Brig is an alpine town in the southern region of Switzerland, it is situated in the Valais canton and is a commonplace that many people visit. The area sits at the foot of Simplon Pass, and this leads to the Italian border. Brig is one of the stops on the glacier pass, and it is famous for its steam baths as well as St. Sebastian chapel. Stockalper castle is in Brig, and it was built in the 17th century by a merchant who made the pass a trading route. 

There are different places where you can have fun in this region if you visit Switzerland for the first time or second time. The Simplon Pass, thermal baths, Aletschspa, among others.

The Brig was first mentioned in the year 1215 and the first people who inhabited during the Bronze Age. During the Roman era, the city was positively influenced by the Romans, and they brought them with architectural and cultural effects making a perfect tourist destination. The town of Brig is famous because it is ideal for starting excursions.

It is close to hiking and skin regions. Besides, it has stately houses, exceptional hotels, and cozy inns, which may tempt you to linger there for a while. This location is also famous for skiing during winter because it is rich in pistes and the best skiing locations. During the summer, there are over 150 kilometers of hiking trails and mountain bike routes.

What to Do in the Brig, Switzerland

Explore the Simplon Pass

Simplon Pass

The Simplon Pass is a high mountain pass that is located between the Lepontine and Pennine alps. The pass is at 2005 meters above sea level, and it connects Domodossola in Piedmont and the canton of Valais.

Simplon Pass has villages on each side, and this may include Gondo in the swiss side and other Italian communities along the line. It was built beneath the pass’s vicinity in the 20th century and is meant to carry traffic between Italy and Switzerland. The lowest point of the pass lies five hundred meters above sea level in Po and Rhone Switzerland.

The pass settlement is at an altitude of 1995 meters above sea level, and there is a lake Rotelsee that offers a perfect location for your excursion activities. In case you’re interested in exploring beautiful lakes in Switzerland, check my article here.

Enjoy Thermal Bath at Quillen Brigerbad

One of the most fun activities that you can enjoy in this region during the winter is visiting the thermal baths. The Brigerbad thermal facility was opened in December 2014. This location serves as an oasis for both the mind and the soul.

There are complexes in the area with seven water bathing areas that you can enjoy. The diverse outdoor pools and gigantic water slides are perfect for your enjoyment as you relax and unwind after a long period. There is a spa area that spreads over two floors, and this houses a sauna and Hamman as well as a wellness restaurant. It is imperative to note that these bathing areas can be enjoyed all year round, and you are not limited to the time that you should visit.

Besides, the pools have been constructed in a family-friendly way, and you can enjoy your time as the kids enjoy theirs as well.

Visit Stockalper Palace

Stockalper Palace

Stockalper’s palace is a fantastic destination that you should visit while in Switzerland. Kasper Stockalper was an early capitalist genius that began to improve the architecture and the way people lived in Switzerland. He sold as a merchant who bought and sold items at a profit. His palace in Brig is a testimony of this.

The building was constructed in the 17th century, and it is an architectural gem. It is important to note that the building was the largest private building in Switzerland in the 17th century. The palace is gilded with onion domes that represent his wealth. Besides, there is a little museum highlighting the history of his life and what he did during his time.

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There are a chapel and castle gardens, which are the headquarters of the Brig municipal council. Be sure to check the opening and closing hours to have a good time at this fantastic destination.


Airvolution offers you an exciting chance to pump your adrenaline higher as you hang glide and paraglide throughout the year. This location is a situation closer to the Brig, and you can easily access this flying site.

You will fly in the mettle of the highest Swiss mountains, and you are guaranteed some of the most amazing views from the sky. There are experienced pilots who will guide you as you fly, and your safety is assured because they use the latest equipment and are well trained. 

Chemin Pedestre De La Rampe Sud Du Lotschberg

Rhone valley

This location is worth a visit while in Brig as it brings immense joy and experience as you get to walk parallel to the railway line. If you are keen on morning walks, then you can choose this location. The spectacular views and cool breeze guarantee you nothing but ultimate fun.

You can catch a train and alight at Hohtenn and walk back along the track, and you will be guaranteed amazing times. It is imperative to note that the route is well signposted therefore, you will not get lost or miss anything.

There are explanatory notices along the way, and you will have commanding views of the Rhone valley. While on the track, you will see numerous construction tunnels, fauna, flora, and a picnic in this location.

Explore the Stockalper Trail

The Stockalper trails are one of the best locations if you are looking for places to hike. The northern pass offers a unique appeal to the pass as it crosses the Taverna valley.

The path is well signposted, and you do not have to be guided at all.

Swiss Guard Museum

Swiss Guard Museum

The Swiss Guard Museum is a location that you can visit as you explore Switzerland’s history and get to know the culture and diversity of the people in this region. They have a vast collection of books and collections that allows visitors to learn more about the town as they enjoy their stay in the location.

The museum was constructed in 958 to 964, as it acted as it was a central location. Besides, you will get to know the best troops in the world using this location as one of their fortresses. 

Visit Aletschspa

The Aletsch arena ski is a perfect location, and it is an ideal location to relax as you enjoy warm baths during the cold. Besides, you can visit the spa and massage parlors as you relax and unwind. There is ample parking space in this location. The first house facilities are clean and easy to use.

The lockers, mirrors, and hair dryers are in perfect condition, and you can get to clean up and relax with ease. There are multiple indoor and outdoor pools are at different temperatures, and you can choose one that suits you. Besides, there is also a 3-meter jump that you can jump off the pools.

Apropos Paintball

Apropos Paintball

The Apropos paintball will require you to make an early reservation. The place is usually full, and you should contact them via email.

If you are looking for paintball parties, corporate team building locations, and other sporting activities, this is a perfect destination.

Word Nature Forum UNESCO Jungfrau-Aletsch

The forum offers highly exciting exhibits where you can learn the history of the swiss and other aspects of the country. You will also get exciting videos to guide you throughout the process.

It is a world-renowned location, and you can never miss to visit it.

What are your favorite things to do in Brig, Switzerland? Share your thoughts and experiences below.