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Top 10 places to visit in Graubünden

Graubünden is the biggest canton in Switzerland mostly situated in mountainous region of Swiss Alps so let us explore the top places to visit in Graubünden. Very important to notice that the other name of Graubünden is Grisons. So if you see the canton of Grisons somewhere, just know that […]

Matterhorn from below
Visit Switzerland

Top 25 places to visit in Switzerland

Switzerland is one big fascinating open air museum with its huge mountains, charming Swiss villages, green meadows full of cows with bells, unlimited number of hiking trails, big city architecture, enormous valleys, powerful waterfalls and many many other things, but let us discover top 25 places to visit in Switzerland. […]

Davos mountains
Hiking in Switzerland

A day trip to Davos

Davos is one of the most known Swiss destinations, because of its World Economic Forum. Don’t get me wrong, Davos is very beautiful swiss village/town in the Swiss Alps which has a lot to offer to hiker, traveler, adventurer and skier, but the World Economic Forum made it very famous. […]