Kuwait is a tiny country that is in western Asia it is officially known as the state of Kuwait and has an extremely interesting culture, nature and what kind of dangerous animals you can find in Kuwait?

The country is located on the northeastern edge of eastern Arabia and the Persian peninsula.  Kuwait borders Iraq to the north, Saudi Arabia to the south, and the Persian Gulf.

The coastal length of Kuwait is about 311 miles long and a majority of the population stays in Kuwait City.  The country has ten islands and the largest island is connected to the mainland by a long bridge.  The country’s location is one of the top destinations that you should visit because you should explore the Persian Gulf as well as the middle east.  Since Kuwait is closer to Iran and Iraq the winters tend to be very cold and it experiences less humidity than other countries such as Qatar or Bahrain. The spring season in this country is warmly characterized by occasional thunderstorms.

The country is known to emit large amounts of carbon dioxide when compared to other countries and according to the latest statistics climate change is one of the challenges that are facing the country and other parts of the world.

There are protected areas in the country that are meant to protect different animals and species to ensure that are in this region.  The biodiversity in the region is unique because of the climatic conditions and the proximity to the Persian Gulf. It is imperative to note that the country is closer to the mouth of the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers.

The marine and littoral ecosystems are the main ecosystems that contribute to the biodiversity in this region. There are over 28 mammal species that are found in this region and depending on the region that you are going to visit you will find them in different parts of the country. The species that

Given the country’s desert climate, its wildlife is not very diverse. Animals that live in Kuwait have developed adaptive features which enable them to survive in the desert environment. Different factors have contributed to the loss of different species which includes overhunting, desertification, and other human activities.  There are different creatures that you are going to find in the region which are endangered and some of them are on the brink of extinction.

Kuwait offers you a unique opportunity to check out some of the exceptional species in the region. Here are some of the creatures that you are going to find in Kuwait.

Arabian Sand Boa

The Arabian sand boa is one of the iconic creatures that are endemic to the Arabian Peninsula and Iran. These snakes usually grow up to 15 inches long and they are characterized by glittery eyes on top of the head.  This snake species moves from one place to another and you will find them in other countries in this region such as Kuwait, Yemen, Saudi Arabia, and Oman.

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The Arabian sand boa is tolerant to extreme weather and they are nocturnal in nature. You must avoid this snake at all costs. The venom from the snake is dangerous because it can cause severe infection and even fatalities. After all, they attack the central nervous system and the cardiac system.

Arabian Gulf Sea snake

The Arabian Gulf snake is one of the most dangerous snakes that you are going to find in the Arabian countries as well as Kuwait. They are known to thrive in the desert climate and you should be careful when traversing the country.

They are even more dangerous than the cobra snake. This snake is native to the Persian Gulf and it is important to note that they also like the wetlands and you are likely to see them in the rivers or lakes during the winter period.  Depending on the season you will find them moving to the deep or shallow waters during waters to acclimatize.

Monitor lizards

The monitor lizards are some of the iconic creatures that you are going to find thriving in the sandy deserts of Kuwait. They are the largest member of the lizard family and it is native to Africa, Asia, and Oceania. These are dangerous creature because they consume a wide array of creatures which means that they have bacteria and other pathogens. Even though they are not very aggressive you should not threaten them because they can be dangerous.

Honey Badger

The honey badger is one of the dangerous creatures that you are going to find in Kuwait. It is an animal that resembles a skunk and they are usually very agile creatures. It is important to understand that these creatures can turn vicious to humans and you should always stay away from these creatures when exploring Kuwait.

The honey badgers usually grow to about 3 feet long and they are usually characterized by their grey-white stripe which moves from their head to the tail.  They are also known to release a very obnoxious smell whenever they feel threatened.

You must stay away from these creatures.   The honey badger is known to be immune to venoms from snakes, spiders, and scorpions this makes it very dangerous and you should not interfere with its habitat because when it passes the venom to you it will cause instant death.

Desert Hedgehog

This is one of the most dangerous creatures that you are going to find in Kuwait, they are known to grow to a length of about 5.5 to 11 inches and weigh about 20 pounds. The desert hedgehog is different from other species that you are going to find in this region because they have a dark muzzle. These species of hedgehogs usually inhabit north Africa and the middle east.

The desert hedgehogs are known to thrive in the harsh climatic conditions in the middle east and Kuwait.  Since they can survive the harsh climatic conditions, it means that the venom is dangerous and of high concentration. They usually have spikes which are released whenever they feel threatened.

