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Spider in the desert
New Mexico

11 Common Spiders in New Mexico

New Mexico, nestled in the southwestern United States, entices visitors with its diverse landscapes, from captivating national parks to unique flora and fauna. Sharing borders with Arizona, Colorado, Utah, and Texas, the state is affectionately known as the Sunshine State, the Land of Enchantment, or the Cactus State. As you […]

Tamales are some of the most famous Christmas traditions in New Mexico.
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Christmas in New Mexico – Customs and Traditions

The state of New Mexico is rich in culture, traditions, and customs that you are going to see firsthand during your trip to the region. It is important that when you are visiting New Mexico, that you are familiar with Christmas traditions because you are going to have the best […]

Coral Snake
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Dangerous Animals In New Mexico

New Mexico is a state that is located in the southwestern united states, in this beautiful state you can find many different wildlife areas, so what dangerous animals in New Mexico you can meet? New Mexico is classified as one of the mountain states in the southern region.  The states […]