Everything You Need to Know About AMP Lost and Found Festival, Malta

The AMP Lost and Found Festival is one of the world’s most anticipated festivals. Indeed, four days of partying to the best beats under the Mediterranean sun sounds like an unforgettable time. MixMag describes the AMP Lost and Found Festival as a “melting pot of musical tastes”, and we couldn’t agree more. Each year, the lineup is filled with house, techno, garage, drum and bass, grime, and a whole lot more genres that make things interesting.

If you ever find yourself wanting to party it up in Malta, here’s everything to know about the AMP Lost and Found Music Festival.

How the AMP Lost and Found Festival Began

The AMP, or ‘Annie Mac Presents’ Lost and Found Festival was the big idea of Irish-born DJ Annie Mac. She advocates for upending institutional patriarchy by providing a platform for more female representation in music. This passion drove her to begin organizing the festival around seven years ago. In an interview, Annie Mac tells Billboard; “It’s just about changing the way you think a bit, being aware that there is a lot of female talent…there’s someone there speaking for and on behalf of women, who are half of the human race.”

Since then, the festival has been held in the beautiful Republic of Malta, attracting over 8,000 attendees per year. Like most other concerts and music festivals, AMP Lost and Found was canceled when the pandemic was at its peak. But after its three-year hiatus, it took place once again in the heart of Fort St Elmo from June 1 to 4, 2022. The main lineup included the likes of Denis Sulta, The Blessed Madonna, Bad Boy Chiller Crew, Baklava, and of course, Annie Mac herself.

A Great Addition to Touring Malta

A Love Holidays post on Malta’s nightlife lists AMP Lost and Found Festival as a superb reason to visit the island in May. During this time, the weather becomes much more suitable for travelers and partygoers alike to take advantage of the nightlife across Europe. One of the most popular open-air clubs is Uno Malta, which hosted one of the AMP Lost and Found Festival stages in the past. Get ready to take in the breathtaking coastline dotted with boat parties, overlooking ancient castles, or join in on pool-side celebrations.

If you’re staying in the heart of Malta, you’ll not only have easy access to the festival, but also tourist destinations in the vicinity such as the Ta Qali National Park, San Anton Gardens, and the city of Mdina. If you’re looking for some of the best party beaches in the Mediterranean, the east coast of Malta is also something you should not miss. Since the AMP Lost and Found Festival is usually held around May, the season will just be turning from spring to summer, making the temperature very suitable for travel.

The Next AMP Lost and Found Festival…

Interested participants might be wondering when the next AMP Festival will take place. According to a social media post by the Lost and Found team, they have decided to postpone the 2023 festival in order to create something much more special for the 2024 edition. The post also thanks Annie Mac for heading the event up to this point, hinting at a possible management shift. Make sure you follow them on their accounts to stay updated on the latest developments for the festival.

Final Words

Having been included in the world’s top 100 festivals, attending the AMP Lost and Found festival will for sure be a time to remember. There are pool parties, castle raves, and at least four different stages to tour. Of course, every year presents a fantastic lineup of artists that are sure to blow you away. For more articles on different destinations and comparisons, do check out the rest of our blog here at Go Look Explore.

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