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Zernez village

Zernez The picturesque Engadine village of Zernez is the main gateway to Swiss National Park and it is one of the biggest natural reserves. However, Zernez is an ideal location for journeys through discoveries of the valley and escarpments. Zernez is a perfect point for starting excursions in the Lower […]

Guarda village in Switzerland
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Guarda village

Guarda is one of those tiny Swiss villages that you are completely happy to find and explore. It is a tiny village in the middle of Swiss Alps with old Swiss architecture and stunning views to the Alps. It kind reminds me of two other hidden treasures of Swiss Alps: […]

St. Moritz
Hiking in Switzerland

St Moritz summer hiking to Piz Nair

Sankt Moritz is one of the most famous skiing resorts not only in Switzerland, but in all Europe, but St. Moritz summer hiking activities are great up there. Actually, it is the first one in the world. In winter it is extra busy, but in summer you can find this […]