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Some of the best via ferrata experiences in Europe.

11 Best Via Ferrata Experiences in Europe

Since the inception of via ferrata in the 19th century, many people worldwide have been seeking unique ways to explore Europe. This activity was first discovered during World War I in Italy, primarily in the Dolomite mountains. Over time, via ferrata has evolved and can now be enjoyed in various […]


15 Most spooky places in Europe – visit if you dare

Prepare to embark on an eerie adventure through the heart of most spooky places in Europe. Our journey will take you deep into the legends and lore that shroud these mysterious places. From ancient castles with restless spirits to underground catacombs echoing with tales of the past, Europe’s spooky side […]

Christmas in Croatia follows the Catholic traditions of the holiday.

Christmas in Croatia – Customs and Traditions

The best way that you can spend your time in Croatia is during the Christmas holiday. At this time the people and celebrations come into life in Croatia. The locals are extra passionate about the customs, traditions, and celebrations across the country. The pristine beaches, historical towns, diverse culture, cuisine, […]

Christmas in Cyprus is sure to provide you with an abundant and vibrant atmosphere.

Christmas in Cyprus – Customs and Traditions

Celebrating Christmas in Cyprus is one of the most exceptional things you can do during your travel to the Mediterranean. You are going to interact with people from diverse backgrounds, get to know ancient culture, and try out some of the most exquisite cuisines in the world. Christmas and the […]

Christmas in Estonia is filled with both traditional and modern customs.

Christmas in Estonia – Customs and Traditions

Christmas in Estonia will take your expectations higher because the diversity, culture, and the cuisine are extremely unique. Your sense of holiday and the tradition will come in handy when you visit Estonia. People in Estonia celebrate the holidays among family members and there are various activities they enjoy during […]

Christmas in Germany is filled with authentic experiences.

Christmas in Germany – Customs and Traditions

The Christmas holiday in Germany is one of the most revered holidays in the country as a majority of the population usually celebrate the tradition. Germans usually characterize the holiday by singing, dancing, drinking, feasting, and all kinds of celebrations. In this guide, we will detail all the diverse Christmas […]

Christmas in Georgia is highly unique compared to the similar celebrations in other parts of Europe.

Christmas in Georgia – Customs and Traditions

Georgia is a transcontinental country found at the intersection of West Asia and Eastern Europe. The country is known to be of diverse cultures that blend both European and Asian cultures.  The country is part of the Caucasus that is bounded by Russia to the north, the Black Sea to […]


Christmas in France – Customs and Traditions

Christmas is an annual festival that is popular across the world and it is used to commemorate the birth of Jesus Christ. It is celebrated in different parts of the world and is primarily celebrated on the 25th of December.  It is a religious celebration that is celebrated by billions […]