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Water snakes in Illinois are numerous but not all of them are dangerous.
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Water Snakes In Illinois

Illinois is divided into three major geographical regions: the southern, central, and northern regions. The central and southern regions are commonly called the downstate areas because of the elevation levels. Chicago dominates the northern part of Illinois. The central part of the state is mostly covered by prairies, rivers, and […]

There is a variety of poisonous snakes in Illinois that you should widely avoid.
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11 Poisonous Snakes In Illinois to Avoid!

There are four common poisonous snakes that you can find in the state of Illinois.  The most common venomous snake species in Illinois are:  the cottonmouth snake  copperheads  massasauga timber rattlesnake  These snakes are usually located in forested areas around Illinois. The venomous snakes are known to use their venom […]