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Christmas in North Macedonia is characterized by following the Orthodox traditions.

Christmas In North Macedonia – Customs and Traditions

North Macedonia is one of the countries rich in history and diversity. It has very unique customs and traditions. The Christmas season in North Macedonia is a time for joy, spending time with family and friends. The time is characterized by lights and decorations that fill the country. Many people […]

Christmas in Ireland is a great period to visit the country and enjoy its festivities.

Christmas in Ireland – Customs and Traditions

Christmas in Ireland is a festival that is celebrated annually to mark the birth of Jesus and it is related to the pre-Christian customs. A majority of the people in the country are Christians, therefore you are going to find that a large population across the country usually observes this […]

Christmas in Hungary is an unique period to visit the country and witness its colorful traditions.

Christmas in Hungary – Customs and Traditions

Christmas holiday in Hungary is one of the most exceptional holidays that you should celebrate with the local people in the country. This period is all about celebrations, family, friends, and having a good time together. You will find Christmas self-made ornaments, a variety of Hungarian dishes, Christmas crafts as […]

Christmas in Italy is one of the best periods to go visit the country and enjoy its wonders.

Christmas in Italy – Customs and Traditions

Christmas in Italy is one of the most revered days in the country. The period is marked by colder and shorter days, as the streets begin to lighten up with various lights decorated with bright red and green details. The Italian people value Christmas.  The beginning of December is when […]

Christmas in Latvia is a unique period when the people enjoy in different festivities.

Christmas in Latvia – Customs and Traditions

The people in Latvia are known to follow their Christmas traditions to the latter and the pre-Christian behaviors are more prevalent around the country. They lived their lives by seasons, moon, and sun cycles. The midsummer day was often celebrated around the country and this corresponded to the summer solstice […]

Learn all about the different Christmas customs and traditions in Luxembourg.

Christmas in Luxembourg – Customs and Traditions

Luxembourg is known for its charming and festive Christmas period that lasts from early November through early January. You can join the locals and enjoy some of the best celebrations that you can get in the world. The country is a unique destination for you to enjoy the Christmas holiday […]

Christmas in Portugal provides a unique experience that we will share with you.

Christmas in Portugal – Customs & Traditions

Christmas is one of the most celebrated holidays in Portugal and it has a huge religious and cultural significance in the country.  The country is known for its catholic and Christian traditions, therefore, the Christmas traditions in the country are often influenced by the largest religion.  The Christmas traditions have […]

Christmas in Montenegro has a blend of Catholic and Orthodox traditions.

Christmas in Montenegro – Customs and Traditions

In Montenegro, the religious holidays are often considered national holidays. Since the people here are Catholics and Orthodox Christians, then you will find that they observe Christmas celebrations.  A large majority of the people are orthodox Christians and they usually celebrate their Christmas on the 7th of January, commonly called […]

Christmas in the Netherlands is full of fun and unique traditions that we are going to share here!

Christmas in the Netherlands – Customs and Traditions

Christmas in the Netherlands is one of the joyous celebrations where you can have a blast if you decide to visit the country. It is a period marked by serving delicious foods, family gatherings, and holiday traditions unique to the country.  The Dutch people have managed to keep their Christmases […]