Striped Hyena

This is a unique destination in that you will find striped hyenas which are native to north and east Africa as well as the middle east. There are over ten thousand striped hyenas in the world and the species in Kuwait is near threatened hence you should be careful when you are passing or traversing their habitat. They retain their primitive characteristics and they have a specialized skull.  The striped hyenas are found in different parts of Kuwait and you should be careful when exploring the desert and mountainous regions because it is here that they like to go hunting for food.  They are not aggressive when they interact with people, however, they can be dangerous whenever they feel threatened.

Fennec Fox

The fennec foxes are some of the creatures that are known to inhabit the Sahara Desert, Arabia desert, and the Sinai Peninsula.  They are unique creatures that you can find in the region, especially in Kuwait.

You will differentiate them from regular foxes because they have large ears and can thrive in the desert climate.  The fennec foxes usually survive in the desert by digging burrows and they spend their time inside these burrows during the day and come out at night to hunt for food. They usually live in dens that are interconnected. They are endangered species because people have been hunting them for their unique fur. Besides, this has made them very dangerous and can attack at any moment. They have incredible teeth and will bite you whenever they are feeling threatened.

African Wildcat

The African wildcat is a dangerous species that is found in Asia and the African continent. It is imperative to note that these cats are usually in the forests and they are very conservative in nature. You might not encounter them in the wild in Kuwait and it is important that you should watch out for them in the wild.  They usually have a high amount of toxins and bacteria because they consume creatures such as snakes, and rodents among others. The Wildcats are very good at adapting to different environments and they can adapt to any changing environmental condition. The extreme deserts of Kuwait are some of the most dangerous places on the planet and it is essential that you always stay safe during your travel to this location.  The wildcats are usually seen in the evening in different parts of the country as they hunt for food.

Black desert cobra

This is an exceptional snake species that you are going to find in Kuwait. They are known to thrive in the desert climate and this snake is native to the middle east and Kuwait in particular.  The black desert cobra is unique because it can grow up to 1.8 feet although some will grow up to 6 feet.  This snake prefers the desert climate because it spends most of its time hidden in the desert sand and emerges at night to hunt.  They inhabit the areas that are closer to people’s settlements hence the need to be very careful when you are near such areas.

The bite from this snake is lethal and you should take utmost care when you are exploring different parts of the country.  The black desert cobra usually preys on small birds and the venom is very fatal.  Some of the symptoms include loss of consciousness, vomiting, nausea, lowered heart rate, and eventually death when it is not handled immediately.

Arabian fat-tailed scorpion

This is one of the most dangerous creatures that you are going to find in Kuwait. You must avoid the areas that are inhabited by these species because their venom is fatal. Just as the name indicates these scorpions usually have a huge tail which is used in delivering a high amount of venom to the victim.  These scorpions have a dark colour and a fat tail and they usually grow up to four inches in length. It is considered one of the most dangerous scorpions in the world since it thrives in areas such as Kuwait and Saudi Arabia.

These scorpions are usually found near homesteads and it is important that you are careful in places where you are going to stay because they could be within the vicinity.  According to hospital data, a sting from the fat-tailed desert scorpion is enough to cause death within eight hours.  Some of the symptoms of venom include unconsciousness, seizures, cardiac arrest, and eventually death.

Black widow spider

The black widow spider is one of the creatures that you are going to encounter during your trip to Kuwait. It is one of the most dangerous creatures that you are going to encounter during your trip to the country. This spider is known for its hourglass shape and you must avoid them because their venom can be very dangerous.  They are most prevalent in Arabian countries such as Kuwait and the neighbouring states. The black widow spiders grow up to 1.5 inches in length and you will see them in garages, barns, and dark places among other areas.

These spiders also like to inhabit residential areas which makes them more dangerous because they can attack you when you are in your residential place.  Some of the symptoms of a bite from this spider include excruciating pain, swelling, back, and abdominal pain, paralysis of the diaphragm, and severe organ damage. It is important that you seek immediate medical attention if you are stung by the spider.

Golden Jackal

The golden jackal is one of the species that you are going to encounter in Kuwait. This creature is native to Kuwait and you might confuse it with the Arabian wolf.  However, they are unique and dangerous in nature. The golden jackal is unique because they like to inhabit the areas closer to the wetland areas such as oases, canals, river banks, and lakes among other areas. This species of animal is very dangerous because they have very sharp teeth and claws and can attack at any moment. They are omnivorous and they usually prefer to live in groups. They are scavengers in nature and this feature is what makes them survive in the region. You must stay away from these creatures. After all, they can bite you at any moment because they have rabies and they can cause severe infection.

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