Italy is one of the major European countries that is known for its architecture, as well as different structures and history in diversification and modernization, there is so much to visit and see in Italy, that probably months of visiting each medieval village would not be enough, so what is better if you have to decide: South Italy vs North Italy.

The country is located along the Mediterranean coastline on the left and the other part is Western Europe. Some of the unique structures that you are going to find in the country include previous priceless Renaissance artist medieval Roman ruins that dates back to the ancient times.

During the visit Italy, you are going to see some of the amazing structures that make this country a perfect tourist destination, whether you are going to the Amalfi Coast or you want to check out Venice as well as the capital in Milan.

Northern and southern Italy presents you the perfect opportunity to see some of the features that makes this country. Think it is important to note that you should always take your safety first and therefore do that destination based on what you are going to see as well as your budget.

 Through them in European cities, one of the most historic countries that has been around for centuries.

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Different parts of the state have been ruled by the Greeks, the Arabs As well as. Spanish in varying times in history, and this is one of the features that makes the country have unique architecture as well as cuisine and culture. Southern Italy is largely influenced by the Mediterranean Sea and the surroundings.

It is important to know that it is more advanced in architecture, culture, history as well as civilization.

South Italy is typically Mediterranean and it is influenced by the North Africa as well as other countries along the Mediterranean Sea.

On the other hand, northern Italy is more affluent, industrial and it draws more history from the historical riches from the Germanic, Celtic as well as the French tribes. Italy is an iconic destination in the Mediterranean and continues to allow more tourists which who come to the country every year.

There, the country is made-up of 20 regions that has unique structures as well as things to do, and during a triple the region you are going to see some of the most amazing things in the world.

Where should you visit Northern or Southern Italy ?

When it comes to choosing the type the location that you are going to visit on vacation, italics important to explore some of the features that makes this location ideal for your vacation.

Whether you are choosing to travel to northern or southern Italy, it is always critical that you check out some of the features so as to enjoy your vacation in the area.

While the country does not have a division of the North and southern parts, both represent different angles of the country and dialects of the peninsula are at times so popular that Italians can all cannot understand each other.

Generally, the normal unconditional boundary lies somewhere in South and Rome, and it is roughly called the Italian classics. Some of the locations that are located in north Italy include Venice, Milan, Florence, Cinque Terre leaning, Tower of Pisa. Among others.

On the other hand, southern Italy is made-up of areas such as Naples. Amalfi Coast, Sicily, among others.

When planning to visit Italy it is important that you combine the both the northern and southern tours so as to get a little both features of different locations. Such a program can include a visit for instance to Milan as well as down to Naples or even in Palermo.

It is advisable that you take your time to explore different parts of the country so as to get a feel of the culture and the diversity of the people in the region.

Northern Italy

Northern Italy is filled with unique charms that makes the perfect getaway for you when it comes to this part of the country. It is important to note that it is more developed and more industry. However, it is home to some of the things that are going to discover first in Italy.

Northern Italy features some of the some of the characteristics that you are going to find in many Western European countries, and it possesses a strong historical as well as economic ties with.

Different states such as France, Italy, or Germany. There are thousands of travelers who usually visit northern Italy and it is important to know that each year the number continues to grow. The northern boast of some of the major cities, without which northern itinerary would be nothing.

For you to understand better, it is important to note that what the regions that make up northern Italy

Explore Milan


Your trip to northern Italy is never complete without a visit to modern and iconic Milan. Milan is the fashion industry. It is the fashion capital of the world and it is known to produce some of the iconic fashion icon fashion icons in the world.

You are not only limited to the fashionistas in Milan, but you can also check out the different cathedrals’ art galleries, as well as the opera houses in the wall in La Scala.

If you plan to spend several days in northern Italy, then you can take your time to explore the crystal blue lakes of northern Italy, which include Lake Garda and Lake Como, which is just a few minutes away from Milan.

