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Matterhorn from below
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Top 25 places to visit in Switzerland

Switzerland is one big fascinating open air museum with its huge mountains, charming Swiss villages, green meadows full of cows with bells, unlimited number of hiking trails, big city architecture, enormous valleys, powerful waterfalls and many many other things, but let us discover top 25 places to visit in Switzerland. […]

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7 day trips from Basel

Once you have landed in Basel and discovered the old town, Kunstmuseum, Tinguely Museum and all other charming places and museums in Basel (Basel is the city of museums in Switzerland), it is time to discover Switzerland a bit more and do some day trips from Basel. In Switzerland you […]

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2 days Switzerland itinerary

First of all, Welcome to Switzerland and let’s explore 2 day Switzerland itinerary! Willkommen in der Schweiz/Bienvenue en Suisse/Benvenuti in Svizzera/Bainvegni a Svizra! That is in how many ways it is possible to say Welcome to Switzerland in this beautiful Alps country. There are 4 official languages in Switzerland: German, […]

Mount Rigi
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Mount Rigi Switzerland

If you want to get a really amazing view to the white peaks of Switzerland, you must visit Mount Rigi. You will be surprised how much beauty you can see from not that high mountain in Switzerland. I have done a hike up there couple of years ago and wrote […]