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Hiking in Switzerland

Top places to visit in Glarus canton

Glarus canton is situated in a mountainous part of Switzerland and is dominated by deep valley of Linth river, so let us explore top things to do and top places to visit in Glarus. You will fall in love with small villages, old wooden Swiss architecture, thousands of Swiss cows, […]

Hiking in Switzerland

Oeschinensee winter hike

Oeschinensee is probably one of the most popular lakes in Switzerland and we decided to hike there in winter, just to have a look how it all looks when there is snow all around in the mountains. In summer time it looks spectacular and you can even swim there 🙂 […]

Hiking in Switzerland

MĂ€nnlichen Panorama Trail

The Jungfrau region offers some of the best hiking locations in the world and MĂ€nnlichen Panorama Trail is one for you. One of the most famous trails is from Kleine Scheidegg to MĂ€nnlichen peak or vice versa. The hike allows visitors to enjoy the panoramic views of Monch, Eiger, and […]

Matterhorn from below
Hiking in Switzerland

The Gornergrat Hike

Gornergrat is one of the finest scenic trails in the Zermatt area. Coupled with its amazing panoramic views of the 20 peaks over 4000 meters high is one of the most exquisite trails that you should never miss. There is a network of scenic hiking trails that climbs the Gornergrat […]

Views from Monte Bre side
Hiking in Switzerland, Visit Switzerland

Hiking Monte Bre

Monte BrĂš is a small mountain (925 m altitude, in Switzerland that is considered very small) located in the eastern region of Lugano and is considered as one of the sunniest areas in Switzerland, so hiking Monte Bre can be a pretty sweet experience. When you are at this point […]

Hiking in Switzerland

MĂŒrren mountain view hiking trail

MĂŒrren is a traditional Walser mountain village in the Bernese Highlands of Switzerland, at an elevation of 1,638 meters (5,374 ft) above sea level and it cannot be reached by a car so you will reach it while doing a MĂŒrren hiking trail. It is also one of the popular […]