Dubai is one of the best tourist destinations in the middle east. The city receives thousands of people from different parts of the world annually. There is so much that you can enjoy during your visit to Dubai. The region is equipped with everything fun and exciting, and if you are looking for a place to go on your next vacation, then Dubai is the right place. Dubai has undergone massive evolution over the years, and currently, it is considered one of the most prestigious and popular tourist locations in the world. There are many fun activities and things to do that you can enjoy while visiting Dubai. There is so much that can be said about Dubai and its environs because, over the past decades, the city has undergone rapid changes to make it a one-stop shopping and tourist destination.

Why visit Dubai


The hotels in Dubai are out of this world because this is the right destination you should visit when you want luxury. Some of the luxurious and grandest hotels are found in Dubai. When visiting, you choose to stay in different places of the emirates and explore everything that they are offering. You can choose a waterfront hotel with amazing mountains and exquisite coastline or something above the skies. The people of Dubai and the visitors have made the city a cosmopolitan hence you will find a place that will suit you when you visit the emirates.

Whether you are visiting for the first time or a returning visitor, Dubai is your ultimate destination. The nightlife is vibrant, and you can sample some of the local and international cuisines from the hotels around the region when looking for a world-class experience that will take your tourism experience a notch higher. You can marvel at the beautiful Arabic architecture or explore the traditions and the culture of the people of Dubai.

Dangerous animals in Dubai

The United Arab Emirates is a rich and diverse country that supports different fauna and flora. The habitats found in the country include mangrove areas, deserts, mountains, and the sea. These are home to a wide array of wild animals.

When visiting the United Arab Emirates, you are sure that you will encounter some of these animals. If you are an outdoor enthusiast, then there is a high chance that you will enjoy your outdoor environment in peace because there is nothing to worry about, such as mosquitos. However, there are several dangerous animals you should know exist in the United Arab Emirates. It is easy to plan your trips and move from one location to another with ease when you know this.


One of the most dangerous animals you may encounter during your trip to Dubai is a fox. The foxes in Dubai have an inconspicuous appearance, and they are pretty dangerous to humans and hence the need to take care. Four species of foxes have been identified in this region, and you should take the time to explore the region with utmost care.

The red fox is seen closer to garbage bins. Therefore, you can encounter the red foxes in Dubai if you move closer to garbage collection areas. These red foxes usually feed on small animals such as rabbits, poultry, and young animals. Foxes can attack you and cause bodily harm; hence you should be careful and avoid rabies from these creatures.

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The Arabian sand cat

The Arabian sand cat is one of the most discreet and shy animals during the day. However, when the night sets in, the cat is out and very active, searching for food. The sand cats are often fearless, and they may even chase you if you threaten or provoke them. They usually hunt snakes and whatever they may prey.

It is important to note that if these animals are in constant interactions with the reptiles, there is a high chance that it could be transferring germs or viruses from these animals to you. The Arabian sand cat is rare to be seen. However, it would help if you did not rule out your odds of seeing the cat because you might have seen it and confused it for a bigger normal cat. When you encounter it, it is recommended that you stay at a safe distance and do not disturb it to avoid retaliation.

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Fat-Tailed Scorpion

The fat-tailed scorpion is one of the most common and dangerous animals in Dubai. The venom from this scorpion is very dangerous, and you should take all precautions to avoid it at all costs. Their fat dark tail characterizes them, and they can grow up to 4 inches long, and you can easily find them around the city. The scorpion’s tail is usually a storage location for high amounts of venom. The venom has neurotoxic components, and it will act very fast on your body, causing harm.

If you have a preexisting condition, you must stay away from these scorpions a much as possible because any little venom can be very lethal. The toxin usually causes paralysis, respiratory family, and your heart may stop within a few minutes of the bite. They typically thrive in arid and semi-arid areas, where it is at their best. You should seek immediate medical attention if you have been stung by the scorpion.

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Arabian Horned Viper

This is one of the most dangerous animals you can encounter on your trip to Dubai. Numerous toxins are present in the bite that the viper presents. Therefore, you must avoid visiting places that the Arabian horned viper stays. The Arabian viper is also popularly known as the sand viper, and it is native to the deserts of Dubai. You can easily see it by the pair of horns on its head.

However, it is important to note that other species do not have horns. They usually grow up to 60 centimeters long, and they often take the color of the sand, which is pale brown to yellowish. The most common places to find this viper are the sandy areas and mountain plains. The snake can be aggressive when they feel threatened. Therefore, you must stay safe and avoid areas where this category of snakes thrives.

