Hawaii is one of the most famous tourist destinations in America and it has one of the most interesting wildlife in the USA and the whole world, you can even find some poisonous snails In Hawaii.

Hawaii is an iconic destination that you should include on your list of travel destinations when planning for your vacation.

The island is iconic for the unique features it gives its travelers to enjoy. 

Unlike other tourist destinations across the globe, Hawaii is not just a single but six amazing, diverse and eclectic destinations that are there to guarantee you the best tourist experience during your visit.

The main islands that you are going to explore during your trip to Hawaii include Maui, lanai, Oahu Kauai, Molokai, and the big island of Hawaii.

During your visit, you will not be fixed to one location rather you will be exploring different parts of the state and you are guaranteed the best experience. 

When traveling to Hawaii it can be difficult to choose the best island that you want to visit, however, when you have everything in place then your trip will be exceptional.  

You are sure that you will visit the island of Hawaii another time because of the experience that you will get during your visit.

There are different parts of the island that are well developed and easily accessible while others are forests, mountains, ranges, and farms that are filled with grass and other plantations. 

The coastline is filled with untamed landscapes and you are sure that during your visit you will explore some of the best things that will happen to you on the island. 

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There are numerous waterfalls and valleys that are rich in a wide array of wildlife and you are sure that during your visit you will enjoy the best scenery in the region.

Kauai is the northernmost island and it is rich in dramatic scenery, natural springs, and other phenomenal sceneries that you are going to enjoy during your visit. 

The Waimea canyon guarantees you the best location where you can see the dramatic scenery of the islands.

There are several beautiful gardens that you can relax and enjoy as you unwind.  There is an abundance of waterfalls in this region that is surrounded by lush green forests and it is one of the most pristine locations where you can enjoy your travel in the region. 

If you are looking for a romantic getaway and relaxation then Hawaii is the perfect destination for you.

However, if you still want to enjoy the pleasure of urban life then Oahu is the best destination for you because you will stay in Honolulu the capital of Hawaii and it is where many people reside. Here you will get the amenities, natural and cultural wonders of the 21st century, and other American histories. 

It is a perfect spot for Hawaii activities such as nightlife, surfing, shopping, tours, and dining.

It is imperative that when you are exploring the different parts of the island then you should be wary of different creatures and animals that may present danger to your life.  Here are some of the most dangerous creatures that you should watch out for during your visit

Cone snails

Perhaps these are some of the most dangerous creatures that you are going to find in Hawaii are cone snails.

These are very dangerous creatures because they usually have a high level of toxin that can cause a very dangerous reaction to the body and even death.

These snails usually consume the smaller mollusks; however, you can find them in the waters and it is where they pose a very great danger because they can sting you and cause severe infections and even death in some cases where the individual is highly allergic.

These snails are usually deep in the waters and if you are going to go for watersports such as snorkeling or deep diving then you should be careful about them. While many people can recover from the stings, you should not gamble with your life because they can administer a high dosage and cause organ failure. 

You will find these snails usually in different colors such as black, brown, or white patterns. 

These snails might seem slow; however, they are very precise and swift in attacks.  They have a sophisticated detection system and will deliver a high quantity of venom that will surprise you.

Ideally, the proboscis is what is mostly used to deliver the venom to the victim and when you touch the cone snails, they will move their proboscis to deliver the dangerous venom to you. You must avoid touching or moving near these snails because the results can be fatal.

There are hundreds of cone snail species around the world and you should be wary of the places that you are visiting because you are likely to encounter some of them.

Candy-striped snail

The candy-striped snail is one of the most dangerous species that you are going to encounter during your trip to Hawaii.

This is mostly found in Ohaus mountainous region and they have been known to inhabit the islands for over five decades now. 

These snails have been in the region for years now and with a highly invasive creature moving from one part to the other of the islands.

However, there have been other invasive species that have lowered the number of candy-striped snails such as rats, and chameleons among others. 

You will find them in the trees deep in the forests of Hawaii. 

They often grow up to an inch long and you might confuse when you see them deep in the forests.

However, they are very dangerous species because they carry a large amount of venom. 

