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Water snakes in Illinois are numerous but not all of them are dangerous.
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Water Snakes In Illinois

Illinois is divided into three major geographical regions: the southern, central, and northern regions. The central and southern regions are commonly called the downstate areas because of the elevation levels. Chicago dominates the northern part of Illinois. The central part of the state is mostly covered by prairies, rivers, and […]

Learn all about the water snakes in Virginia and which ones you should be careful of.
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Water Snakes In Virginia  

Water snakes are a family of over 200 species of semi aquatic snakes that thrive in wetlands and water bodies across the state of Virginia. The water snakes usually feed, live, or explore the aquatic and semiaquatic environments.  Their stout bodies, triangular heads, and keeled scales characterize them,. A majority […]

Water snakes in Georgia range from harmless to extremely dangerous.

12 Water Snakes In Georgia to Avoid

Perhaps one of the most unique creatures that you are going to find in Georgia are the different water snakes. These snakes are either venomous or non venomous.  These snakes thrive in different habitats in Georgia and various species are known to thrive in the water bodies around the state. […]