Zimbabwe is a country that is located in southern Africa, it is bordered by South Africa to the south, Zambia to the northwest, Mozambique to the northeast, and Namibia to the northwest. It is one of the most underrated countries in the world. There is so much that you can explore in Zimbabwe, the people are friendly and you are going to find them smiling.  About a fifth of the country is made up of low-lying areas.

Victoria Falls one of the most iconic waterfalls in Africa is located in the country and you should not miss exploring this place because you will enjoy your time in the region. When people talk about Zimbabwe what comes to mind is the news of economic turmoil and politics among others. However, this country has more to offer than just politics. Whether you like the outdoor or the indoor environment, this country promises to give you the best experience that you can ever want in the region.

There is a wide range of attractive locations that you can visit during your tour to Zimbabwe.

The nature of the country promises to deliver beyond your expectations because it is tranquil and pristine. When looking for a country in southern Africa that you can go explore, then Zimbabwe should be among the countries because you will enjoy the best exotic places in the country. The country is surrounded by Zambezi and Limpopo River to the north.  The prevailing climate in the country is subtropical and this comes with different variations all of which are meant to drive the different ecological systems. The central plateaus are often cold and they even receive frost during winter while the eastern highlands experience cooler temperatures. The rainfall is relative in the country. These varied climatic conditions have become a driving force in the creation of diverse fauna and flora in the region. There are seven terrestrial regions in the region and all of these give unique creatures that are endemic to Zimbabwe.  When visiting the region, it is important to note that the services are affordable and you will experience the best in this region.

Tse Tse flies

The Tse Tse flies are some of the dangerous creatures that you are going to encounter.  The Tse Tse flies are carriers of bacteria that causes sleeping sickness. This is not the only case because it also has some disease-causing microbes and you should ensure that you only find the best places to visit to avoid the flies from attacking you. When the Tse Tse flies bites you, you are going to experience the following symptoms difficulty sleeping, muscle aches, fatigue, severe headaches, psychiatric disorders, coma, and eventually death if it is not treated on time.

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These insects usually thrive in bushy areas and they are attracted to vehicles, especially in the evening. You must carry your bug spray with you to ensure that you deal with the insects and avoid the bites.


The African crocodiles are some of the most dangerous creatures that you are going to find in Zimbabwe.   They are usually found thriving in the water bodies found around the region.  They can be found in lakes, rivers, swamps, and other places around the country and you should watch out for these creatures. These crocodiles are usually very territorial in nature and they are bound to attack anything that comes into their habitat. It is imperative that you always visit these areas with a tour guide because they can come out of the region and attack you.

They are usually very good with their camouflage. You will find them covered with mud and they have sunken half their bodies underwater. The eyes and the nostril will appear on top of the water to watch out for their prey. There are over a hundred thousand crocodiles in Zimbabwe and they can live up to 40 years. The African crocodile will grow up to 6 meters long and they can weigh up to 1500 pounds. They usually have a very strong tail that they strike their prey with before drowning them.

Puff Adder

This is one of the most dangerous creatures that you are going to encounter during your trip to Zimbabwe.  According to data, the snake is known to cause over 32000 deaths annually in Africa. This snake is very powerful when it comes to venom because it delivers some of the dangerous venoms that are out there. Depending on the location, the puff adder usually comes in different colors.  These snakes usually can grow up to a meter long and it has a unique construction around the body because it is known to consume large amounts of food and stay for days before doing so again. The puff adder has huge fangs that are used to deliver venom to the prey.

It is essential to note that the venom from the puff adder is very dangerous and it can be fatal if it bites you. Most people in Zimbabwe report that puff adder attacks usually occur when someone steps on them and they end up being bitten. In the event that you are bitten by the snake then it is important that you visit a clinic or hospital for antivenom. The symptoms of the venom include lowered heart pressure, blurred vision, loss of muscle activity, cardiac arrest, and eventually death.



The hippos that are thriving in Zimbabwe are known to inhabit the lakes, swamps, and riverbanks across the country. They might seem gentle from far, but these huge creatures are very dangerous and you should never get near them. It is essential to note that the hippos are herbivores and they usually leave their habitat at night to go and graze.