Samsun Ant

The Samsun ant is a legendary creature because it has the highest concentration of formic acid in each bite that it delivers to the victims. These insects are very strong, and according to research, they can carry a weight up to 50 times their size. The high concentration of formic acid that you will get in each bite is quite dangerous, and you should avoid it at all costs.

The ants are not afraid, and they will bite you once you invade their habitat. Some of the common features you will experience when the ant bites you are intense pain, swelling, organ swelling, and anaphylactic shock. Therefore, you should and avoid Samsun ant.

Oman Saw-scaled Viper

Oman saw-scaled viper is one of the most dangerous vipers in the United Arab Emirates. They are commonly found in sandy areas, and you are likely to encounter them if you are going to play in the sand, especially in the coastal area. This category of snakes is usually easily frightened, and they are ready to fight back. If you are not careful, you may be bitten.

The venom from the snake bite is lethal, and it can cause breathing problems, heart failure, among other central nervous system-related problems. Since they are classified in the same category as the rattlesnakes, they often emit a sound before it attacks. You will find different shapes and sizes of these snakes from 30 centimeters and above. The venom is known to prevent blood from clotting, which may cause severe bleeding. The Oman viper usually consumes insects, amphibians among other tiny animals.

Deathstalker Scorpion

Just as the name suggests, this scorpion is very dangerous, and you should avoid it at all costs when visiting Dubai. The venom from this scorpion is one of the most expensive items in the world. In addition, studies have shown that the venom from this scorpion could positively impact medical research. When going on your trip, you should always ensure that you are having fun while at the same time taking care because any bite from the scorpion can be quite dangerous.

The venom from the deathstalker scorpion has neurotoxin properties, and it can cause an anaphylactic shock, extreme pain, and severe health complications. If you accidentally get stung by the scorpion, you should seek medical treatment quickly. In addition, you should not frequent the areas that these scorpions stay because they will feel threatened and fight back by stinging you.

Arabian Camel

Arabian Camels in Dubai

This may seem funny, but recent reports indicate that at least one in three people has encountered the roughness and danger that the Arabian camel can cause. The camels are usually curios, but they remain calm. It is essential that when you are planning to explore the camel environment, you should take proper care because they can be pretty dangerous.

When the camels feel that you are invading their environment, they will become hostile and aggressive. These camels can weigh up to 1300 pounds. Hence avoiding one kick will leave you injured badly. As much as you might know a lot about camels, always take care when dealing with a new group of camels who are not familiar with you.

Redback Spider

Redback Spider in Dubai

The redback spider is one of the most dangerous creatures that you can find in Dubai. They are very dangerous because a venom from this snake can cause paralysis, organ failure, breathing problems, and death if the dosage of the venom is too high. It is essential that you always check where you are sleeping and staying for such spiders.

The lethality of the venom can be seen in that one bite can kill a cow. You are not closer to the weight of a cow hence the need to avoid areas where these spiders are common. The toxin can cause cell damage, and you should seek medical treatment immediately. Do not be intrigued by spider webs such that you want to clean them with your hands because you will definitely be bitten.


There are over nine species of bats in the United Arab Emirates. These mammals are very active at night, and they usually go hunting. Therefore, it would help if you avoided them at all costs. During the day, they hide in caves and crevices. The many bats in Dubai feed on fruits, and since the city is buzzing with activities and fruit markets, you are likely to encounter one of them.

The chances of a bat attacking you are slim. However, you should not rule out anything because they are still animals, and when they feel that they are being attacked, they will retaliate. If bats attack you, you should get immediate medical attention because you do not know the bacteria or viruses they might carry.

Arabian leopard

 The Arabian leopard can be found in different areas of the Arabian Peninsula. However, it is important to note that it is almost extinct. Some people have decided to keep them as pets in Dubai, and this can be a very dangerous endeavor because they are still wild animals.

When their animal instinct kicks in, they can bite and injure people. When traveling to Dubai, you should be aware of places where these leopards thrive and avoid. Most of them are found in the mountains. The chances of you encountering an Arabian leopard in Dubai is very slim. However, you should not rule out anything. Always stay safe during your trip.

In conclusion, when planning to visit Dubai, you should explore all the emirates’ regions. However, always stay safe and learn your environment before you begin visiting and exploring unknown places.

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