Guatemala is one of the most iconic countries that is located in Central America. Belize borders the country to the northeast, Mexico to the north, Honduras to the east, El Salvador to the southwest, and the Pacific Ocean to the south. This is a unique country because of the subtropical tropical climate that is experienced in this part of the planet. This is a country that was at the core of the Mayan civilization and it is critical that you observe and enjoy the rich history of the local people during your visit. The country has a rich history dating back to the Mayan culture and the Spanish colonization.

It is a country that is characterized by hilly valleys, patches of desert, mountainous regions, and lowlands at the coast among other unique characteristics. The major climatic pattern of the country is unique and this is one of the features that has contributed to the huge diversity in the region. Guatemala is geographically divided into two mountain chains and this gives three regions the pacific coast, the highlands, and the Peten regions. 

Reasons to Visit Guatemala

Guatemala is one of the most exceptional regions that you will visit in Central America. You will learn so much from this part of the continent. The mega diversity and the prevailing climatic conditions mean you will find new and exciting stuff about the country. The country has around 14 ecological regions, ranging from ocean littorals and mangrove forests.

The country’s diverse regions mean that you will have a perfect time exploring the different features of this location, making it one of the best to visit on the continent. You will see some of the creatures that are endemic to Guatemala and others that are found in South America. Here are some dangerous animals in Guatemala:

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The centipedes are some of the most common creatures you will find in Guatemala. They are multilegged creatures and usually range in size from two inches up to a foot long. They usually lack an outer hard skeleton and they are known to thrive in the waters for most of their time. They usually prefer damp habitats and you must avoid the areas that are inhabited by these creatures because they can cause severe infections. They usually have powerful claws, which are known to cut through flesh and body tissues.

When they do this, they usually deliver venom which in turn causes a severe allergic reaction. They are usually brightly colored and their color will vary depending on the region from yellow, blue, green, and red colors. They are very fast and agile creatures that will give you some of the most dangerous bites that you will experience.

Their venom is known to cause a myriad of symptoms such as swelling in the affected area, intense pain, difficulty breathing, and lowered blood pressure. These creatures are usually dangerous because the venom will cause death if it is not treated immediately. The venom usually causes blood pressure to drop and difficulty breathing which causes failure of the major vital organs.

Basilisk Lizard

Basilisk Lizard

The beauty of the basilisk lizard should not fool you because this is one of the most dangerous creatures that are likely to cause fatalities. They are usually found deep in the forests and in rivers. These lizards are very agile and can run on the water without sinking. The colors are quite bright and are often distinctive among the basilisk lizard species.

It is imperative that you should keep a distance from them because they have venom. Some of the lizards will have cream, green, and brown while others will have a blend of all these colors. They are omnivores in nature and whenever they feel threatened then they are likely to attack. You must avoid the areas that these lizards inhabit or you should keep some distance from them if you intend to take pictures or film.



Bobcats are some of the creatures you will find during your trip to Guatemala. It is imperative to understand that these creatures thrive in nature and are similar to regular cats. They are known to thrive in different habitats and you are likely to encounter them during your visit to the country. They are similar to regular cats; however, they are very aggressive and known to bite any minute when startled.

The cat gets the name from its small tail, bobbing. The Bobcats are known to measure about double the size of regular cats. They are very secretive creatures, and you rarely find them moving around the country. However, if you encounter them, you will realize they are very territorial. These cats are usually reddish or brown and they might have spots or markings on the body. They are usually nocturnal creatures and you will find them usually coming out at night.

The Bobcats have very sharp claws and they are known to be very dangerous because they will attack you any moment that they feel that they are threatened. When they attack, they usually have bacteria, and they can transfer disease-causing pathogens to your system. You should seek immediate attention when bitten by cats.



The armadillo is one of the creatures you will encounter during your trip to Guatemala. This is the only mammal that is known to have a well-developed shell. The shell is a critical structure of the armadillo and it acts as the shield and barrier from attacks from other creatures and predators. This feature has helped the creature survive over the years. The armadillo has a unique way of protecting itself from predators and this feature has helped the armadillo stay the harsh habitat for years. It is important to note that these creatures usually are susceptible to human diseases such as bacteria

Armadillos are animals that are naturally susceptible to several human diseases, including leprosy. Hence you must ensure that you void them because they can pass these dangerous diseases to you. Although the armadillos are not aggressive they can attack whenever they are cornered. They usually have very sharp claws and have a superior sense of smell.


The climatic conditions in Guatemala are some of the best for ants because of the humid conditions the soil is well aerated and the ants can thrive. They are found in most parts of the country and these ants are very dangerous because they have very sharp claws. The claws can bite and tear flesh and tissues. They are known to cause severe bleeding, especially if they will bite you in large numbers.

The ants also have toxins or allergens that enter your body and these cause excruciating pain. If you are highly allergic, it will cause severe allergic reactions, which is very dangerous. Some of the side effects of the bites include sweating, bleeding, and excruciating pain. The most common form of ants that you are likely to find across the country is the bullet ant the sting is usually instantaneous and you will feel waves of very sharp pains for over 12 hours. The ants usually deliver a neurotoxin, which is known to affect the functionality of the nerve cells and results in extreme pain. These ants usually live in colonies of up to 5000 ants.

Spider monkeys

Spider monkeys

These are some of the exceptional creatures you will find in the region. They are very curious creatures that you will encounter in the tropical rainforests of Guatemala. Continuous human activities have destroyed the forests, the main areas where these spider monkeys know how to thrive.

You will likely find these creatures traversing the country’s tropical rainforests. The main reason why they are classified as dangerous is their ability to be aggressive to people especially when there is food scarcity. These monkeys also carry a myriad of pathogens, which can cause severe infections that might affect the quality of your life. These monkeys are almost extinct and you will find them in the northern parts of Peten.

Black Widow Spider

black widow

The black widow spider is one of the most dangerous spiders that you can find in Guatemala. They are usually thriving in most parts of the country. These spiders are usually characterized by their black coloration and they have long legs. It is imperative to note that the most dangerous black widow spider is the female because it carries so much venom and they are known to eat or kill their mates after breeding.

The venom from this spider is known to cause severe pain, swelling, muscle spasms, reduced blood pressure, and eventually death, especially for highly allergic people. The spiders are usually known to come out at night and you must stay away from the areas that are infested by these creatures. They are not usually aggressive, however when they are startled then they will attack you. It is important that you seek immediate medical attention if this spider bites you.


The caimans are some of the creatures you will find in the waters of Guatemala. They inhabit the wetlands of Guatemala. They are similar to alligators such as crocodiles and regular alligators. They are known to have very sharp teeth and can grow up to 12 feet long and weigh up to 400 pounds.

These creatures are very dangerous because they can attack at any moment and you should be careful when traversing the waters of Guatemala. They are very good in camouflage; they will hide most parts of their body under the water and their nostrils will only appear above the water.

They yield immense power and will attack immediately after catching their prey. They are known to grab their prey with massive strength and then drown them before consuming them. Their teeth are very sharp and they will tear the flesh and crush any bones that they will find in their prey. You should be careful when exploring the Guatemalan waters because these are ferocious creatures. However, if they attack you then you should seek immediate medical attention.

In conclusion, Guatemala is one of the pristine areas you will find in South America. You should take your time to explore the region and get to understand the culture, diversity, and amazing fauna and flora.