Five tips on how to afford your next skiing holiday

Skiing in Switzerland

As the winter months approach, so does the next skiing season. We all deserve a rewarding holiday now and again, but it’s no secret that skiing holidays can be tough on our bank accounts. 

However, there are a few travel-saving tips you can use to help you save for your next holiday. We’ll be explaining these in more detail below.

Set a budget

Going on holiday without a budget can be a terrible idea. It’s so important to work out how much you want to spend on your holiday so you can work out how much to put aside and save each month. That way, when it comes to your actual holiday, you’ll already have the funds available. 

Firstly, you should consider all the items you’ll need before you go, such as travel insurance, accommodation, travel and skiing clothes. 

Then, you’ll need to think about day-to-day expenses while you’re away. This could be anything from skiing equipment, skiing lessons, food and drink, and entertainment. Having an overall budget in mind will make it easier for you to start saving, too.

Start saving early

If you already know when you want to plan your skiing holiday, you should start saving as early as possible. This is so you have enough time to get enough funds together and your bank balance won’t take too much of a hit if you set aside a small amount each month. 

By adding all the items outlined in your budget above, you’ll be able to work out a savings goal and plan accordingly how much money you can put away.

Consider a loan

If the holiday you planned was relatively last minute and you haven’t had much time to save, you could consider taking out a loan to take your family on that well-deserved break. 

However, you might need to improve your credit score beforehand so you have an array of finance options to choose from. Having a good credit score means you’ll be more likely to meet lending guidelines so you can borrow money when you need it most. 

Compare holiday prices

To work out the best skiing holiday deals, you could use comparison sites to easily compare the prices for hotels, transport and insurance. 

Shopping around is a great way to secure a skiing holiday at a price that suits you. And, these sites often include quotes from companies you might not have considered, and they could provide you with excellent value for money.

Work out the best time to go

Try to avoid peak times when booking your skiing holiday. By choosing the beginning or the end of the ski season, you can help keep the price down. 

Booking in advance will usually get you the best prices, too. Booking last minute doesn’t always guarantee you a bargain, so by planning ahead of time, you’ll be able to secure great deals and have plenty of time to save up. 

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