakes. They are nonvenomous but usually have a large amount of poison in their saliva, which causes failure of the blood to clot.