They also have fungi and other bacteria on their skin hence when you interact with them then they are likely to release the bacteria and fungus to you.

Kāhuli Tree Snails

These are some of the most popular snails that you are going to find in Hawaii.

These snails are in the genus achatinellid.  They are small mollusks with colorful and elongated shells.

They have a soft body that is divided into the head and the foot. The foot part of the body is used for moving from one location to another.

On the other hand, the head is where all the vital organs are and it is often used in seeing, hearing as well as coordinating movement as the sensory organs are all located in the head. 

It is important to understand that these snails are endemic to Hawaii and they are often found on the island of Oahu they usually reside on the shrubs and native trees of Kāhuli. 

In the recent past, these creatures have been under attack from carnivorous snails called the wolf snails. 

These snails were introduced to Hawaii to reduce the number of the African giant snail; however, they have become a menace as it attacks the Kāhuli tree snails.


This is one of the most dangerous creatures that you are likely to encounter during your trip to Hawaii because it is known to inhabit the different parts of the island.

They are known to infect people with brain parasites and this is very dangerous because it can cause the death of brain cells and this leads to dangerous effects such as loss of memory, and failure of various body parts because the functional part of the brain has been affected.

There have been various studies that are meant to look into the way these semi-slugs live and infect people with different parasites and this is an integral part of the studies because it determines the rate at which they can reduce the population of these slugs.

These semi-slugs are part snail and part slug and they are highly infectious species hence the need to be careful when traversing the areas that are inhabited by these creatures.

Giant African Land Snail

Perhaps this is one of the most dangerous snails that you are going to encounter during your trip to the Hawaiian Islands. These snails were introduced in 1936 to reduce the number of carnivorous snails in the region.

However, these snails have overgrown and currently are attacking other tiny snails in the region. Ideally, these snails would not attack humans, however, if you interfere with their habitat then they are likely to sting you.

They have a high amount of venom and although they are eaten in some countries or sold are pet food in some regions of the world. These snails are dangerous species. 

These snails are usually characterized by their brownish to darker body shells and they can grow up to 8 inches long.   They are known to consume beans, peas, melons, peanuts, and ornamental plants. 

Since these snails are very big, they can cause a menace to their habitat because of their high food consumption. It is essential that you stay away from these creatures.


This is a family of snails that are endemic to the island of Hawaii.

They are not overly dangerous unless you encounter them in their own habitat and this is where they might inject some venom into your system. 

They are considered semi-arboreal or ground-dwelling creatures hence when you are exploring the different parts of the island then you should be wary of these creatures. 

There are very few of this genus because of the attack from other species.

However, if you take your time then there is a high chance that you will see them.  Perhaps the cases of human attacks from these snails are very few because they tend to hide most of the time in their lifetime.


This is a species that is endemic to Hawaii. However, there have been cases of this snail species reported in other parts of the Pacific and Oceania. 

They usually grow from 2 millimeters to 22 millimeters long and they are mostly tree snails. 

The Achatinellidae are classified as endangered species in the United States.

There are other members of this family that are ground-dwelling hence you will likely find them in different habitats in Hawaii.


This is a species of snails that you may or may not encounter during your trip to Hawaii they are often tiny creatures with shell diameters measuring anything from 3 to 10 millimeters.

They are often thriving on the ground and vegetation.

There are over sixty species of this snail and it is important that when you are traversing the islands of Hawaii that you are familiar with the different species that you are bound to encounter during your trip.

These snails usually carry microbes and this can be challenging to the body because they can create very dangerous diseases that are likely to cause fatal infections.


This is one of the snails that is distributed globally and you will find it in different parts of the world with over 56 species. T

hey are usually endemic to the Hawaiian Islands and are often characterized as micro mollusk.

They are very tiny in nature and they can often go unnoticed, however, this does not mean that they cannot cause infections. it is critical to understand that these mollusks usually stack themselves around to make something like a honeycomb. 

They usually carry bacteria and other pathogens that can be dangerous.

In conclusion, when traveling to Hawaii, it is always important that you put your safety first to avoid any challenge that might arise from poisonous mollusks that you might find in the region from the waters to the dense forest vegetation.

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