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Dangerous Animals In Albania

Albania is a country that is located in southeastern Europe and it borders the Ionian and the Adriatic Seas within the Mediterranean region, Albania has huge wildlife areas, so what dangerous animals in Albania you can find? The countries’ borders Montenegro to the northwest, Macedonia to the north, Kosovo to […]


Dangerous Animals In Sweden

Sweden or what is officially called the kingdom of Sweden is a Nordic country that is located in northern Europe, Sweden has the biggest wildlife area in Europe so you can find many dangerous animals in Sweden. They are not as dangerous as scorpions, snakes or poisonous frogs, but if […]

dangerous animals in norway

What Are the Most Dangerous Animals in Norway?

Norway is one of the most amazing countries that you can visit in the Scandinavian region. The pristine, rugged landscape, exceptional wildlife, endless coastline, thick forests, wild mountains, and arctic ice floes, as well as home to some rare species in Europe, make this country a place you must visit […]