Switzerland is one of the popular countries across the globe for its production of chocolate, the country has really long standing chocolate making traditions and is really the place to experience the best chocolate in the world, so what are the best chocolate factories in Switzerland? According to recent research, the country produces over 180,000 tons of chocolate each year and the average Swiss person consumes around 12 kilograms of chocolate each year. 

The cocoa comes from Europe and this process began in the 16th century but some of the most exceptional craftsmen took it to a whole new level that is appreciated currently.

François-Louis Cailler founded the first chocolate factory in Broc and this was first constructed in the 18th century and since then chocolate production has been ongoing. 

In the 1830s a Swiss chocolate enthusiast Charles Kohler invested the process of making nut chocolate and from then the process of making chocolate took a whole different dimension.

Rodolphe Lindt creates chocolate with milk and this gave the chocolate ability to melt. All these swiss chocolatiers have contributed to the process in one way or another.

Ever since the process of making chocolates in Switzerland has gained traction and there are many more companies that are producing the products. There are numerous established chocolate factories in Switzerland that you can’t miss on your trip. 

Lindt Chocolate Factory

Lindt chocolate

The Lindt chocolate factory is one of the most established chocolate factories in Switzerland and you can visit the workshop and understand the process of chocolate making from the raw material to the final product. Visiting this location will give you an insight on how the chocolate is made plus the steps involved and the quality of the final product.

In the museum you will be able to see not only how the chocolate is made all around the world, but specifically the technological advances which were made in Switzerland in different factories during the 19th and 20th century. Switzerland is very proud of its heritage and you are going to learn a lot more about it.

Keep in mind that during your visit you will be able to taste many many different kinds of chocolate: first you will be able to take a spoon and get some melted cheese which is divine. Especially the caramel one. Later on the different machines will give you pieces of different chocolate which will fall right into your hands. That is an experience of itself, as the machines are very nicely presented.

And in the end of your tour, you will be able to grab even more chocolate of different kinds. The real chocolate fest. I am not going to lie, my belly was hurting (in the good way) by the end of the tour.

Can’t wait for your Lindt chocolate tour? No worries, you can get some right away: Lindt Chocolate.

Official site: Lindt Chocolate

Maison Cailler Factory in Broc

Maison Cailler Factory
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If you are looking for one of the most exquisite experiences then you should visit the Maison Cailler factory. The tours are available in guided and self-guided tours. However, you have the opportunity to learn the process of chocolate making from scratch to the fine, tasty final product. You will see the history of the company, the process it has undergone as well as the products that they have currently. The process is both entertaining and educational and at the end of the tour, you will have a chance to taste the best chocolate in the region.  If you want to become a chocolatier and you want to learn the whole process, then you can book one of their workshops where they will give you a demonstration of the entire process.

There are several tours of the Maison Cailler chocolate factory where your readers can taste over 20 types of chocolates. If you want a full experience, you can visit Maison Cailler factory on a guided tour: Maison Cailler tour.

Official site: Maison Cailler Factory

Laderach Chocolate Factory 

The factory is popular for producing some of the exceptional chocolates in the world. Here you can take a self-guided tour and you will learn a lot from the history of the company to the production process of the chocolates. Once you have learned all about the ingredients used in the chocolate-making process then you can try to create your own chocolate. 

It is a fun and amazing experience that you should not let it slip. Take your time and explore these opportunities as you get the best chocolate in town.

Official site: Laderach Chocolate Factory

Maestrani Chocolarium in Flawil

The popular minor chocolates are manufactured by Maestrani at the Chocolarium in St. Gallen. This place is accessible to anyone looking to learn more about the production of chocolates. Besides, you can see how the process is done from scratch to the final product.  There is more to learn because you can also sample the products that are produced in the area.

You may also book a 1-hour discovery tour ticket. This is the perfect entertainment for the family where you will have a discovery tour with the opportunity to try delicious chocolate. The tour is available here: Chocolarium tour.

Official site: Maestrani Chocolarium

Choco Welt

Choco Welt is a perfect tourist destination that is located between Lucerne and Zug. It is situated closer to the train station, therefore, you will not have to worry about access to the factory.

You can just board the train to this area and alight as you move to the nearby factory.  They run a self-guided tour or you can have someone take you around.

Some workshops help people get hands-on with the entire process of making the chocolate. Once you are familiar with the process you can then make your chocolate. Besides, there is a chocolate shop and café in the location as well allowing you to sample the delicacies.

Official site: Choco Welt

Chocolat Frey

Lind vs Frey chocolate
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Frey chocolate factory is located in Buchs and it is a popular destination because they are popular for their chocolate. They produce chocolate for the local stores called Migros. Besides, other brands get their chocolate from this factory. You are not limited in terms of places to visit in this area. You should visit the factory when they have their workshops and have a chance to understand the entire process.

Official site: Chocolat Frey

Vollenweider Winterthur

In this location, some numerous factories and workshops run chocolate production processes numerous times a year. You will get a chance to make chocolate bars, chocolate Santa’s, and Easter bunnies.

You can explore the factory as you familiarize yourself with chocolate production. Winterthur isn’t only popular by its chocolate, but also the beautiful historic heritage, stunning surrounding nature, and much more. Once you’re in Winterthur, be sure to explore this place properly

Official site: Vollenweider Winterthur

Max Chocolatier in Lucerne

Max Chocolatier

The Max Chocolatier has one of the most unique boutiques in Zurich and it helps you have a glimpse at what is produced by the company. You can attend their workshops where they highlight the production of chocolates from scratch. In addition to this, they offer a 45-minute lesson that will help you understand how chocolate is made before making your own. You can spice up your chocolate with different colors and flavors. 

Running out of things to do in Lucerne? Don’t worry, I’ve been many times to beautiful Lucerne and literally know every corner of the city and its stunning surrounding hiking trails.

Official site: Max Chocolatier

Confiserie Honold 

This is a workshop that is located in Zurich and you will get them during their open days and get to learn the chocolate-making process. In addition to the production of chocolate, the company also has its shop that sells its products and you can get to sample some of the finest chocolates in the country. 

You can visit them also during their annual event where you can ride a chocolate train and get to enjoy the experience.

Official site: Confiserie Honold

Teuscher Champagne Truffles

Teuscher Champagne Truffles
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This is a popular destination that many people go to get their treat. They have extravagant and exuberant floral displays. The firm is family own and they are popular for the champagne truffles. You can enjoy some of these truffles made by a famous family recipe that is guarded.

Official site: Teuscher 

Chocolate factories in Switzerland conclusion

Switzerland has really long and strong chocolate making traditions and is really proud of it. Most of that chocolate is exported all around the world, so many other countries can taste it and enjoy it.

If you are coming to Switzerland with your kids – a nice chocolate tour can be a really fascinating experience for them, not only tasting different kinds of chocolate, but as well learning the old traditions and even manufacturing processes (do not worry, all of that is presented in a really nice and understandable way).

Switzerland is one of the best place to experience chocolate and if you see the huge bars of chocolate in the shopping streets, do not be shy, hop in and get some of that delight.


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