Florence and Tuscany renaissance tour

If you are planning to visit north Italy, it is important that you explore some of the best locations in this region. You should spend in some of these top five destinations. Perhaps one of the most common locations that many people visit is Tuscany and Florence. What is more delightful than taking a delicious wine tour to the exquisite location of Florence?

This location offers you the best place, especially in Tuscany and the Conover. Be a perfect environment whereby you can relax and unwind as you see some wine from the amazing farms in this region.

The picturesque location is home to some of the legendary wines that are found globally, and it is important to note that this is one of the geographic regions that produce specific wines that you can never find anywhere in the world. These include Chianti and Brunello de Montalcino.

In addition to this, you are going to explore some of the areas that produce cheese in Italy, and this is one of the main regions that are known to produce some of the traditional cheese in the country.

This region is made-up of center result tradition of cheese making as well as olive production. You will never be disappointed by exploring different parts of Tuscany because it is made-up of global recognized lush green hills, vineyards among others.

The capacity of Tuscany, which is Florence turn, is one of the best locations that you can visit in Italy because it strikes you with Renaissance architecture to as well as world class art.

It is important to know the leaning Tower of pizza located in this place and it is essential that you take your time to explore some of the heritage of Italians. South Italy allows you to explore the architecture that was constructed in the early 14th and 12th century.

During a trip to the area, you are going to explore the medieval heritage of Luca and Sienna.

It is important that if you want to explore some of the parts of northern Italy, you can take a train from Florence to Venice and this is one of the most romantic destinations which is rich in stunning architecture, history as well as breathtaking landscapes.

Exploring the amazing Southern Italy 

Southern Italy is one of the most legendary places that you are going to visit during your trip to the Italy. This is one of the most underestimated locations that you are going to explore during your trip to the country.

The sun kissed Italian south is more influenced by Greece and Spain and the atmosphere in the region may seem more hospitable and warmer.

It is one of the unique terms of the region that attracts many travelers throughout the southern Italy reflects the soul of the country and it is more ancient and unique way that gives way to. It was the seaside towns, lovely beaches and as well as exceptional food experiences in the region.

When planning to explore southern Italy, it is important to note that there are different cities that are located in this area and you can take your time to check out some of the culture. Within the diversity as well as things to do in the region.

When trying to explore southern Italy, it is important to check out some of the Top tourist destinations in this region that will give you some of the idea about the golden beaches, the amazing people in the area, the mysterious caves, as well as the cuisine of the southern Italian people.

South Italy is traditionally made-up of places such as Naples, Sicily, Molise, Campania, Calabria, Basilicata, and Puglia.

Soak some sun on the Amalfi coast

Perhaps one of the most top destinations that are going to visit is the Amalfi Coast is a magical destination.

Nearby you can get to experience multiple flavors and colors as it is intertwined with the beautiful mixture of the Amalfi because this is a striking location because it presents you with the coastal vibe as you soak the sunlight.

It has been a perfect holiday in basking in the sun and as well as exploring the different Mediterranean cause then this is the perfect destination for you. They place us a numerous city such as Ravello, Sarana, Sorrento and Positano.

These are some of the ancient Italian citizens.

It is an alluring destination that you should visit during your vacation in Italy.

The beauty of the Amalfi Coast is picturesque and it is one of the most amazing destinations that you can take pictures as well as see some of the locations that have been visited by famous Hollywood celebrities.

Explore Pompeii and Naples

Perhaps these are some of the top regions when it comes to southern Italy, and it is important to note that you can check out the different except extraterrestrial reefs with Green Hills and. The male material and climate which makes the land a true paradise.

Naples is one of the cities that contrasts the different parts of Italy, because of its culture, the diversity as well as the architecture in the region.

You will check out some of the ancient masterpieces like the Castle Nuevo as well as the Royal Palace of Naples. It is important to note that there is modern architecture as well that makes this place are perfect.

Place for visiting you can check out the famous castles as well as the fascinating landscapes that will give you a contrasting view of Naples as well as Rome. The region also gives you a perfect time to explore archaeological sites of Pompeii.