They are known to cause the death of over 3000 people in Africa annually.  They are very territorial creatures and they are likely to attack you when they see you in their habitat.  The male hippos are usually very aggressive during the mating season and they fight amongst themselves and can even attack you if you are in their vicinity. The hippos usually have two very huge teeth that are used for protection and they can crush anything with them. It is important that you keep a distance from these creatures because they are dangerous.

African buffaloes

Perhaps these are some of the most dangerous creatures that you are going to find in Zimbabwe. The African buffaloes are huge animals that resemble cows; however, they are very big and they have distinct horns that are used to attack any predator or invader. The buffaloes are usually very aggressive creatures and territorial as well hence they can be dangerous to anyone that is in their habitat then you are likely to attack them. The buffaloes are known to be very aggressive since the cases of human poaching have been on the rise.

It is imperative to note that you should know the places that you are visiting to avoid interaction with these humongous creatures. Some of the regions that you should avoid include the female buffaloes when they are mating or when they have their young ones. This is critical because it will help prevent attacks. These creatures are very dangerous and you should keep a safe distance.

African elephants

The African elephants are part of the big five families in the animal kingdom. These elephants are known to be very territorial animals and the population in Zimbabwe is the second largest in the world hence the reason that you are likely to encounter them during your trip. The elephants are thriving in their natural habitat, in the game reserve and game park.

It is essential to note that they have very impeccable memory hence when they move from one place to another, they will always go via that route even after several years.  If you are traveling in the country then you must always use a caravan or a tour guide car. This way you are going to see them easily and even interact with them at a closer range. You should not provoke the elephants because they are aggressive creatures and can turn out to be very dangerous. The elephants usually consume over 300 pounds of food per day, they grow to 3.2 meters tall and they can weigh up to 12000 pounds. These animals can trample on your or even your car hence the need to keep some distance.


A mosquito

This is a tiny creature that has become a menace in Africa and especially Zimbabwe. They are out there in the wild and will always thrive in areas where there is humidity. Most parts of Zimbabwe experience a high level of humidity and this is a perfect environment for the creature to thrive in the region. Over a million people in the world die of mosquito-related illnesses.

The most common form of mosquito is the female anopheles mosquito which is known to transmit malaria. However, the other mosquitoes have been known to be carriers of a tone of bacteria such as those that cause zika virus, chikungunya, Nile fever, and dengue fever among others. These mosquitoes usually like dark areas and they are likely to be very active during the night.  If you are traveling to this region then it is important that you have bug spray. This will help you prevent mosquito bites.


African Lion

The lion is one of the most furious predators that you are going to find in the wild and it is the most dangerous predator.  During your trip to Zimbabwe, there is a high chance that you are going to encounter them in the parks and the reserve.  The male lions usually know their territories and they will protect the area with their might.  They are known to attack any creature that comes between them and their habitat. Essentially, you should keep some distance if you are going to move into the area that the lions inhabit.

When you are interacting with them, they can be very ferocious. If you are going to tour places that the lions inhabit then it is important that you choose a place where you will have tour guides with you. The lionesses are the most dangerous creatures that you are going to interact with, they are the hunters hence the chances of seeing them are very high. These lionesses usually hunt anything from small rabbits to even elephants when the food is scarce. They have an incredible sense of smell, sharp teeth and well-built muscles hence can pounce on you very fast.   Avoid these areas or keep a safe distance.

Black mamba

The black mamba is one of the most dangerous snakes that you are going to find in Africa. It is responsible for numerous deaths in Zimbabwe and Africa as a continent. These snakes can grow in nature up to 2.5 meters long and they are known to attain speeds of up to 20 kilometers per hour hence they can be very dangerous because when they want to attack you, they will.

The black mambas are usually very aggressive in nature and they can attack even without any notice.  The venom that comes from the black mamba in a single bite is enough to kill over five men. It is important to understand that these snakes are very dangerous and you should always keep some distance from them.  The black mamba is known to strike up to twelve times in one attack. The venom is dangerous as it can result in death in a matter of minutes. Some of the symptoms of the attack include blurred vision, difficulty breathing, swelling of the lymph nodes, hallucinations, and eventually death.


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