These sites were destroyed by eruptions during the ancient times.

However, it has grown to be one of the popular regions. In addition to this, you are going to take time to explore the birthplace of pizza, and you can enjoy the cuisine of the local people as you check out how pizza is made in traditional Italian style.


While many people tend to think of the southern Riviera incomes with Italian beaches, it is important to note that the numerous beaches in the country that are exceptional.

Some of the beaches in northern include Palermo as well as those that are in the South are amazing as well. Some of the popular beaches in northern Italy include Cinque Terre, which is the most picturesque coastal cities in Italy.

There are also holding Italian beach towns such as Genoa which are found on the French border.

Best time to visit

When it comes to the best time to visit northern Italy, it is important to know that it really depends with your schedule as well as what you are going to look for in the country. If you want to go during the skiing.

Then the winter season is the perfect season for you. However, you want to explore the region during the summer.

The climate is warmer than the summer. Is perfect, therefore it depends with your taste and preference and what you want to during your holiday in the region.

On the other hand, we were planning to go to the southern part of Italy then this region is usually warmer throughout the year and to convince at any moment.

Weather: South Italy Vs North Italy 

Northern Italy has some of the standard differences which mostly features the cuisine, culture as well as architecture, and these are mostly influenced by the countries that are bordering this region, such as France, Austria, and Switzerland.

The weather in this region usually varies depending on the season and during the winter it might be very cold and you can find even snow in different parts of the Italian Alps.

This is perfect for winter sports if you are visiting this destination during this time. During the winter period the temperatures usually increase to up to 25 degrees Celsius. And it is perfect for you if you want to explore some of the ancient buildings as well as other parts of the area.

On the other hand, southern Italy is a truly Mediterranean location because it is warm throughout the year and therefore it is a perfect destination for you. They want to place whereby you can soak in some sun throughout the vacation.

There are temperatures that you are going to find in southern Italy is about 32 degrees Celsius and these are some of the perfect days that you are going to get to the beach in the Mediterranean Sea. During the winter period, the temperatures can drop up to 15 degrees Celsius.

However, this is not as cold as other the northern part.

Food and cuisine: South Italy Vs North Italy 

No matter the reason you are visiting Italy, you are going to find some of the best cuisines in the region.

There’s clear difference between Southern and northern Italy, especially when it comes to some of the traditional meals, however. Northern Italy takes more of influence from countries such as France, Switzerland, and Austria, and these you will find. This. Is that a rich with butter, cheese, meat as well as classic pasta dishes.

The food from the mountainous areas is ideal for colder climates and they usually reach foods such as fondues as well as country specialties such as truffles. On the other, southern Italy focuses mainly on Mediterranean diet and since the climate is sunny and hot, it is known for growing perfect delicious fruits and vegetables such as olives, lemons, tomatoes, and these are used in production of some of the legendary dishes, including pizza, among others.

The southern Italian coast is popular for Seafood, and this is common especially because of the Mediterranean fish as well as other fishes along the region. You will find yourself food that are refresh that are coated with light.

Cheese and bread are common in Naples.

The food is diverse in Italy and it is important to know that the economy is check out the different cuisines that are inspired by the local communities in the region.

Depending on the region that you are going to visit, you likely find some of the best Italian cuisines as a result and recognizing the French foods from international menu as well.

Costs: South Italy Vs North Italy 

The cost that you are going to spend during your visit to northern Italy is usually higher than that of the South because of the influence of the industry as well as the people that live in the region.

The northern economy is more advanced and therefore the cost of living is usually higher, and this means that the incomes are higher as well. This is popular especially in regions such as Lombardy, Veneto, and Piedmont.

The cost of food for two people can be about 75 euros. On the other hand, accommodation is still the same and you will find that regular accommodations in northern Italy is about 70 euros, while that in the southern Italy is €50 as well.

Depending on the budget that you have, then you can choose a location that will suit your taste and preference, but South Italy is definitely a cheaper option.